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Monday, April 05, 2010

Those damned people

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats, Taxpayers.

Mallard once again demonstrates his utter ignorance in all things related to math.

Prior to passage of HCR, it is true, a majority of Americans were not in favor of passage. But any honest (I know, I know) evaluation of the numbers would recognize that among those opposed some respondents opposed because they didn't feel it went far enough (12% in the poll cited in that article). A majority are in favor of reform, however.

This has been, of course, further borne out by post-passage polling.

Mallard, however, remains ignorant (if we give him the benefit of the doubt) and a lying hack (if we don't).

That said, kudos for the crucial use of the word "taxpayers" in that last sentence. No doubt Mallard will soon claim that, among taxpayers (as opposed to the slothful rest of us), health care reform polls abysmally. It won't be true, but why would that stop Mallard?


ian said...

the headline would be true if two citizens that payed federal income tax opposed UHC.

Ducky is Right said...

The headline is a subtle way of saying welfare queens and illegals LOVE the health care that Real 'Murkens are paying for them.
Load of crap, yes, but please reference your score cards to check the pars for this course.

What I enjoy about this strip is that it exposes to the evil Democratic plot to.... do... well, SOMETHING malicious. Details are unclear, but rest assured that socialism. Also.

Tog said...

In Tinsley's world, only people on his side of the aisle are "people." The rest of us? Idiots, and he's said that out loud.

It doesn't matter how often we're right and he's wrong; he's right and we're wrong.

Oh well, the Death Panels will surely deplete our numbers until we can no longer defy the burgeoning forces of the Teabagger Revolution, right?

exanonymous said...

"Taxpayers oppose Obamacare".

Um, why?
Are they all tanning?
Will they all be making over $200,000 next year (and simultaneously be unable to afford the 0.9% tax increase)?
Will they have the cadillac plans paying over $10,000 a year by 2018?

Oddly enough, none of this is true. Most of the animosity generated currently is about the health care reform killing people, particularly babies.

So much so that if you browse into the FOX news website, their "you decide" poll has this:

Does the executive order by President Obama alleviate your concern about taxpayer money being used for abortion services in a health insurance exchange?

Yes, the language will strengthen prohibitions on abortion services by insurance companies using federal subsidies

No, an executive order has no force of law against private companies and can be rescinded with the tip of the pen.

Don't know, existing Senate language is very vague about limited federal funding for abortions

Maybe, if the Senate health care bill becomes law, it could be an added layer of security

Note the lack of an option for "I'm not concerned, it's a legal procedure and not the business of the government?"

Kip W said...

"Let's be clear. We are the party of people with a fucking brain and at least an ounce of compassion. So go back to your misspelled signs and racist photos now. And if you feel like killing somebody, always start with yourself."

Rootbeer said...

What do you mean, "you people"?

Sarah said...

Paying taxes and supporting health care reform are mutually exclusive? Excuse me while I go vanish in a puff of logic.

rewinn said...

The intended message is hackery, but Brewsky is such a lousy cartoonisht that he kills it with a wall of text.

Look, Tinshley, your audience doesn't read all that well. If you'd dropped the 1st ten words, you might have had a punch line instead of a flop line.

But arrogance is one of the defining characteristics of authortarians like Tinkley: asking an editor to help him out would be surrendering to the liberal elitists.

Steve-O said...

Doesn't EVERYONE pay taxes in one form or another?

Just sayin'.

Ducky is Right said...

As we all know, illegals and welfare queens are immune to paying sales and property tax. We know this is true, because if it wasn't, it would undermine my thesis that illegals and welfare queens are leeches on society.

Fox News and the rest of the Repropaganda machine spent a year telling everyone that health care reform would kill the elderly, babies, and make everyone wait in a soviet gulag to see a doktoR for simple prescriptions. Golly, I wonder why so many people seem to be against the bill?

Kaitlyn said...

Rootbeer - "What do you mean, 'you people'?"

Anonymous said...

Boy, Republicans sure are stupid. Look at this brilliant Democratic congressman in comparison. His concern for Guam tipping over demonstrates the intellectual acumen of liberals!

Tog said...

Oh hey Anony-nony! You were apparently too hyperintelligent to use HTML tags, so let me guess: you're trying to take one person's screw-up and conflate it into WAO ALL LIBBERALZ R MORANZ HERF HERF DERP, yes?

You realize if anyone here so chose, he or she could rattle off a seemingly-endless list of GOP screw-ups and screw-offs that have resulted in real-life, demonstrable harm to the United States, don't you?

Tell us, what's it like? You know, being a complete dipshit.

dlauthor said...

Anonyrast will be glad to demonstrate what can and can't capsize to anyone under the age of eleven who will just get into the tub with him.

Steve-O said...

Hey Anonydumbass,

You do realize that Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country, right? She couldn't name one single thing she read? Didn't know what the "Bush Doctrine" is?

CW in LA said...

Yeah, but look how up on current events she is. I mean, they asked her what magazines she read and she said "All of them."

GeoX said...

Yeah, considering how frequently right-wingers--including anonyfucktard here!--employ the "HUR HUR IF THERE'S GLOBAL WARMING WHY IS IT COLD OUT? HUR HUR HUR STOOPID LIBRULS" gambit, they have absolutely no footing to get concerned about anyone else's scientific illiteracy.

Kip W said...

Right-wing hypocrisy, hyperbole, and hatred? Unpossible!