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Saturday, April 17, 2010

That damned Influence

What's Mallard raving about today?

Influence Peddling.

Halliburton and KBR made a fortune during the Bush/Republican as a result of their connections.

But now Mallard is outraged by influence peddling?


GeoX said...

I could be wrong, but I think he's just trying for a dopey, non-political joke (only marginally discernible as a joke, of course, but that still puts it in the top five percent of MF comics).

Tog said...

Ugh. This is why Tinsley "forgets" to tell a joke so often.


Off-Topic (for the duration of Tinsley's two-week lag anyway):

1. Teabaggers continue a long legacy of neocons and rednecks making veiled and not-so-veiled threats against public figures who do not kowtow to them.

2. Bill Clinton, citing Timmy McVeigh (but neglecting to cite Joe Stack, who was briefly idolized by the Wrong Wing), asks the nutjobs to tone down the rhetoric.

3. The Wrong Wing, led by pill-popping hypocrite Rush Limbaugh, goes ballistic. Rush announces that anything that "happens" is Bill Clinton's fault now (somehow). The rhetoric continues.

Remember this, come two weeks from today. Tinsley HAS to say something unimaginably stupid about this (I think it's in his contract) and is no doubt scribbling away as I type this; the only question is, how hard will you facepalm when you see it?

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

I can play with words too!

For instance, my new nickname for Tinsley is Brewster!

It doesn't make much sense besides the obvious pun but…!!!

Wasn't Joe stack a communist? I thought Wrong Wingers hated communism, always and forever.

Tog said...


I call it the Phelps Standard of Neoconservative Idolatry. When "Reverend" Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist declared "God hates f**s" and hassled the mourning families of AIDS victims, the neocons loved him and refused to field questions about his sanity.

When he abruptly switched over to "God hates America" and disrupting soldiers' funerals, they immediately labeled him "liberal" and swore they never, ever liked him.

exanonymous said...

... in bed!

Kip W said...

Is this Howard a duck? Trust me, Tinsley, it'll never fly.

kris said...

NBC reporter to Black man at Tea Party: "Have you ever felt uncomfortable?" I believe the reporter was disappointed with the answer she received.

exanonymous said...


deepbeep said...

That proves it, the Tea Party movement isn't fueled by racism. But what's that have to do with today's crappy cartoon?

So, what is this cartoon about, anyway? Peddling influence has been part of the human condition even before we were Homo sapiens. How about referencing something specific, Tinz? Otherwise I'll assume you mean the K Street Project or Cheney Energy Task Force.

Tog said...

We can't really discuss today's strip, because it doesn't make a lick of sense.

Tinsley seems to be making fun of influence peddling--something he'd never do with the Party of Gingrich in power, natch--but he's ALSO depicting Mr. and Mrs. Everyday American as saying they'd do the same thing in a heartbeat.

Recap: Tinsley disdains it and justifies it in the same sentence. How utterly incompetent can one person be?

Ah, speaking of incompetence, our pet troll pops his head out of his own ass briefly to belch his farts at us. (Oh! How uncivil I am!)

It's typical Kris: One person says something, thereby making it undeniably true; then Kris applies a personal assumption to this cherry-picked butt-nugget, cementing its inarguable truthiness. Win!!!!1

Let's try this "logic" ourselves! There are Log Cabin Republicans; therefore, the GOP is inherently homosexual! And I think Kris is disappointed that he can't get some! Ipso farto!

Tax day's come and gone, Bruce Tinsley. Are you a criminal or a hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Questions: Does this Tog person have a life? Is this blog his life?

Is he always this pissed at the world or has he just finished his eighth beer?

I just took a quick peak today and there have been 10 comments to this post and 3 have been by him. All he does is spew hatred which makes no sense at all. A major fool and pathetic person.

Tog said...

I'm just off today, anonykristinsley.

You have a pretty tart little mouth for someone who thinks others are "filled with hate."

Oh, brilliant! We point out that Tinsley's a drunk; therefore, call us drunks! NO U in its lowest form. Golf clap for you!

I don't mind the personal insults, but the fact that you clearly have absolutely nothing else to offer is a huge, flashing-neon billboard advertising your own shortcomings.

And that makes me smile. (grin)

rewinn said...

I would like to agitate, once again, for the policy uses for labeling anonymous comments. The default ID is not merely "anonymous" but "Anonymous Coward".

Cuz, y'know, it makes a lotta sense most of the time.

And, ghod knows, it's more relevant to something, anything, than is today's "comic"

Bill the Splut said...


I check the comments on this blog twice a day, because they're funny and I like this blog.

You check the comments at least daily, and even count them, because you think they're foolish and pathetic, and you hate this blog.

And yet we're the obsessed, hate-filled ones. Self-examine much, Anony?

Kaitlyn said...

Maybe he's mocking them?

Because he doesn't seem to like anyone he draws very much, and well "real Americans" are scum in his eyes because of Veronica Mars and the whole election thing.

Or something.

I'm lost.

GeoX said...

I don't get it--anonyfuckwit is obviously also both 'Kris' and 'Nick'--so who exactly does it think it's fooling, and what possible rhetorical goal does it imagine, in the dim recesses of its 'mind,' that it is thus achieving?

Marion Delgado said...

I told you that if you kept complaining about your grandson coming over, stripping to his shorts, and making "dust angels" on my floor, I'd put you in Mallard Fillmore! I guess now you know who you're dealing with!

WV: Ask your ER doctor if Intholen is right for you!

Rootbeer said...

"Oops, I accidentally wrote Crankshaft!"

It's actually kind of heartbreaking to watch the realization dawn on aging Baby Boomers that their influence on politics, commerce, and culture is dissipating rapidly.

Kip W said...

It's somewhat telling that if a reporter sees a black man at a tea party, it makes the news, and somebody has to run over here and tell us about it. Stop the presses! Kill that page one story about the man biting the dog!