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Monday, February 01, 2010

That damned Donkey

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats, President Obama.

If that thing passed me on the street, whether or not it said "Hi" would be the least of my concerns. Immediately checking myself into rehab would be my first impulse.

When President Bush spoke out against animal-human hybrids I had no idea how widespread the problem already was.


deepbeep said...

Who types with their eyes closed like that?

Tog said...

We're ignoring the bigger issue: that Tinsley feels emboldened by Democrats--only one year later and on the verge of actually achieving some of that change we profess to believe in--who are scrambling for reasons to toss Obama under the bus and turn the world back over to the GOP while they cower under their beds, crying "I'd rather be (self-)right(eous) than win!"

Tip: Trudeau was making fun of such people. He's just not completely open about it, because he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Kip W said... commissioned a poll right at election time in Massachusetts, and it showed that among those who had voted for Obama, his approval was still high. What happened in MA seems to be that the Democrats ran a poor candidate who barely campaigned, and she lost. It wasn't a referendum on Obama, on health care (which MA already has), or on bimetallism. Stop the presses.

(Oh, they're already stopped? Okay.)

dlauthor said...

See, I knew when Obama came here to campaign for what was effectively a lost cause by that point (you can't arrest a freefall like Coakley's by appearing once at a rally very close to election day), that the more odious right-wingers would pounce on it to claim he was a curse or something. Of course, I was more thinking of Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and whatnot; little pipsqueak wet farts like Tinshley, pootling along three weeks later, didn't even cross my mind. And I follow this blog, so you can imagine how valued his opinion is among those who don't.

Anyway, for a party that's specialized in truly toxic leaders that no one wants to touch with a ten-foot cattleprod, the Republicans don't have much of a leg to stand on. George who? Dick what? Sarah which? John McHuh? Tom DeEh?

Rootbeer said...

Good lord, I actually agree with a political observation in a Mallard Fillmore cartoon. Jon Corzine and Martha Coakley's poorly-run campaigns demonstrated that the efficacy of the Obama Bump is limited.

My theory is that when Obama campaigns on behalf of other Democrats, it does little but remind Democratic voters how little enthusiasm they have for the candidate in comparison to Obama.

I hate chuck asay said...

Okay, no ore death threats, just, an examination of why all of Tinsley's comics and beliefs are so terrible.

All of the Republicans have been trying to separate themselves from Bush, Junior, and no wonder, since sent this country into $10,000,000,000,000 in debt, destroyed all of our social programs, suspended Habeus Corpus Corpus, trapped us in a war that lasted six years after he declared victory, and made incedibly idiotic statements. Tinsley, however, blames Obama for all of these problems.

Bush's statement is a perfect example of the Republicans' neophobia. Cloning has many potential uses, and could solve the lack of viable donor organs. Transplants often fail, and the rejection of an organ is often fatal, but a clone's organs would, essentially, be the same as those of its brother, thus, rejection should not be a problem and survival rates would be much higher.

Embryos have many potential uses in research. They carry stem cells, the basis for life, ones that we are on the verge of using for valuable medical and scientific purposes. President Bush, understanding none of this, declared that all such research should be illegal, claiming that it killed babies.

1. Most such embryos were dead, usually, miscarried or aborted.
2. Fetuses are not living organisms: One must, logically, be born in order to live.
2. Sacrifices must, sometimes, be made for the greater good. A few dead babies, traded for the lives of millions of adults with horrible crippling diseases, is not a great loss.
3. Babies are irritating little brats that whine and shit themselves, and I want as few of them around as possible.

Bush banned stem cell research, and, although the law has improved, the caselaw remains a legal Hell. (

What is a human-animal hybrid? We are not, even, close to producing such a thing, if it is, even, possible--but Bush's wording suggests that he believes it is a common form of science.

Republicans, however, sincerely, believe what Bush says, even though it makes no sense to anyone with the slightest understanding of science.

Scientists do not abuse science, they present refutable evidence of how science can be used. Groups of their peers examine this evidence, and if it is found to be a viable foundation for further science, decide how to continue the research. "Egregious abuses of medical research" would never pass such reviews.

Word verification: Stion, the form of cancer that Tinsley is, but should not have.

exanonymous said...

The democrats running for re-election know that Obama will not harm or help their chances at this point.

Obama has largely made it clear, to the frustration of some, that congress must do the legislative part of government on its own.

But the right doesn't understand that, particularly those who are buying the "massive socialist agenda of Obama that we are on the verge of implementing to KILL EVERYONE".

rewinn said...

Today's "comic" was obviously drawn before the SOTU and Friday's televised chat between Obama and Republicans.

If Coakley's loss ( she threw the election away by not taking Brown seriously; in the short time between primary and election, Brown did 70 appearances to Coakley's 20; Brown had over a dozen field offices to Coakley's 2; etc etc) woke Obama up to the failure of his strategy of appeasing Republicans, well that's all for the good. The Obama that won in 2010 hasn't been seen since November, and it's nice to see him back.

The Friday buttwhippin' should not be missed:

Bill the Splut said...

In April, 2008, President Bush visited my state for a campaign speech for a GOP candidate (but, NO NOT REALLY, he was giving a speech about malaria to a kids' club. That way, he could charge the $200K his trip cost to the taxpayer. And, yes, he said malaria was part of the War on Terror. Mosquitoes: tiny, tiny explosive vests).

The GOP candidate put a Flickr stream for the event. And excised every single photo of Bush and him together. He still lost.

Ducky is Right said...

How often does the President of the United States casually pass people on the street?

One Senate seat changed parties?! ZOMG TEH DEMOCRATS R LOST 4EVAR!!!!

exanonymous said...

Democrats lost their majority!

Oh wait...

That's only because Dems won't make the GOP actually filibuster the REAL way like REAL Americans.

Kip W said...

I think when Bush expressed fears about hideous animal-human hybrids, he was probably looking at Mallard Fillmore.

Not reading the words, just seeing the duck... staring out at him... those dead soulless eyes... and a hat!