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Monday, February 22, 2010

That damned Rahm

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rahm Emmanuel

Rahm Emmanuel has a foul mouth. And this matters why, exactly?

Mallard is, satirically-speaking, a retard.


Tog said...

Weeks ago, I said I'd give Tinsley this one, and I'll stand by that.

Rahm Emmanuel has more than a foul mouth; he has an uncontrolled foul mouth full of the hateful crap one normally expects from Tinsley's crowd, and every time he lets it run loose, he proves himself a liability to the administration and a distraction from important matters.

I'll say it again; if Rahm Emmanuel can't control his yip-yap, he needs to get the hell out.

...That said, as usual Mallard and Tinsley are being complete hypocrites.

exanonymous said...

Yes, Mallard, go ahead, join in the stink.

Liberals don't like the name-calling either. However, rather than stone people to death for doing it, we will settle for apologies and attempts to make oneself better.

But you, like many neocons, will spend the amount of time requested by Palin bashing Emmanuel and then turn a deaf ear when Limbaugh uses it as an excuse to call actual handicapped people retarded. The mental backflip will be completed when you justify Limbaugh's use of the word for the handicapped people Emmanuel will be meeting in the white house as satire and accuse liberals of having no sense of humor.

Randy said...

So, I've been a bit out of touch, and I suppose I could find it with a few seconds of Google, but for the sake of any fellow puzzled people, what did Rahm say that this refers to?

WV: hurny - how Tinsley feels after listening to Rush for a while

Lagomorph Man said...


I didn't bother looking up who he was speaking to or about, but he called some people "fucking retards."

Kip W said...

Randy, Rahm said in a private meeting that somebody was a fudging retard. Only he didn't say fudge. Then Limbaugh said it about forty times, and Sarah Palin went and said that Rahm was hurtful for using the term, and that Limbaugh was just employing it satirically.

Davey, you're not using it satirically if you only say it once. And I think you have to be smirking behind your hand at Sarah Palin for it to be truly effective.

Getting back to Tin, this is about as funny and pertinent as anything he's ever said. (Ouch, eh?)

Rootbeer said...

I'll admit it; Sarah Palin was right to condemn Rahm Emmanuel for his pejorative use of the term "retarded". (Her failure to condemn Rush Limbaugh for the same voids any respect due to her, though.)

Regardless, this comic strip contains a lame joke terribly executed.

exanonymous said...

It should be noted, Rahm used it to describe people on the LEFT he felt were taking things too far, and at no point was Palin's baby mentioned.

She, however, apparently hates being reminded that she has a Down's Syndrome child who, if she is not going to dump off onto state welfare, will need more time, attention, and love than most to thrive, and that starts with ditching the book and speech tours and gigs.

Of course, with all that lovely custody battle details with the other child coming out, maybe she should be giving all of her family more time and less to the "real Americans".

alorange said...

Come on, people. We all know that Tinshley uses variations on "retarded" in day-to-day conversation all the time. I wish he'd just apologize for doing it, but I guess that speaks volumes now, doesn't it?

Anthony said...

The thing I don't understand: Tinsley's grasp at a joke here seems to read: "oh those libruls will just look for politer ways to say the word" which would mean that he himself is okay with it. Not that it's a big surprise, but he seems to not even know what he's trying to "joke" about.

By the way, the attributed quote to Emmanuel was that the congressional democrats who weren't standing together against the opposition to push through legislation were "f--ink retarded."
Idiot, yes. Yes he is.

Palin's reaction was to ask for him and all public figures using those terms to be FIRED. Until Rush did his bit - agreeing with Rahm on this point (because democrats are retards, yuk yuk). Palin, like Tinsley, manage to "communicate" without a whit of thought used in considering what they're saying.

wavydavy said...

Mallard is, satirically-speaking, a retard.

Actually, I think we should go with the Rahm original: Mallard is fucking retarded.

Also, in addition to the usual blatant hypcrisy from assclowns like Caribou Barbie, we also are reminded once again how unbelievably stupid they are: it wasn't even a person that Emanuel was referring to, but rather a policy.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Keith said...

SNL did it better;

Factinista said...

