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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That damned Electorate

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Electorate, Progressives.

Uh, Mallard, we knew about the Right-Wing bigoted idiots in 2008. They just went from the Palin rallies to the Teabagger rallies.


CW in LA said...

For the record, it's spelled "bigoted".

Clearly the Tinsh is one of those demanding that English be made our country's offical language, as the teabagger sign says.

John Ball said...

Remember, folks--the Teabaggers ARE the electorate! And Real Merkuns!

deepbeep said...

Look at Mallard! Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Kip W was right, he's either devolving into an egg, or all those TV watching hours are finally catching up to him.

What the heck is this cartoon about, anyway?

NickE said...

Is the back of the TV supposed to be Jewish?

Kip W said...

deepbeep, it's all about how nice the press is to Obama, and how mean it was to Bush.

Remember the years between 1999 and 2008, when the press couldn't push the Gop narrative along hard enough or bend over for Bush fast enough? Those years never happened! The Republicans were an oppressed majority, crying in the wilderness and only happy when they were being crucified.

(see: Martyrbation)

Kip W said...

ps, Here's the comment that I stuck in yesterday's earlier this morning:

As Tin's diatribes get ever more childish and petulant, the Duck-who-watches-TV seems to be morphing into a giant egg. Coincidence, or cry for help?

So now, you know. The Rest. Of the Story.

Good DAY!

Anonymous said...

How to tell the fat amorphous blobs in today's Mallard Fillmore apart: One is filled with beans, the other is full of shit. And has a duck bill.

Seriously, when you're as fat as a bean bag chair, maybe it's time to switch to light beers.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley, of course, has shown consistency in always being a right-wing, bigoted, vile, sniggering, talentless, borderline illiterate, lazy idiot. So I'm sure that's a comfort to him. Well, that and all the bathtub gin.

Note, too, that "bigoted" only has one "T," you worthless hack. Tinsh: you're paid actual money to write a couple dozen words a day, tops. Is it asking so much for you to spell them all properly? It's not even like you have to sacrifice your beer money to buy a dictionary these days.

rewinn said...

General Electric controls NBC (Vivendi has a 20% share).

GE's motto used to be "We Bring Good Things To Life!"

Clearly: NBC is controlled by a Communist Front!!!!!!!!

exanonymous said...

I'm dead certain that democrats still have a majority in the house and senate. Conservatives have a lot more ground to cover before they can claim majority status again.

Don't worry ducky, it will come again. Democrats straighten out economy, enact a few popular programs, people will have jobs and a content America will drift into wanting tax cuts again. But next time, try not to declare war please?

I hate chuck asay said...

This comic says everything one needs to know about Tinsley: He is a horribly-prejudiced, subliterate, neophobic asshole.

Kaitlyn said...

It's so cute - he's trying to show he's no partisan hack, he's not watching Fox News!

Why did he put a station name in there anyway? Why not just say "on the evening news" or somesuch?

And I just voted for "grammar police" and here's a misspelled word! Too bad drawings don't come with the little red squiggles under them.

He threw me off track - NBC equals bad jokes about Leno. Or maybe he'd be timely and mention the Olympics starting this week.

wavydavy said...

deepbeep -- At the risk of being redundant, let me repeat my comment to Kip earlier: maybe he's the avian version of Benjamin Button.

wv: restur. As much of the word "restaurant" Tinkley hears from his GPS lady before he passes out.