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Monday, April 19, 2010

That damned Blame

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh.

The only people claiming President Obama's poll numbers have anything to do with Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh are Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

And the only people repeating that claim are the people they told to repeat it.

Like Mallard.


Ducky is Right said...

Ducky is 100% right. He just doesn't know it.

Tog said...

When Tinsley's straw-bama says "people," Tinsley hopes you'll think it means a vast majority of gentle, intelligent, Mom-and-apple-pie, not-at-all-violent-or-racist Real Americans, rather than a depressingly-large pack of ignorant, delusional knuckledraggers and perpetually-terrified sheeple who, in fact, have long let the Wrong Wing's jabbermouths do they's thinkin' fer them.

Strange: Tinsley has been baying for ages about how Johnny can't read or do math, but insists Johnny's still capable of intelligent decision-making.

exanonymous said...

I had to read that through more than once just to get the gist of what he was saying.

Anyways, if Obama was truly concerned about his polling, he could always allow a terrorist attack to occur, stand on the rubble and declare war. Not that his are currently bad, dramatic shifts usually indicate dramatic policy changes so a steady ~50% means that nothing done has been radical.

It's a bad week to bring up Rush Limbaugh, who has taken up religious craziness with Iceland's volcano being divine retribution and the stupidity in the statement that the left wants to do away with NASA. I'm sure however he is being ironical donchaknow and we libtards just don't get it.

MToje said...

What? Nothing from Tinsley about the heroic ant-gubmint stand of McVeigh and Nichols on this day fifteen years ago? Well, I guess we attribute his oversight to tastefulness, and not to cowardice or perpetual tardiness.

We could also attribute thunder to the sound of giants bowling amidst the clouds.

Rootbeer said...

Color me surprised that the author didn't have the (liquid) courage to include "Mallard Fillmore" in the list of personalities responsible for Obama's low-ish approval ratings.

As usual, the layout of this comic is terrible. It appears that The White House is having a psychic conversation with the President, who is standing on the lawn outside of itself.

rewinn said...

Another stupidly conceived "comic" made even worse by bad editting (or, more likely, no editting.)

Humor has to be crisp and to the point. Here we get the idea that Obama's poll numbers are down, and Obama is whiney, and Obama blames stuff on Rushbeck, and Obama thinks his critics are just doing what Rusahbeck says.

All of those are stupid talking points, but at least they are talking points, and any one of them could be a punchline. Squishing them all together makes this ugly mess nothing more than an ugly mess.

P.S. people who listen to Rushbeck aren't gonna like Obama, and people who don't aren't gonna believe Obama is whiney or blames Rushbeck for anything. Drinkley must figure that there's enough teabaggers out there buying newspapers that the checks will keep rolling in and who knows? Look how well Morton Downey Junior did!

Kip W said...

exanonymous: That worked for Bush because it temporarily brought reasonable people of good will over to his side. It wouldn't work for Obama because he already has enough of those people that they won't matter, and the other kind won't hesitate to throw rocks at a sitting president in wartime (in spite of their alleged principles) if they think they might score brownie points for it.

Those Obama poll numbers are shocking, though, in how closely they seem to mirror Reagan's numbers for the same point in his term. Tsk tsk.