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Monday, February 22, 2010

Golden Ellipses: Most Disturbing Image (Mental or Visual)

And the winner in a runoff, with 57% of the votes, is Double Penis-Chin!

We have a tie, between Double Penis-Chin and Moonie Eyes. We'll subject them to a one-on-one run-off vote!

The nominees for Most Disturbing Image (Mental or Visual) are:
  • Hands (Post) - Mallard forces the reader to think about what a stimulated cartoonist is doing with his hands.
  • Double Penis-Chin (Post) - Mallard gets a bit carried away with his favorite phallic feature.
  • Moonie Eyes (Post) - Mallard makes moonie eyes at the reader while exposing his crotch.
  • Hard Out Here (Post) - The Government is pimping out Car Dealership Employees to make a bit of extra money.
  • Stimulated (Post) - Mallard gives up all pretense to subtlety and just lays the sexual innuendo out there for all to see.


CW in LA said...

We've seen all too much duck crotch this year. And was the cartoonist one a self-portrait? It's rather less flattering than his mug shot.

But the implicit enslavement of Jaime played for laughs was still the most obscene.

vw: rimmun - What George Will was doin' for teabagger nation today.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Perhaps if enough of us vote for the one with Mallard's crotch, we can shame him into putting on some pants. It almost worked for Ziggy.

Rootbeer said...

I still have no idea why Bruce Tinsley chose to depict the employee of a car dealership's service department as a slight, bespectacled, nebbishy man. You'd think that somebody who spends his days working with engines and hand tools would be a little more traditionally masculine.

Kip W said...

@Nanny, you're such an optimist, and it does you credit, but you're thinking that Tin is capable of shame? I wonder if there was ever a time when that was true.

Let's see. The first one is actually sort of funny, because Tin thinks we can tell the difference between a character he drew with his left hand and the rest of his scribbling, but we can't because he's ambicrappy.

I'm voting with you, Nanny, because the Full Mallard is nothing but feathers with Zilch behind them, like Tin's entire shtick, and the politics they represent.

--Muffaroo (I've seen some familiar Comics Curmudgeon tropes over here. Any other mudges posting at D&C?)

David said...

Moonie eyes, as annoying as ever the "oh so wise" look. As for the pantlessness, I will not go there. What really is so ridiculous, is the "joke", a much more fitting and timely (well for this duck anyway) line would be ..."call now and get a second invasion of a non-threatening country, absolutely free."

I hate chuck asay said...

Hands: We have, always, known that Tinsley, constantly, shoved his hand and head up his ass, thus, this is not an unusually disturbing image.

Double Penis-Chin: I do not see the resemblance to a penis in either chin, but I am straight, unlike closeted-gay homophobe Bruce Tinsley.

Moonie Eyes: It looks like Mallard Fillmore is going to fuck me as punishment for enjoying social services. This is a disturbing image, one that will require an especially large amount of bleach to remove.

Hard Out Here: This is a stupid cliched joke, not sexual innuendo, thankfully.

Stimulated: Creepy, but not as much as Moonie Eyes.

Word Verification: mette, I swear, one day, I shall mette out horrible punishment to Tinsley.

Randy said...

@Kip: Yep, KarMann over there. I already knew who you were, I think after you linked to a Flickr page which made the connection obvious, or something like that.

WV: costlyc - The very expensive sea of alcohol that fuels Tinsley's research. Due to quantity, not quality, of course.

Kip W said...

Hi, Randy! (aka, &c) I'm confused by your photo. That's not the number for the Army Museum!

wavydavy said...

Current tally on the runoff vote: 8 and 8.

Does that mean there will be a recount or is SCOTUS going to pick one for us?

WV: saisma. The miasma Ducky gets into every time he says something.

Randy said...

@Kip: Hee! No, that's actually the digits of the speed of light measured in meters per second. On the matching side profile, I use the value of pi.

WV: domythed - Tinsley did lots of myths.