You know, I was wondering why Tinsley decided not to draw Rahm Emmanuel in this comic, but then it hit me. Even he wouldn't draw someone who's Jewish when this was the result of his last attempt.

Also, here's something to consider: If Sarah Palin didn't have a kid with Down's Syndrome, do you still think she'd be offended at the word "retarded?"

Frank Stone said...

I'll say this for today's entry: Brucie put about 10 times more effort than usual into the strip simply by trying to draw part of the White House in order to establish location.

Other than that -- well, you know.

Steve-O said...

Interesting fact about Down's Syndrome. The specific defect is called Trisomy-G or shortened it's Tri-G, or Trig. Wrap your mind around that one....

Nick said...

Those of us who follow politics and the news, not the state run media, heard this shit from the lefties last September.

Your little mind did not come up with this. The left will believe anything that takes a shot at Sarah Palin & family, they are obsessed.

A very low form of Palinphobia, using a child of hers with a disability to create a Palin attack.

Factinista said...

"Palinophobia?" You think we're afraid of her? Seriously?

Heck, I want her to run in 2012. It'd be nothing short of a guarantee that Obama would win re-election.

Steve-O said...

Once again Nick-the-Dick you have proven yourself to be an idiot. What "state-run media" are you referring to?

And speaking of using a child with a disability, isn't Palin the one hauling him around like a loaf of bread to every speaking engagement? Isn't she the one who referred to him as "my little retard" in her own home (according to Levi who hasn't been proven wrong about anything else he's said about her). Isn't she the idiot who had to scrawl ridiculous crib notes on her hand to get through a softball speaking engagemnt? So take your "Palinphobia" and stick it up your arse. Because every liberal I know is not scared of her at all, we're begging for her to win the Republican nomination in 2012.

deepbeep said...

It's hard to persuade anyone when you're using insults that got old by the 5th grade.

How about "Nick-the-X", where X is your word verification?

Steve-O said...

Who said I was trying to persuade him of anything? I'm just trying to humiliate him enough to leave. He can go back to making signs for his next teabagger rally.

Tog said...

If by "obsessed," you mean, "can't stop laughing at her stupidity and that of her fans," then yes sir, you are correct.

At the same time, we're a little concerned, because we know from recent experience--Reagan, Quayle, Junior Bush--what happens to a nation when a goofus that your sort "wud wanna hav a bier wid" is placed in or near the top seat.

But unless I.Q.s start dropping dramatically across the nation--always possible--it's not going to happen this time with this person. Sarah Palin pitched a fit in public over a television cartoon show that consists primarily of poop humor.

Picture, if you will, the "call at three in the morning" commercial THAT's going to make.

Neo Tuxedo said...

TOGGG! skrev:

we're a little concerned, because we know from recent experience--Reagan, Quayle, Junior Bush--what happens to a nation when a goofus that your sort "wud wanna hav a bier wid" is placed in or near the top seat.

This. Completely this. I hate to burst your bubble, Steve-O, but I for one am afraid of the prospect of President Palin, for the same reason I'd be afraid to ride in a bus driven by a blind person. And, unlike the blind person, Sarah Palin has an actual chance of getting in position to do that damage, between the low-information voters like Nick the Clicireo (who think the only problem with the modern right's policies is that they haven't been pushed hard enough) and the low-information voters who buy into the so-called liberal media's "even-handed" portrayal of noise machine lies and objective truth. I don't want to see America un-invent electricity.

BHO said...

It would be very sad if Nick was humiliated by your lame wit Steve-O. Do me a favor and stay off my side.

exanonymous said...

Uh, I have Palinphobia.

It's pretty hard not to. She's been touted as the embodiment of the perfect woman to the neocon, and what qualities does she have?

She can shoot things, gut a moose, and that's pretty much it.
Not much of a family woman, quits jobs, quits education, can't really give an interview, can't budget her own wardrobe, has shown very little depth to her personality, and gets paid money to tell a certain portion of the nation what they want to hear. And neocon males everywhere drool over how wonderful she is.

So if I drop any nurturing instincts, forget compassion, ignore both family and career, quit anything I start, tell men exactly what they want to hear, dress pretty and act stupid, minimize my personality, I'm respected? I'd call myself a prostitute, but that's an insult to to the profession.