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Monday, February 08, 2010

Those damned lists

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

Two, two, two lies in one!

The Fox-fueled non-existent enemies list and now Obama has never met his Grandmother?

Next up...How President Obama heartlessly ignored his Grandmother for his entire life. I know it's true, because Mallard Fillmore said Obama claimed he didn't know her.

Is the Right Wing in general, and Mallard in specific, capable of uttering anything other than falsehoods?


CW in LA said...

Sure, just like The Tinsh is proud to remind us how he supported Shrub, the Dick of Death, and the rest of the Mission Accomplished crowd for eight years, right? Right?

wv: lowert - What's been done for expectations of Tinsh's intellectual honesty and artistic effort continuously for years.

Tog said...

If Tinsley wasn't so utterly myopic, he'd realize that guilt-by-association smearing is about the last place Bruce Tinsley should want to go. A quick review of Tinsley's media idols alone is enough to make a normal person spew.

(Besides, he's not even doing it right. No Blago? No Ayers? Maybe Tinsley's mind's going.)

The really Big Lie this time--that Obama pretends to have never known these people--is so preposterous it seems Bruce is belatedly trying to compete with Palin for the Liar of the Year award.

And the "enemies list" nonsense just shows how sadly desperate Tinsley has become. Did he flip a coin to choose between that, and the old "death panels gonna kill yo' grandma" routine?

Kip W said...

Boy, wouldn't it be funny if there really was an enemy list and if there really was a list of people he disavows and if those people were really on it and if...

Gaah, I'm starting to suspect the real goal here is to get us so used to doubting everything we see in the strip that soon we'll doubt the very existence of President Obama and Congress.

dlauthor said...

I wonder how upset Tinshley got that the colorist apparently made Obama white. You'd think Brucie would leave instructions to make him blackity-blackity-black-black-black.

One hopes that the colorist also pulls out the Caucasian palette the next time Tinsh does a strip about those evil Ay-rabs and how they need to be cavity searched at the airport.

deepbeep said...

I can just imagine that phone conversation. "How much bigger do his lips need to be?!!"

rewinn said...

Remember when Obama took a couple of days off his presidential campaign to visit his dying grandmother?

I didn't think Tinkley could get any lower and more hateful, but he did. Heck of a job!

Sarah said...

Someone needs to show Obama how to properly ignore his white grandmother, since doing things like writing lovingly about her in his bestselling book Dreams of My Father defeats the goal of ignoring someone.

Anonymous said...

Utter bafflement.

exanonymous said...

I agree.

It is much easier to compile a list of people he hasn't met with a world population of over 6 billion to chose from, then an "enemies list" that has every conservative in the country on it times 200 to account for "tea party" math.

And the "typical white person" thing was stupid and Obama didn't back away from that. Obama mentioned someone he knew personally who grew up in a time when segregation was allowed and legal, and this offends people? Nobody was racist in the 1950s?

dlauthor said...


Of course there were racists in the fifties. Back then, they were taking white people's seats on the bus, that's all.

(On that note: oh, God. I just imagined what Tinshley would have actually "drawn" about Rosa Parks if he'd been around at the time. I may never be able to trepan that thought out of my brain.)

Factinista said...

To be fair, if the number of people he'd never met before in his life is more than zero, Tinsley's technically correct about it being bigger than his enemies list.

Steve-O said...

I'm becoming more and more convinced that Tinsley is really a secret liberal out to discredit the Glenn Beckian worldview. How else to explain this drivel?

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley had better hope he never meets anyone who is familiar with his claim that racism is dead--no, never existed--because I am pretty sure that every racial group in the world has, at some point, suffered racism. Eveyrone in the world, except for the most extremist Conservative Christians, would, therefore demand vengeance for such a horrible statement!

I say this with absolute sincerity: Saying, "I want to kill all the n----, k----, r----, f----, c----, e----t----, j---, and a---- in the world," would be less racist than the claim that racism is dead, much less that it never existed, both claims made by Tinsley.

I wish I had never met the cartoons of "Chuck" Asay, "Hapajap," Bob Lang, Mike Lester, A. Wyatt Mann, Joel Barbee, or, worst of all, due to the above claims, Bruce "I am the most delusional, racist man in history, like Chaucer without the ability to form a coherent sentence, or understand rhyme schemes, or scansion" Tinsley.

dlauthor said...

Steve-O: If Glenn Beck isn't sufficient to discredit the Beckian Weltanschauung*, I can't imagine that a liberal pretending to be an alcoholic who draws a duck badly in a handful of newspapers would throw much gas on the fire.

* I used it in a sentence! I used it in a sentence!