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Monday, February 08, 2010

Meta-Post: 2009 Golden Ellipses

This year, sadly, we say goodbye to a perennial favorite category (Worst Rhyme Scheme) because Mallard did not grace us with poetry this year.

But we're adding a few new categories (and getting rid of a few I no longer care for), to keep things fun and interesting:
  • Worst Metaphor
  • A Break Instead of a Lecture (Pettiest Complaint)
  • Least Helpful Asterisk
  • Least Accurate Caricature
  • Most Interminable Series or Running Theme
  • Most Disturbing Image (Mental or Visual)
  • Creepiest Unintentional Self-Revelation
  • The Golden Flash (Most Mystifying Panel)
  • The IOKIYAR Award (for Brazenness or Hypocrisy)
  • Achievement in Oversimplification or Willful Ignorance
  • Limbaugh Award for Best Regurgitation of Talking Points
  • Ray Bolger Award for Invention in Straw Men
  • Least Accurate Prediction
  • The Beck (Strangest Assertion)
  • The WATB for Manufactured Outrage or Persecution Complex
  • Excellence in False Equivalency
  • The Palin (Lie of the Year)
Let the ceremonies begin!


I hate chuck asay said...

Please, Davey, I want to see an award for the most racist cartoon. I know that there will be 365 great candidates for the award, and reading, or thinking about one Mallard Fillmore is like six months of horrible torture, but, still, we should not Tinsley's racism go unnoticed. Tinsley exceeded his usual racism by a factor of about 10,000,000 this year, when he said that racism was not, only, dead but had never existed.

deepbeep said...

Be careful what you wish for. If he did that, I think your head might combust from fury, man!

Kip W said...

Are you sure he didn't present what he maybe thought were rhymes but that were just too crappy for anybody outside his skull to tell?

Maybe he thinks he's rhyming right now! Who would know?