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Friday, February 05, 2010

That damned Facebook

What's Mallard raving about today?


What the hell is that fleshy protuberance Ms. Pitera seems to be holding with her left hand?


Tog said...

Meh. Tinsley won't waste time on drawing an actual face on that woman--or a hairstyle that doesn't look like a fried mop--but he WILL draw the screws in the back of her chair. See, knowing what details to focus on, that is a vital part of making good art.

(A reminder: when one feels particularly bitter about Brucie, one should always look at the "About Mallard Fillmore" link under the strip on the KingFeatures page, and see exactly how much his artwork has deteriorated--no other word is suitable--over the years. Bitterness melts into pity, until such time as Bruce's revolting attitudes can worm it back up into bitterness again.)

Oh, yes, and Tinsley's yipping about the 21st Century again...I think. When he isn't spreading lies right off the talking points memo, or being offensive for its own HAW HAW sake, Tinsley craps out bland, pointless nonsense strips like these, the point of which seem to be that today is not like yesterday (ZOMG RLY?).

Change the lingo to "gabbing on the phone" and "fire," and...well, it's not any LESS funny, I guess. But changing the lingo to modern or even futuristic stuff doesn't make it funny either.

Taquelli said...

Oh man, Tinsley knows nothing of the modern business office. People who Facebook at work in the current kneejerk economy tend to get canned outright for even mildly mentioning a co-worker, and most large companies have their IT team block the site anyway. The only thing funny about this is the lax office environment, if funny means the exact opposite of what it actually means.

deepbeep said...

Merely mentioning technology does not constitute a joke. Please unfriend that from your repertoire, Bruce.

Since he's been mentioning Facebook lately (and because I'm bored), I decided to check out Tinsley's wall. He's made three posts:
1. Link to article on racism double standards.
2. Link to Ann Coulter article on how racist Democrats are; publicly calls out his wife for criticizing Coulter without reading her articles.
3. "Bruce found a lost Brave Little Turtle"

NLC said...

I think this is just another example of Mallard-lagtime SOP.

In short, Tinsley has finally got around to the "friend"/"unfriend" jokes that most other sources were doing a few months back

exanonymous said...

I certainly hope this deformed woman at least can turn the chair to get up, or her boss who just unfriended her is going to get an eyeful when she uncrosses her legs. Maybe she could use the flesh-colored paper to block the view?

Kip W said...

I hereby acknowledge that I have seen today's strip.

(Hey, why should I make more of an effort than the cartoonist did?)

WV- hakisle (var of Hack Isle): The Island of Misfit Winger Cartoonists.

rewinn said...

"... he WILL draw the screws in the back of her chair. ..."

The chair, like its occupant, got screwed.

That's corporate life in 20th century America!

Rootbeer said...

The joke is apolitical, and therefore passably decent.

The artwork seems to have been made extra terrible to compensate, though. If that guy's chairback is up against the desk, then where is his lower body?

dlauthor said...

Up next: Mallard can't figure out how to work his remote control! Plus his VCR is still flashing 12:00! Plus he still uses a VCR! LOL!!!1~!!eleventylevenone!!!

(I think the protuberance is supposed to be a sheaf of paper, because that's how you can tell she's at work because people at work always carry around paper even when they're being chewed out by their boss for keeping a bottle of cooking sherry in their desk -- wait, I mean using Facebook on company time. But the fact that the colorist couldn't figure out what he was looking at, and therefore painted it the same color as her skin, really ought to be a hint to Tinshley that he should LEARN TO DRAW A GODDAMN CARTOON.)

GeoX said...

Oh good lord. Were there any doubt as to Tinsley's intense assholishness, that facebook page would remove it all. If I were a less responsible person, I might suggest that there is NO WAY IN HELL that his relationship with his alleg-o-liberal wife is, if not physically, then certainly emotionally abusive. But, of course, I am, so I wouldn't.

Erich said...

I just hope somebody adopts that Brave Little Turtle that Bruce found...just to keep it away from Mallard!

Verification word: Witie. No comment.

Steve-O said...

Ms. Pitera apparantly works for a company that is too stupid to block Facebook. A company this stupid has more to worry about than whether or not one of its employees is on Facebook. Either that or Ms. Pitera is so stupid she's getting caught Facebooking on her iPhone.

I hate chuck asay said...

I wonder who wrote Tinsley's Facebook page--we know that Tinsley never uses, or likes any technology, besides television, made by, or after Johannes Gutenburg.

This cartoon makes very little sense until one paraphrases it:

"You, being poor, and, therefore, an undeserving communist, have been enjoying yourself and using technology! You should work constantly, like a slave, unlike those ungrateful dark-skinned monsters whom we gave free room and board--

"--Killing you would be illegal, so we have to give you a minor punishment, because we rich guys have no power to do anything!

Word Verification: Bions, particles much larger than Tinsley's brain and heart, but infinitely smaller than his liver and kidneys.

Factinista said...

Oh wow, he even uses the four-dot ellipses on his Facebook page.

deepbeep said...

Ha ha! You're right, I hadn't noticed that.