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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Those damned Weeks

What's Mallard raving about today?

Haiti, The United States.

It is totally unfair.

We donate money and time, only making a few hateful and politically motivated comments about Haiti, and the World refuses to immediately ignore our recent history of torture, an illegal war, indefinite detention, and disappearing people without any due process.

The nerve.


Tog said...

It takes some serious chutzpah to try to conflate the charity of US citizens with US government policies of foreign meddling.

Oh, and Mallard? Most of that criticism you're whining about comes from those same US citizens. (How's your "To The Victor Goes The Oils" bumper sticker holding up?)

The joke in this strip is: Tinsley/Mallard has always expressed a complete exasperation for fundraising and helping those in need. Yet he still wants to pretend he's one of the charitable. (I have no doubt later he'll dust off his questionable figures about how Republicans give more to tax write-offs, uh, I mean, charities, than do Democrats.)

GeoX said...

And considering that Tinsley is explicitly a Limbaugh fan, this is pretty rich. Tinsley could have earned some respect by denouncing his idol's vile, racist schlock, but that would have involved having principles, so obviously it was never gonna happen. What a contemptible little pile of sludge you are, Tinsley.

Iron Dragon said...

Ok, seriously? We give less than any other nation in terms of foreign aid unless you count military aid which is kind of subjective (arming resistance groups is military resistance, so is keeping a despot in power or funding an arms race).

And you know what, if you want to get rid of a bad reputation you try to do things to change the image. We want to lose our image as torturers, selfish jerks, etc. maybe we should do more for the poor of our nation, try to work at social justice, apply the rule of law to those captured in alleged acts of terrorism. Not to mention more basic things like working to change the culture of police that we have currently developing which is making them more inclined to intimidate and harass rather than protect and serve.

Steve-O said...

I wonder if Tinsley has ever stopped and asked himself how Haiti ended up in this position to start with? Oh hell, who am I kidding? That would require putting down the TV remote and the bottle of liquor.

dlauthor said...

And on today's episode of Those Ungrateful Darkies ...

exanonymous said...

Actually, most of the world doesn't think the US is greedy, selfish, and evil. The words "self-centered, self-righteous, and obsessed with money" may be used if someone is feeling particular anger towards the US, but generally we the citizens are viewed as naive and sheltered. And stupid.

And contrary to whatever myth Mallard is buying into:
Summary: in 2000, we were relatively popular.
By 2003, most ratings had tanked.
In 2009, most ratings have improved significantly, with the exception of Israel.

rewinn said...

Mallard lives in country of his own: SelfPityStan.


P.S. what kind of ugly asshat uses a natural disaster to moan, "Oh, woe is me, nobody like me!"? Stuff like this is one (although only one)of the reasons smart young kids mock the GOP.

Steve-O said...

@Rewinn- It reminds me of that Weird Al song "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" where Al laments missing a new episode of "The Simpsons" when a newscast pre-empts programming to report on a huge disaster (I think it may have been an earthquake).

Kip W said...

Maybe we give less, but we give it louder!

I'll bet Tin actually looked at a paper today, and when he saw that things were still hellishly bad in Haiti, breathed a little sigh of relief that his strip was still timely.

Anonymous said...

This is the equivalent of chanting "USA USA USAUSAUSA" loudly to drown out any thought, idea, or suggestion that this country is ever anything other than generous to the point of foolishness. (As Obama increases spending on nuclear weapons, escalates the perpetual war, etc etc., and the Republicans complain he's still too soft.)

Toots McGee said...

Anonymous: I was thinking the same thing except instead of the chant I was hearing the song from "Team America: World Police":
America, Fuck Yeah!

Frank Stone said...

"Evil, selfish and greedy", you say?

They're not talking about "the U.S.", Mallard/Brucie. They're talking about you.

deepbeep said...

Looks like he accidentally drew a line next to his eye, giving him the expression of shock instead of the usual one-eyebrow-raised smugness. It looks like something got shoved up his ass near the end of that sentence, which is what he deserved.

Does anyone have a link showing that the US is the least generous country?

Kaitlyn said...

It wasn't as bad as it could have been - people have been saying on Facebook that we shouldn't help them because they didn't help us. And that we're the only nation with homeless people.

So I was surprised - he didn't go as low as David Brooks or anonymous FB people (STFU, Conservatives is where I saw the Haiti posts.)

And to address the comic - we ain't the only ones helping, but we're the heroes!