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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Those damned signs

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, Congress.

Mallard, if you want people to judge the character of the Teabaggers by the signs they carry, I suggest you not spend the previous day castigating people for judging the Teabaggers by the signs they carry.

Epic FAIL.


Tog said...

The common saying is "no taxation without representation," fool. If teabaggers don't like taxation with BAD representation, they should've bitched about the previous administration. (Oh, wait--a bunch of power-mad, selfish assholes. They WERE well represented by Cheney & Co.)

Where does liberty come into this? Is it the insurance requirement? Does Tinsley not realize? The GOP wanted, DEMANDED that requirement, right up to the moment a Democrat said, "sure, we're okay with that."

Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant. You'd think Tinsley would be a complete bliss-ninny, he's so (willfully) ignorant.

But Tinsley HAS to go with the signs, Davey; he's painted himself into a corner. Up to now, he's depicted teabaggers as sweet, innocent grandmothers. Now that the teabaggers have moved onto "revolutionary" threats, the whole "li'l ol' lady" thing won't work--but he doesn't want to draw a bunch of sweaty fat rednecks carrying guns, either. Not yet, anyway.

That leaves him with nothing else to use. Even Chris Muir, for all his incompetence, isn't THAT hamstrung.

exanonymous said...

Liberty? You got it, the government is neither foreign nor despotic and elections will continue in November as scheduled.

Don't tread on me? Somehow I think they're more in tune with heavy metal song and teenage angst than the origins as flags of militia men who actually fought in the revolutionary war (instead of the play militia with zero threat of death today) or the marines or navy which likely they must not have been in or they're the usual hypocrits cashing in on VA benefits while decrying government benefits.

No taxation with bad representation? That's just trying to make them look smarter than they are because of the obvious logic failure in the guy who votes in a district for a representative who actually has like-minded views, but still finds himself in a minority so he makes his signs up about no representation.

Kip W said...

No, this is actually clever! Don't you see what Tin Eye has done here? We're seeing the backs of the signs, some of which have writing on both sides. We don't see what they see from the building -- all the misspelled Teabonic N words and F words and sloppy photoshops of Obama with a bone through his nose and a Hitler mustache getting whizzed on by a poorly drawn Calvin.

Golf clap for the Tinmeister.

dlauthor said...

By 'bagger math, Tinshley drew three million signs!

deepbeep said...

"No taxation with bad representation"?!! Patrick Henry would bitch slap whoever wrote that.

John Ball said...

Tog: Speaking as someone with a considerable knowledge of Muir's... work--he's ready to take the cast full militia ANY MOMENT!

Steve-O said...

I guess during all that "research" that Tinsley does he hasn't stumbled onto the fact that Congress and the Obama administration passed the LARGEST MIDDLE-CLASS TAX-CUT IN HISTORY. What exactly are they bitching about?

Eh? What's that you say? Oh yeah, they don't like having a black guy in the White House who isn't pouring wine or waiting table.

David B said...

For the first time ever, i clicked “outrage” in the poll. Given the horrifically racist rhetoric that appears on signs at lots of teabagger gatherings and Tinsley isn’t showing those (as Kip W noted), there is no other emotion for me to feel.

And yeah, i know, Tinsley, most of the teabaggers don’t have a racist bone in their body, you can’t judge a movement by its fringe, and so on—but if you want to disavow the fringe, you have to admit they’re there. Draw a strip condemning the racists who happen to otherwise agree with you, and then we’ll talk.

Steve-O said...

I recently read that 47% of people in the U.S. paid no federal income taxes for 2009, up from 39% the previous year. I'm willing to bet that a large portion of the clueless assholes carrying those signs fall into that category.

Bill the Splut said...

Today's New Adventures of Queen Victoria

Frank Stone said...

Ah, yet another example of the rigorous intellectual honesty on which the American right has built its sterling reputaHAHAHAHAHAHAAA ... ohh ... couldn't get through that one with a straight face, no, sir.

WV: Pacinsan: The place Brucie thinks we should bomb next.

Rootbeer said...

"Speaking as someone with a considerable knowledge of Muir's... work--he's ready to take the cast full militia ANY MOMENT!"

Meaning what? That Broken-Neck Hip Black Guy will start stocking up on potable water in between staring at a laptop computer, and Busty Asian Redhead (?) will brandish a rifle while lounging around in her panties and breastfeeding a child?

Tog said...



John Ball said...

@Rootbeer: Actually, yeah, that's pretty much it. Probably with some lousy incoherant action sequences and incomprehensible movie 'parodies' thrown in.

One time, Muir had Damon, aka Broken-Neck Hip Black Guy pouring coffee for several days. He'd be pouring coffee at the start of the strip, he'd be pouring it at the end of it, and he'd be pouring it in the next strip.

Just felt I had to share that.