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Sunday, February 07, 2010

That damned Company

What's Mallard raving about today?


This one will make the Golden Ellipse list in 2010 for Worst Metaphor, because I really have no idea what Mallard is talking about.

What does Congress sell that no one wants...but then give to other people? The Military? Social Security? Medicare?

I'm sure he's probably referring to "wasteful spending", but I think President Obama put it best when discussing it with Republicans (emphasis mine):
"I think one thing that, you know, you have to acknowledge...that the earmarks problem is not unique to one party, and you end up getting a lot of pushback when you start going after specific projects of any one of you in your districts, because wasteful spending is usually spent somehow outside of your district. Have you noticed that? The spending in your district tends to seem pretty sensible."


Ducky is Right. said...

I'm with you. What?

Ducky: "Hey, I gots that nextsh strips for yews."

Editor: "Really? Another comic bitching about Christmas gifts you didn't like? Look, I know we're really lax with your and your special.. requirements, but this is going to print in early February. It's a bit much, even for you."

Ducky: "Hmmm... how about I slap, 'Congress is dumb' on the end?"

Editor: "Yeah, sure, whatever. Close enough to creativity for you."

Ducky: "Hot dog! Good thing America rewards hard work!"

WV - coliker. Apt.

Tog said...

Nice one, Ducky! And beautiful quote, Davey!

I...think Tinsley's working the "give 'em an inch" paranoia about Federal government with the bulk of the strip--the guy's business starting out simple, but promptly branching out aimlessly in all directions--combined with the usual suggestion that the Fed provides nothing of value to Real 'Mericans Lahk Me.

"Health care reform? America doesn't need it! Nobody wants it! If they did, they'd have noticed the GOP's been working feverishly on it for, like, the past several decades (even though we don't need it)! Really, they have! Are you calling me a liar? Now, an eternal war...THAT's a brilliant use of our resources!!"

Either way, it's still the usual sheer crap from Brucie, unusual only in the depth of its incoherence...and in that Tinsley separated his panels. The "punchline" will satisfy his dittoheaded fans, who lack the brain cells required to follow along the rest of it.

deepbeep said...

Bruce, if people keep giving you ties, electric razors, and men's fragrances... might they be trying to tell you something?

exanonymous said...


Don't bring up Obama's intelligent discussion with just the GOP and without a teleprompter.

It completely ruined at least 3 of their favorite talking points.

Tog said...

Almost perfect timing: check out Sunday's Twitter epic in "Doonesbury," in comparison to Mallard's weak Facebook strip from the other day.

Back when he put forth some marginal effort, I might've said Tinsley was a better artist than Trudeau; I've never really cared for Trudeau's style. But now there's no comparison, in either the art or the writing. No comparison at all.

Bill the Splut said...

Thank you, Bruce Tinsley, for being the only man brave enough to publicly decry our nation's sad dependence on pet calendars.

Frank Stone said...

What the frozen ding-dong heck is "tube-cheese"?

D Johnston said...

I'm assuming this is about the dreaded public option. Remember that weird campaign to force Senators to go on the government health plan? (They stopped using it after Senator Franken said it was a great idea and started drafting a bill)

rewinn said...

"...Obama's intelligent discussion with just the GOP and without a teleprompter.

Guess who doesn't use a teleprompter?

Sarah "TelePalm" Palin!

Kip W said...

That's right, rewinn! Because Sarah Palin is the salt of the earth! She doesn't need no fancy-shmancy machine to tell her the answers to the rehearsed questions that will be asked in a specified order by selected audience members.

She does it the old-fashioned way: by hand!

exanonymous said...

I don't know which is worse:

that one word was scribbled out,
that she had to scribble out answers to questions she was given in advance,
that she only wrote 6 words of things apparently too hard to memorize, or
that she had to actually stop and look at them in her speech?

Kip W said...

Maybe the words weren't written on her hand for cheat sheets. Maybe her hand hurt, and they were there as magic incantations to make it better, just like they magically make everything else better just by being repeated over and over.

rewinn said...

The problem IMO is not that she wrote on her hand, but that she had to look at her hand to remember what she wrote.

And that she either didn't think anyone would notice, or that she figured no-one would care.

Personally, I think someone from the Mitch Romney campaign put her up to it. "Hey, this will make you look more presidential!"

It almost makes you wish she'd get the GOP nom in 2012. The handjob jokes would be brutal!

Rootbeer said...

Any bets on whether this big-nosed corporate scumbag is circumcised or not...?