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Thursday, February 18, 2010

That damned MSNBC

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard is about to go on an extended rant about Keith Olbermann's ratings.

And, of course, Mallard's contention will be that Olbermann's ratings are a direct indication of whether or not Progressives are right about anything.

Except when they were going up during the Bush Administration, when it meant nothing, nothing at all.

This is the network version of the fact that Mallard is obsessed with President Obama's approval rating, while President Bush's were never mentioned.


Lolsworth said...

"Purge Daley" was never funny, Bruce. Just pointing it out. Not like it makes a damn difference to you.

Tog said...

It all makes about as much sense as "It snowed! Therefore climate change isn't real!"

Eh. I don't care for KO myself, but I do hope Mallard will also note the dwindling figures for ALL of his old idols. Why haven't you yip-yapped about Ann Coulter lately, Mallard?

In other news: I predict that in two weeks or so, Mallard will insist that Senator Bayh's announcement proves that Democrats are way too partisan.

Also, I really, really hope--but doubt--Mallard will inject himself into the war between Sarah Palin and a show on his beloved idiot box. Shades of Dan Quayle!

Kip W said...

Still, you have to admire the exuberance and enthusiasm that leads Tin to go to all the trouble of lettering a completely unnecessary "continued" sign. It's as if he woke up in the afternoon and his head didn't hurt or something.

Brian Hall said...

I don't watch Keith Olbermann anymore because he's so angry now. He's about as angry as the people on Fox News and that just turns me off especially since KO is on "my side". When Bill O'Reilly gets all angry and blustery it's funny but when Keith does it, it's just sad because he's becoming what he hates.

At least Bruce is warning us that he's going on with a long-winded diatribe about MSNBC so you can make your own decision whether or not to read it.

deepbeep said...

"Continued...."? Thank god, I am riveted to this story.

dlauthor said...

"Continued." In Tinshley-speak, this means, "I drank too much research, so I'm going to draw the same strip three times with minor changes to the wording, then go pass out."

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Anonymous said...

The sinister word "Continued" could well be construed as a terroristic threat, since it means this latest unfunny tirade will go on and on and on until we scream for relief. I am raising the Duck Level to bright orange.

Factinista said...

Why, exactly, did Tinsley feel it was necessary to bring back this abomination of a joke? Honestly, "Purge Daley" makes ten-year-olds look like the pinnacle of wittiness.

And look at the poor girl's neck. It looks like it's about to collapse under the weight of her head.

I hate chuck asay said...

Thank God, this will be continued. We will be spared another series of comics like the ones about how racism never existed, Tinsley is a self-congratulatory Narcisstic sociopath, poor guys are undeserving Communists, or foreigners are plotting against us.

Frank Stone said...

Bruce Timely probably isn't aware of it, but Olbermann already addressed this in part back on February 4. (Oh, who am I kidding? Of course he's aware of it. Being a willfully dishonest hack means knowing the truth, but choosing to ignore it.)

And if the fundraising theme of today's strip is any indication, I wouldn't put it past Brucie (unrepentant sociopath that he is) to start openly mocking Olbermann's fundraising efforts on behalf of the National Association of Free Clinics and the blizzard-ravaged Sioux reservations in South Dakota.

Jazzbumpa said...

In trying to understand what passes for conservatism here in the 21st century, I've come to believe that basic dishonesty - though a necessary prerequisite - is woefully insufficient to explain the wing-nut mindset.

Mere lying does not reflect the level of disconnect they have with reality. These people are totally bat-shit crazy.


exanonymous said...


What is this, the Phantom without a stripey butt purple guy punching?

Yeah, sorry Mallard that MSNBC viewers aren't religious about it. It's such a darn shame that they don't glue themselves in front of the television for hours on end endlessly regurgitating talking points, and instead chose to work and obtain news from a variety of sources.

Bill the Splut said...

Umm, who is this character, and what do supermodels have to do with MSNBC?I thought all the hawt airheaded bimbos were at Fox.

Is this just Tinny's general misogynism? Y'know, dipso, not all attractive, thin women have eating disorders. I have a friend who looks like a bikini model, but who's one of those people who eats like a pig and yet never gains an ounce due to her hummingbird-like metabolism. (She's also a feminist, so Tinny would probably draw her looking like the Elmer's Glue bull)

I hope "Continued" means that tomorrow either Comic Strip Spider-Man shows up to sit on a beanbag and whine about TV with Dullard, or that Daly's Irish cousin shows up, hi-lariously named Anne O'Rexia!

WV: mulated; the majority of Failmore's audience, mulleted mutants.

CW in LA said...

Brian Hall said...

'I don't watch Keith Olbermann anymore because he's so angry now. He's about as angry as the people on Fox News and that just turns me off especially since KO is on "my side".'

This is why I've never cared for Randi Rhodes on the radio.

Anyway, yeah, us libruls all watch MSNBC just the same way Foxtards (satirical) watch Fox. Hey, at least they've finally given up the notion that we watch CNN in that way...

wv: focred - what we pretty much are, thanks to 30 years of Gypperism.

Kip W said...

@Frank, the MSNBC link showed me a blank screen with no clip in it. Was this the part where Keith showed Jon Stewart's "Special Comment" mocking himself (Keith)? After which, Keith said Jon was maybe right about him being over the top lately, and he'd try to do better.

Or was it a refutation of the ratings thing, where Keith maybe pointed out that the people who watch his show buy things? Both would fit in the context of the thread, it seems to me.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, Doonesbury does another excellent series on our troops.

Who's a liberal?


P.S. "Purge Dailey?"

What's next?

"A behind-the-scenes review of sports stadiums by Seymour Butts"

"A 24-hour drinking contest by I. P. Freely"

Man, 4th grade sure was funny!

exanonymous said...

Well, you know eating disorders. So much more hilarious than the fart jokes and cooties of grade school.

Especially the part where the person still thinks they are fat and you have to force-feed them to keep them alive.

Also it's funny because they're so stressed about body image and establishing control in their lives and feel absolutely worthless as human beings unless they can keep their weight at an insanely low number and obsess over every meal. But at least they know their place: looking attractive for men!

Example: Terri Schiavo. See, bulimia is hysterical!

Frank Stone said...

Kip, don't know why the page didn't display for you, but it was his "quick comment" about right-wing claims that "Countdown" is on its way to cancellation.

Turns out he also wrote about it here on his Daily Kos page.

Randy said...

rewinn: Man, 4th grade sure was funny!

Or, in Tinsley's case, is funny.

Kip W said...

Thanks for the link, Frank. Now that I think about it, I believe my browser is one that MSNBC won't play with. I've had the problem before -- they want everybody to use Internet Explorer. I keep hoping they've grown up a little in that regard.

I'll go see what he says at Kos. I like reading anyway, because I can control the speed, as it were.