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Friday, April 23, 2010

Those damned Jobs

What's Mallard raving about today?


If Mallard has an alternative to achieving the Constitutional requirement to count US Citizens, I'd like to hear it. In the meantime, in this economy, I'd say some of those million people are feeling quite fortunate to have any job at all.

The IRS Agents crap is a bald-faced lie.

That said, some trash may be left behind at Earth Day gatherings, ipso facto Environmentalism is a sham. It's science people.


Tog said...

Aw, poor widdle Batshit's all mad that the job market has, in fact, stabilized following the Cheney Administration's Faith-Based Freefall Failure. He's pee-pee scared that his fragile fantasies of GOP voodoo economics, along with his fearmongering and doomsaying, are going to proven wrong yet again--this time, at the hands of one of those people.

Batshit hates employment. Does it really need to be said again what this indicates about his patriotism?

Iron Dragon said...

Hey, I'll say this much, ANY employment is a good thing. If the government does public works projects, make-work etc. during economic disasters that's a good thing right?

I mean it means that we can get things built (roads, dams, bridges, public museums, etc.) Or just things like picking up trash, planting trees (good for the environment as well as nice to look at)

Why would this be bad? I mean people are working, getting some kind of job experience. Not to mention doing work that is if not necessary then at least offering something useful. This would also lead to more people putting money into the economy as they might then actually possess disposable income.

I know that some people think anything related to the government is bad, but at the very least I would argue that this is a better means of using money. Plus, I'd argue that we should do public works projects instead of tax cuts, since this can allow for more targeted economic relief as well as helping every citizen rather than disproportionately aiding the upper 2%.

Randy said...

Yeah, when I heard about that 16,500 armed IRS agents crap, I figured it was just a matter of time until it appeared in one of Tinsley's byproducts. No surprise at all there.

exanonymous said...

Who has had a bigger impact on the environment in the past week:

Oil drilling companies
or enthusiastic environmentalists?

I'll give a hint: only one can explode in a fireball of death in the ocean!

But just think of the job creation!

dlauthor said...

Yeah, why can't the government create REAL jobs, like waking up hung over on the couch, turning on Rush to get the latest talking points, scribbling them incoherently on a used paper towel and drawing a duck underneath, then waddling off to mail the results to the syndicate before drinking oneself into sweet, sweet oblivion once again?

Kip W said...

So the liberals (and some conservatives, I think) will keep trying to clean things up, while the conservatives will make extra efforts to throw litter on the ground and mess up recycling and things like that. This is how we move forward, dragging the GOP all the way. And when we get somewhere good, they'll be happy to take credit for it by pointing to their own tracks -- two parallel trenches in the ground, exactly as wide as a pair of size 12 loafers -- that prove they were helping all along.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, GM's paying back its loan early, and Ford is also profitable. If you pick-and-choose figures, you can prove anything!

P.S. Mallard should be careful. If the GOP's plan for ChickenCare catches on, how soon before we pay for health care with ducks ?

P.P.S. - FB fans, please consider joining the new ChickenCare Group!

Frank Stone said...

That's it, Brucie -- keep repeating those tired, paranoid right-wing fantasies. Sooner or later, they're bound to become real. Try wishing really hard while you do it. Maybe clicking your heels together three times.

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce hates government workers.

The military works for the government.


If we laid off the entire government, would that make him happy? Oh, wait, stupid question. The only thing that would make Brucie happy is Laura Mars skinny dipping in a lake of Yukon Jack. And maybe some Slim Jims.

deepbeep said...

Bruce, why did you erase the original dialog?

"'Winged freak terrorizes'?... Wait'll they get a load of ME!"

Ducky is Right said...

Silly Bill; military spending doesn't come from TAXPAYERS! It's magic money that appears when needed and pays for weapons. Like Captain Planet, but with guns.
Besides, we need the military to kill 3rd world nationals, and make people fear us enough to do what we want, so shut up.

Also, yay for front page validation. I am worth something!