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Sunday, April 04, 2010

That damned Oil

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid.

Wow, Mallard spends a lot of time imagining scenarios in which he, and his nut-bag cohorts are the topic of conversation among Americas political leaders.

Not for the first time...delusions of grandeur.


Tog said...

"There're more (teabaggers) every minute, Harry!"

You keep telling yourself that, Bruce. Why, it's a whole new Reagan Revolution!!1

To our April Fool, Kris: Dow Jones: Stocks Get Boost From Jobs, Manufacturing Reports. ...Now, you were saying something stupid?

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

Today is Easter Sunday.

I, an atheist, knew this three weeks ago and apparently Bruce didn't.

Wasn't his family pissed or something that he forgot in years past? Or is my memory faulty?

Anyway. Apparently Tinsley can't draw Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. I'd bet he'd do better at caricatures of them than an accurate drawing of the US Capitol except even his drawing of the building looks good compared to some if not most of his caricatures.

Hey, I just realised we haven't seen a non-ubiquitous caricature in a while. Maybe he lost that ability.

Duck is Right said...

Dear ducky;
You've already paid your taxes. April 15 is the deadline for double checking all the payments, and seeing if any are still owed, or if you are owed a refund.

You would know this if you weren't a fucking moron, feverishly jerking off to Glenn Beck slash fan fiction.

Teabaggers should be ignored. Any political 'movement' purporting to be against rampant government spending and increased interference over dailies lives, who remained 100% silent during the Bsh years, are full of shit.

Tog said...

Say, doubleyou-tee-eff is absolutely right; Easter's one of the three or four days of the year when Tinsley usually quits flinging his own poop and lying his guts out, and briefly puts on the pretense of being a good and loving Christian.

(Had he been alive at the time, you know damned well that Bruce and his fellow teabaggers would be screaming "Crucify him!!" until their larynxes ruptured and the spittle-loss caused dehydration. Kill the dirty hippie!!)

What's happened to you, Bruce? Veterans' Day, and now Easter? Has the Victory of the White House's Magic Negro really put you under so much stress that you've quit pretending?

You know, if you need a shoulder to lean/cry/puke on, we're here for you BAH HA HA HA HA HA

exanonymous said...

FOX n Friends has a bitchfest over Google's apparently lack of religious icons in their logo on Good Friday (what did they want, bloody thorn crowns?)

Sunday one of their echo chamber cartoonists forgets entirely that it is Easter. Unbelievable. Apparently the only people who must adhere to religious holidays are the independent companies and atheists.

Happy Easter, and whether you celebrate it or not, I hope the day is a good one. Microwave peeps, eats the ears off of innocent chocolate bunnies, and enjoy the return of Spring for the northern hemisphere.

NLC said...

in re: Tog's point about the Easter.

Perhaps it would be helpful for the Teabaggers to start distributing HWJHVOTHCB[*] bracelets at the rallies.

[* How Would Jesus Have Voted On The Health Care Bill]

NickE said...

No need for boiling oil. The idiots who've convinced themselves that by not filing a return they're somehow not paying taxes, are the same asshats who are refusing to fill out their census forms.

Which means that they won't have any representation in Congress in the first place.

(P.S. -- AGAIN with the penis-dome, Bruce?)

WV: "fragul": A delicate zombie.

deepbeep said...

It looks like another Tinsley trope is on display: tracing his finger or thumb for an outline.

Ha ha! Look, they care about the environment!

NickE said...

Oh --

And happy Easter to you too, Bruce.

Kip W said...

The teabaggers don't want to pay their taxes? Fine with me. Let's wean the prison guards off of pot users and onto selfless patriots whose cherished views invariably lead them to try to keep money in their pockets. Let them see what they're buying with their taxes. After all, they think prison is a luxury hotel, so there's no downside.

Re the dome monster: Isn't it time for that thing to detach itself and go rampaging through the streets of Washington DC?

Agent Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a dick to suck with my coffee

rewinn said...

CNN is joining Fox in pimping the Tea Partiers by having a bus of reporters follow the Tea Party Express around and report 3 or more times a day about teabagger rallies that have hundreds of people in them! Hundreds!!!

" The last couple that we've been to have been around 500, a couple hundred people or so. This one's a little bit smaller."

Not Tens!
Not Dozens!
Not even Scores!
But Hundreds! HUNDREDS of people rallying!

A little more of this, and they'll have as many teabaggers getting their rally reported on CNN as we had bellydancers at last year's Fremont Festival.

Hundreds! I tell you! Hundreds!

Why, that's more every minute!

CW in LA said...

Yeah, remember when there were hundreds of thousands, even millions, protesting the completely gratuitous war on Iraq and the same networks couldn't be bothered to give a shit (beyond the occasional line about appeasers or traitors)?

Well, I'm sure the Tinsh doesn't remember, in any case.