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Friday, February 26, 2010

That damned Repetition

What's Mallard raving about today?

Education Standards

For a guy who likes to bitch and moan about how repetitive current Education methods are, Mallard sure does like to repeat himself over and over.


Ken said...

Yes, the natural result of Bush's no child left behind plan is TOTALLY the fault of progressive liberal bastards.

Who are all in prep schools.

Steve-O said...

Yes, we wouldn't want "Dr. Progressive-education person" telling us what to do. Better to home-school our kids. Teach them how Jesus and Abraham Lincoln rode to school on a dinosaur and then send them to Liberty University where they can be assimilated into good 'ol anti-Obama teabaggers!

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley is jealous, because, even if 40% had been a passing score during his school years (Preschool through sixth grade,) he would not have passed any class.

Word Verification: Matint, a martini made with wood-grain alcohol, and sold by the drum. Tinsley drinks many each day.

dlauthor said...

Ah, self-esteem, one of Tinshley's biggest pet peeves. Because if he can't feel good about the gin-soaked, bitter wreck of his own life, he can at least mock the notion that others should like themselves.

Frank Stone said...

"Dr. Progressive-Education Person"? Really?

I know clever ideas are tough to come up with when you're coming off your latest bender, but geez.

exanonymous said...

Yes, it's so much better for him when students fail, don't get a job, and live on welfare so that he can feel superior to them and hollar "get a job, bum!". Eventually they'll kill themselves from depression and no self-esteem and leave the rest of the world the ability to feel smug.


Or we could try to fix the public education system. Other countries seem to manage just fine without the free market solution. But then, other countries aren't bogged down in debates like how much Jesus should be mentioned with the founding fathers, or whether science students should be taught young earth theory to fit with creationism, or whether evolution happens.

Ducky is Right said...

Frank, his editor wouldn't let him use, "Dr. Stupid Faggot Libby Waaaaaaah~!'. Which, i think we can all agree, is further proof of how oppressed conservatives are these days.

In reality, pressure on the schools to make it easier to pass comes form parents who get pissed at the school for failing their precious child, and not at their child for neglecting to turn in any work to be graded.
Oh, you WISH I was kidding.

dlauthor said...

One hopes, at least, that Tinshley's kids take after their mother, and are of at least median intelligence*. Because if they ever get below 50% on a course, our favorite lush will probably throw them out in the cold.

Exanon: You'd think Brucie would have a vested interest in lots of people not becoming unemployed, because then they might turn to drink, and the prices could go up. Which would, of course, be just another Eeeeevil Librul Plot.

* I was going to say "bright," but well, their mother did marry Bruce, so that might be asking a little much.

Anonymous said...

Can this be true?

Hope & Change? Patriot Act Renewal passes house. Go figure - when Bush was President the liberals told us and still do, that this was so evil of the Bush administration and unconstitutional.

Now that the Bamster is President, the Patriot Act is not so bad and the liberals do not bitch and whine about what a schmuck President and person Obama is. Interesting don't you think?

D Johnston said...

Is it just me, or is today's strawman Larry? Take a look.

As I see it, there are three possibilities. Either Larry had a nose job and finished his Ph.D.; He has an uncle with a really perplexing name; or Tinsley is an inveterate hack who is only capable of drawing a handful of characters. Hmm.

dlauthor said...

Actually, if Anonyrast would quit spanking his scabby toadstool to the programming Sprout TV (as close to real children as the ankle bracelet will allow these days, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm), a quick use of the Great Gazoogle will turn up plenty of left-wing sites that are disappointed that Congress shat the bed on the Patriot Act thing.

We just don't mention it here because it has nothing to do with Drinky McScribbler's strip today. But Anonyrast knows that, just as he knows, deep down, that what he wants to do to his six-year-old nephew is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising coming from Tinshley (hic)considering how the US (hic) education system so obvioushly let him (hic) down.

Kaitlyn said...

We could talk about why this is really happening (and where and when - USA Today, ooh helpful!), or we can just knock "self-esteem" because ha ha, you don't hate yourself.

CW in LA said...

Okay, is there really a school anywhere in this country that's all fixated on the kids' "self-esteem", or is this another one of those things that happens only in reich-wing propaganda, like St. Ronnie saving the universe?

Iron Dragon said...

One the note to anonymous, I am pissed about it, the patriot act is as unconstitutional now as it was before. But then again most liberals aren't a united front or a 'our party right or wrong' group.

The main problem here is a combination of attempting free market solutions for schools as well as a severely uneven level of funding. Ducky made some points too in parents but that's probably not the same level as the economic pressures. The education commentary is irritating because by and large education is a very complex and nuanced issue, and in most cases it's treated at a very easy, simply thing which makes honest discussion far more challenging.

Neo Tuxedo said...

CW in LA asks:

Okay, is there really a school anywhere in this country that's all fixated on the kids' "self-esteem", or is this another one of those things that happens only in reich-wing propaganda, like St. Ronnie saving the universe?

I don't know this with absolute certainty, but I'm comfortably certain it's propaganda. Frankly, I'm amazed this post doesn't have a "Straw Men" tag.

Kip W said...

I'm disappointed that Congress has renewed any part of the PATRIOT ACT (acronym for some stupid crap), but let's be honest and note that they renewed some provisions of it, not the whole thing.

It's still too much. Time to stop kissing Gop ass and get this country back on track.