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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

That damned moratorium

What's Mallard raving about today?

NBC, Free Speech.

Shouldn't be too hard.

Mallard's had an unofficial moratorium on jokes for almost 3-1/2 years, as far as I can tell.

Anyone know what Mallard has got against NBC all of a sudden?


HT said...

...Whoawhoawhoawhoa. Jesus fuck, am I seeing this right? Is this really a Mallard Fillmore comic making a joke about an event that happened THE DAY BEFORE? As in, the whole Sarah Palin "Retard-word" issue that just happened?

I know that is probably not the case and it is just a crazy ass coincidence, but think of the implications if he really COULD make these comics in a day. It would just mean that he is even MORE of a lazy ass fuck than we previously thought! Crazy stuff.

exanonymous said...


You almost agree with him and then he proves that he just wants an excuse to be an a-hole.

Tog said...


First, Mallard's saying something Tinsley thinks is witty about the Conan O'Brian-Jay Leno thing.

Second, it's just a beard for Tinsley's mocking of what he thinks of as "political correctness." (That is, what the rest of us consider "civility.") Which is funny only in that (as we've seen only recently) Tinsley whoops it up pointing and screaming like Donald Sutherland in the final moments of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" every time a liberal or Democrat says something the GOP can twist into a "shocking news story."

On that note:

Third, the "retard-word" issue is all on Rahn Emanuel. Getting one's back up in the air over Obama's "Vegas" remark is the stupidest sort of reaching, even by GOP standards, but if Emanuel can't keep his yip-yap connected to his brain, he needs to get the hell out.

Steve-O said...

You would think that if someone called a moratorium it would be on something ongoing. In Tinsley's case a moratorium on lying would be good, or possibly projecting racism onto others. But no, we get a moratorium on NBC jokes. FML.

Kip W said...

Tog's put his (his?) finger on it. Turn the calendar back three weeks, and it's Conan and Jay. All the free publicity must be killing NBC! And yes, PC is civility, which is why the duck-thing hatesssss it.

But Tin does believe in giving slack to those who are temporarily impaired by the over-generous application of a fine vintage Thunderbird or Ripple. And by 'temporarily,' of course I mean 'chronically.'

Kip W said...

It just came to me why the duck-thing's stare is so alien. Those vertical lines arent' eyes -- they're a ditto symbol. That tapered head is empty of everything but autopilot agreement with its talking points provider.

I'll bet Tin uses a mirror to draw it.

dlauthor said...

Look! Tinshley's mocking a media entity that's becoming increasingly irrelevant due to its spectacular incompetence!

rewinn said...

Jay Leno is relatively conservative and flopped.

Ergo: no jokes allowed.

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley has been making fun of the disadvantaged throughout this comic's history! I said I wanted him to die, but I never said that he should be censored. I think the fact that such a scumbag can be a successful cartoonist is an encouraging sign of free speech. Free speech is for everyone, or noone, and this is one of Tinsley's most offensive, hypocritical and deranged cartoons.

Frank Stone said...

Bruce Timely strikes again!

Don't worry, Brucie -- after a few more pints of "research", you can probably convince yourself that your "moratorium" was what caused the NBC jokes to fade away, rather than the fact that the Leno/Conan story was over 2 weeks ago.

Kip W said...

Bruce Timely!

Oh, nice one. I'm glad I check back.