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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Golden Ellipses: The IOKIYAR Award (for Brazenness or Hypocrisy)

And the winner is...Fear Mongering!

The nominees for The IOKIYAR Award (for Brazenness or Hypocrisy) are:
  • Costs (Post) - But I was totally OK with all that stuff President Bush and the Republicans did which turned a $200 Million surplus into a $12 Billion deficit.
  • Fear Mongering (Post) - The party of Death Panels and Birthers making accusations of fear mongering?
  • Opposition (Post) - It's not like Republicans and Fox have criticized a war time President or engaged in unhinged opposition to policies for purely political reasons.
  • Strings (Post) - And yet, opposing the War against act of treason.
  • Czar (Post) - Just ignore all the Bush era Czars, OK?


CW in LA said...

Hell, the Rethugs sold us a whole war we didn't need - and had intercourse with the pooch in one that might have mattered - all on the basis of "fear itself".

The Tinsh might not be as odious as the unholy trinity of Bleck, Buttboil, and Miss Sarah P., but that's due to a lack of ability than any sort of scruples.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Iron Dragon said...

Close between strings and fear mongering, felt strings won, though it was a bit of a squeaker.

exanonymous said...

Oh, tough one.

Fear mongering though. It continues to be a platform for just about any Republican to run with, while at the same time they accuse Obama of fear mongering every time he mentions that this country is still in trouble. Usually after they point that this country is still in trouble.

Rootbeer said...

There is no hypocrisy richer than the party that coined "death panels" accusing the opposition party of fearmongering.

wavydavy said...

Actually, the concept behind "Costs" is potentially entertaining, esp. the cute carrying off of the speech balloon.

Of course, the fact that his original premise is stupid and hypocritical kinda undermines that.

Kip W said...

Fear mongering. Not even close. Especially with that quote, because the Gops always seemed to feel that "the only thing we have... is fear."

Paying too much attention to the man behind the curtain? Quick! Code Orange!

rewinn said...

"Strings" is just stupid because in it Ducky is arguing that he should be able to put limits on the use of his taxes because the Obama administration put limits on the use of bailout money.

In short: He's complaining about limiting the abuse of taxpayer funds!

Ga-a-ah! The stupid, it burns ua!

But it's not hypocritical. "Fear Mongering" leads the ugly ugly pack IMO.

Kaitlyn said...

Fear Mongering.

Plus it makes sad, couldn't somebody who needs insurance for health problems say the same extreme thing - "Sarah Palin wants me dead!" I may have said that when my mom came in and I'd been stuck with Fox news on the TV (dr waiting room) for... minutes.

deepbeep said...

Fear Mongering, not even close. After all that we've seen from Republicans over the last decade, I'm still in disbelief that he drew that.