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Sunday, February 28, 2010

That damned Party

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats? Republicans?

So, normally I would assume that Mallard is criticizing the Democrats, and referring to some of the recent special elections).

But this would make more sense as a criticism of Republicans who whacked most of the world over the head, took everyone's stuff and given it top the most wealthy (leaving us with a $12b deficit), and lost the last 2 elections (special elections notwithstanding).

Theories welcome in the comments.


Kip W said...

"I suggest we adopt a mascot. Something lovable, with wire-like hair and tusks as long as your arms: the noble mastodon!"

NickE said...

Since the caveman is cross-eyed, it's referencing the Democrats.

Therefore, I suspect that the following occurred a couple of weeks ago:

1. Tinz, late Friday night after pounding down his Friday night pony keg of Leinis, emails away his week's strips to the syndicate, not realizing he's a Sunday panel short.

2.Monday morning after another lost weekend, he's awoken from a Bush-era wet dream by the telephone. "Where the hell's the 2/28 panel, Tinsley?"

3. Head punding and still thinking it's 2007, he photocopies one of his blank Standard Panels and letters in something snarky about the Dems, who No Way In Hell can beat McCain/Palin. He scans it to a .tif, emails it away, and goes in search of his Monday morning pony keg.

Tog said...

Tinsley's deteriorated to the point that he assumes that any mockable situation will automatically be associated with Democrats or liberals.

"Look! Here's a turd I pooped!"
"...What? Ew! What the hell!?"
"It's a liberal! Get it? Haw! Haw!"

Of course, that may align him perfectly with his fanbase; how many times have you dealt with a neocon/closet-neocon who proudly touted something moronic, then turned around and laid it at the Dems' feet after you'd explained its inherent stupidity?

exanonymous said...

Well, I learned from CPAC that I'm a neo-monarchist! (I believe it's a reference to the OTHER people who weren't Boston Tea Party protesters, but the irony of having an elected representative accuse liberals of this is lost on them.) So anyways, I now demand that the cavemen all be neo-monarchists.

Also, their wyothatays party platform is failure because people don't have stuff to take. It's a mostly wyoth party. And that's just too much work.

NotannonNotcow said...


The problem with step 3 is that it assumes that Tinsley knows how to use (or even what are) a scanner and how to e-mail a file.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

NickE said...

Bruce's wife is (allegedly) a liberal, so there's SOMEBODY in the house who can figger out them newfangled electronical flammerjammers.

rewinn said...

"Lost the last 2 elections" has got to refer to the Democrats, somehow.

So we know what he's getting at. Certainly not national elections, which the Dems won pretty solidly the last to outings. But rather, special elections, of which there have been 5 since Obama's win. The 5 happened on two days. The 1st was a push, with Dems winning 2 races and GOP winning 2. The 2nd was Massachusetts, which the GOP won because Crokely or whatever her name was didn't bother campaigning.

But the corporate media interprets this as massive Democratic party losses the last two elections, which overshadow the massive Democratic party wins the last two national elections.

The illogic of this is patent: A lit match close to your face will outshine a bonfire farther. But it's important for the corporate media to make us think we're losing, cuz that's the only way the aristocracy can keep power.

Meanwhile (as "Ring of Fire Radio" reminded us last week, the conservative movement is run by people so crazy that when Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll, FOX decided CPAC was meaningless. Mitt Romney, the corporatists' choice, not only lost the straw poll but when he endorsed John McCain for re-election, Rush Limbaugh (who hates McCain) started attacking Romney. Progressives or liberals or whatever you call us may be disorganized and prone to domination by Democratic Party corporatists, but conservatives are actually attacking each other.

When John McCain is too liberal for you, you are truly insane.

I'd love to see Ducky do "Conservatives The Early Years" ...

Kip W said...

It is choice, watching Gops run away from legislation they propose if it looks like the Dems might go for it.

Note to Dems: Don't do this reflexively just to watch them scurry. Stick with the merits of the proposals.

Rootbeer said...

This talk about clubbing people and taking all their stuff sounds a lot like the "government steals YOUR MONEY at gunpoint!" rhetoric I sometimes hear from the teabagging types.

Also, Caveman always equals Democrat, because who better to represent the progressive ideology than somebody who died out 400,000 years ago due to his failure to deal with change?