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Thursday, February 04, 2010

That damned touch

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Reid, Race.

Out of touch? You really want to talk about who is out of touch?
  • 68% of Republicans either believe President Obama should be impeached or are not sure.
  • 58% of Republicans are not sure if he was born in the United States or are sure he wasn't (and I'm sure race plays no part in this shared delusion)
  • 57% either believe he wants the terrorists to win or are not sure if he wants them to win.
  • And 64% either believe he hates white people or are not sure if he hates white people.
Bottom Line: About 33% of Republicans are batshit insane. Another 33% are not sure whether they are batshit insane, but they may be.


Tog said...

So Tinsley's theme has mutated into: "I'm not racist! YOU'RE just, uh, out of touch! Yeah! That's the ticket!"

"Because no one cares what the President's skin color is! We just hate him and pray for his failure and wish fervently for Americans to die horribly on his watch because he's a Kenyan-born Commie-Nazi-Islamo-fascist! And he's a Democrat! It's not because he's a f***ing G*****ned ******-boy who doesn't know his place! You're racist!"

Wait, the clown who keeps whining about "hair-splitting political correctness" is splitting hairs over the word "Negro?" Are you kidding me? The same guy who inserted the fictional name "Higger"-something into a strip* just so he could scrawl the "H" badly and slip his favorite racial slur past the editor? THIS clown?

*If you know the strip or can dig it up, and provide a link, that would be totally awesome.

exanonymous said...

My new rules:

1) If you want to praise someone, give them something, or help them it may not be on the basis of their skin. That is racist.

2) If you want to insult someone, keep them down, or deny them voting registration or loans, it's perfectly fine to do it on the basis of their skin. Political correctness is wrong.

3) I am not racist.

4) Really.

exanonymous said...


5) If Americans REALLY cared about the color of the skin of the president, well, you wouldn't see that guy in office, would you?

6) I'm still not racist!

Neo Tuxedo said...

TOGGG skrev:
The same guy who inserted the fictional name "Higger"-something into a strip* just so he could scrawl the "H" badly and slip his favorite racial slur past the editor? THIS clown?

*If you know the strip or can dig it up, and provide a link, that would be totally awesome.

Here's the strip (the name was actually "Wiggerman"), here's Davey's post about it, and here's the post where it both won and named a Golden Ellipse category.

Kip W said...

Conservatives are color blind. They don't care that the KENYAN President isn't white. They only care that his policies might favor the Economically Disadvantaged. You know, the Underclass! You know which ones we mean! Nudge, nudge! THEM.

Anyway, it's okay to keep helping the rich, because we saw a rich black man once, which disproves global climate change or something.

Rootbeer said...

"I don't see color. People tell me I'm alternately black or turquoise, depending on how bad my artist's DTs are when he's inking me in."

Speaking of Golden Ellipses, when will voting on the 2009 awards begin? I know the Post-Intelligencer's post-intelligent approach to link maintenance makes DaveyK's job even more difficult than reviewing a year's worth of Mallard Fillmore strips already is...

dlauthor said...

Here's an early poem for the Mallentines

Sure, no one cares that Obama's black;
Go fuck yourself,
you drunken hack.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans think Obama's policies will benefit the "underclass" they are 100% insane, unless they also think all the Goldman Sachs banksters he's filled his administration with are secretly representative of the "underclass." How the underclass benefits from perpetual war and Wall Street bonanzas is a grave mystery.

rewinn said...

If you are so out of issues that you think anyone really cares whether someone say "Negro" or "Black" ...

... then you are really, really out of issues.

deepbeep said...

You might have cognitive dissonance if you're both a Pollyanna and a curmudgeon.

Also, DaveyK, that link floored me. I had to verify the validity of the poll before I could believe those numbers.

Tog said...

Thanks, NeoTux!

Oh dear God! Run over to Comics I Don't Understand (or just go directly to YouTube and check out Carly Fliorina's hilariously incompetent attack ad before it's taken down in shame!

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley, we know you use n----, not negro, constantly, towards anyone who is, slightly, different, and use race as the deciding factor in every decision. You will not be happy until the whole world is, solely, populated by the White race, and neither will your conservative friends. I hate this idea that racism is dead--I mean, never existed--it is the most racist idea possible, and you must be the most delusion racist man in the world.

You should, just, do what Day-by-Day's cartoonist did, and release the strip's weak occasional grasp of coherence. I suspect that I should hate the guy who writes that cartoon, but I do not, because I cannot understand what he is saying:

An average Mallard Fillmore cartoon: "Anyone who is poor, foreign or dark is working for Adolf Marx, also known as Martin Luther King, Jr!

A standard Day-by-Day cartoon: "President Bush spiders on Obama's Reagan hamburger reform policy with the Heaven in secret White House Land!

Make this cartoon like Day-by-Day, because being confused is better than being offended--and you are very good at both.

Neo Tuxedo said...

@TOGGG!: You're welcome, and thank you for linking to that amazing video. Although I prefer the alternate soundtrack.

@Ihca: I hear it's amazing when the famous purple-stuffed duck in wing-nut space does a raw blink on Hannity-Reilly Rock! I need scissors! 61!

rewinn said...

I'm kinda sorry the demonsheep ad is so awful, since Fiorino would be a terrible candidate for Senator. It's not many CEOs who crash their company and then use that as a credential!

Seriously, she's got issues. It's as if she is trying to persuade herself she was a success, despite the facts. All-in-all, a worthy representative of what the GOP has become under Reagan/Bush

exanonymous said...

I had to look at that ad, because it sounds so horrible.

But no one's mentioned yet the random blood and country singers (1:28)? that flash at the subliminal level. I didn't notice them at first until I started feeling agitated and realized that it was the jarring transitions in the ad and not me. Slowed them down, and some of them are quite... weird.

Kip W said...

Anonymous, please note that I was stating that the Gops fear that the policies might benefit the dread Underclass. This fear is enough to cause them to lash out in ways we've all seen. They think this guy, who is to the right of Nixon on just about every issue, is the second coming of Earl Browder.