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Friday, April 16, 2010

That damned Choice

What's Mallard raving about today?

N.O.W. Health Insurance Reform.

Blame the Republicans, the mandate was their stupid idea.

Blame President Obama for including Republican ideas in a futile attempt at bipartisanship with a group of people who would rather burn the country down than build it up.

Just don't blame the majority of Americans who wanted, and still want, Government-run Health Care.


Tog said...

Once again, Tinsley wallows in a blatantly false equivalency that only a desperate moron could think up.

Teabaggers aren't concerned with choice for themselves to forgo government health care (their hypocritical love of Medicare betrays that): most are enraged that their precious pennies might save a brown person's life and they can't stop it; others are terrified that the death panels will drag Granny out back and shoot her before annexing America to the USSR.

I got an eBay item in the mail yesterday wrapped in some newspaper which included a Phyllis Schlafly column that I glanced at; otherwise I wouldn't soil my eyes with such crap. In the column, she declared forcefully that Obamacare was Obama's weapon to destroy America with debt.


It's just a reminder: sure, we laugh primarily at Oxycontin Limbaugh and Bawlin' Glenn Becky and Michelle "Scarf Alert!" Malkin and Sarah "Sideshow" Flailin' Failin' Palin (...Anyone heard from Ann "Bestselling Author" Coulter recently?), but the Wrong Wing has a huge network of lying fearmongers doing their level damnedest every single day to take the nation backwards.

exanonymous said...

Umm, progressives and liberals wanted the public OPTION, not a mandate.

The mandate is the slap in the face the Dems got from trying to negotiate for bipartisan support for the bill.

Kip W said...

Hey, Mrs. Tinsley! Your husband is drawing pictures of what he thinks people with your views look like! Put on your thick glasses, cross your eyes, and have a look.

dlauthor said...

Again, Brucie will be happy for the health insurance when his liver starts shutting out the lights. Or next time he's forcibly ejected from his vehicle through the windshield because that tree just popped out of nowhere, officer. It would be even better if it were a public plan like in a civilized country, but it's a start.

On another note, please welcome the most accurate caricature Tinshley's ever done. Though what possessed him to draw Bruce Vilanch, I'll never know.

GeoX said...

I can't get over how idiotic this republican conception of "rights" is. Nobody WANTS the "right" to die of treatable diseases. Hey, I know, let's abolish our criminal justice system and start a new one where you have to sign up and pay money if you don't want to be murdered! Otherwise, you're sacrificing your "right" to be stabbed in the face! Makes exactly as much sense.

rewinn said...

I urge Drinkley to keep reminding us he opposes freedom for women.

I'm in a Purple state and the Republicans want to pretend abortion is a non-issue because that's the only way they have a chance in the 'burbs.

wavydavy said...

@GeoX --

PLEASE don't give them any ideas! Cuz you know this is liable to be a plank in their 2010/12 platforms.
And what about my right to overpay for underperformance? Huh? You know, like paying real money to see the Mets play. Or signing up for cable so I can see "Sarah Palin's Alaska".

Ducky is Right said...

There are too many levels of bad metaphor here to comfortable try to comprehend.

S, instead!