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Thursday, April 01, 2010

That damned Fool

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

I got a few more for you:
  • Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11.
  • Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • America does not engage in torture.
  • Republicans stand for fiscal responsibility.
April Fool, indeed...


Tog said...

Really, Tinsley? YOU want to talk about fools?

The economy is getting better, and while America's reputation is still in the toilet, it's also improved in the past year simply for the absence of the last administration.

Unemployment? Wasn't eight years of Junior Bush Voodoo Economics supposed to create those out the yin-yang? What happened there, Bruce? At least the hemorrhaging has stopped. (I don't recall any Mallard Fillmore strips decrying outsourcing American jobs; perhaps they were forgotten amongst all the HAW HAW TED KENNEDY DRINKS and HAW HAW BILL CLINTON HAS A PENIS strips.)

And what, exactly, do your lords and masters have to offer, Bruce? More NO!, faith-based failed policies, and Sarah Palin. Their idea of economic stimulation appears to be throwing away money at bondage-themed strip clubs.

Good luck with that message, Teabags.

Tog said...

"Wasn't eight years of Junior Bush Voodoo Economics supposed to create jobs out the yin-yang?"


exanonymous said...

Obama has not created miracles his first year in office! My messiah has failed me, I must now convert to neoconservatism.

Hey, I'm young and have some money, what's this "Young Eagles" thing I hear about? It sounds patriotic and responsible.

CW in LA said...

The Tinsh is an excellent cartoonist with oodles of artistic, intellectual, and moral integrity.

... 'cause it's, you know what day.

Kip W said...

Dang, CW scooped me. I was going to say this was a thoughtful cartoon that raises a good point, and what a great drawing of Obama. 4:50am??? At least people have to get up early in the morning to beat me to the gag.

Happy Dubya Day, everybody.

Kip W said...

ps: In honor of the day, I voted "agree."

tee, hee.

deepbeep said...

If only the Republicans were still in charge! They performed so well in all those areas!

Rootbeer said...

I guess it's funny because in real life, Obama's approach to foreign policy IS generally well-received by the rest of the world, and Obama has been more willing than most to bluntly acknowledge the continuing problems with economic recovery and unemployment...?

wavydavy said...

To add to DaveyK's list:

-- The earth is only 6,000 years old.
-- Global climate change is a myth.
-- Cutting taxes for corporations and the rich will help the economy.
-- ACORN stole the 2008 election.
-- Sarah Palin has an IQ higher than room temperature.

So many stupidities, so little time to list them all.

As Tog said to Tinsley: YOU want to talk about fools? Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, pot.

Anonymous said...

* Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11.
* Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction.
* America does not engage in torture.
All Bush era falsehoods. But what has changed under Obama? Still in Iraq; now deeper in Afganistan. No prosecution of torturers. Renewal of Patriot Act. Still have detention w/o trial or charges. Is this why we elected Obama? To continue Bush's destruction of the Constitution?

rewinn said...

Anonymous - trust me I'm not happy about Obama's continuing W's Afghan adventure et cetera; he was the better of the two choices.

It's our duty to push him to do the right thing, and that's no April Fools' Joke.

Ducky is Right said...

When has he said ANY of that? Jesus.
Granted, I'm not a drunk who inhales Fox News as fast as Manhattans, but seems to me, every time Obama speaks on the economy, he makes it perfectly clear that things are in the crapper.

How many strips did you do with Bushies denying there was even a recession at all, Ducks? Fuck you.

Tog said...

@Anon: Let's see, who would have done a better job? ...Nader? A specialist in pissing people off, he would have been powerless against Congress. ...Edwards? Would've been too busy getting impeached for screwing around on his sick wife and conducting interviews about it. ...Ooooo, I know! The Palin/McCain ticket! Yes! Things would have been SO much better under Queen Yeehaw and Grampa Bomb-Iran!

Again, I keep hearing the "he's failed to yank us out of Afghanistan!" whine. We broke it; we bought it. Pull out now, have to go back later. Hey, maybe next time we'll be less excited by the prospect of breaking something.

As for much of the rest of Anon's argument: again, a President is not a dictator. He does not have absolute power, nor a magic wand. Bush had eight years of full GOP support and piss-weak Dem resistance; everything Obama accomplishes will require slogging through The Party of NO! with half-assed, self-interest-driven support from his own party.

I may not agree with every decision he makes (he is, after all, not me), but I'm going to give him AT LEAST four years to fix SOME of the Bush mess.

Bill the Splut said...

On the commute home today, the news said that first-time jobless claims were down again, and that Wall Street was closing up again. Huh.

Nothing to really brag about, but it's not like HUSSEIN Obama stood behind a "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner in a war still going on 7 years later.

Nick said...

The President lies about the Heritage Foundation. He claims Heritage proposed his government-run exchanges. Not true.

kris said...

Tog...your first post was simply a prank because of April Fool's Day right?

The economy is getting better? Unemployment is now double digits because of Bush? Yes we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, Club Gitmo is still open and the liberals still cling to their premise that 'water boarding' is torture and Bush and Cheney should be charged for war crimes.

The 'dreaded' Patriot was extended for at least another year, but that's okay because Obama did it. It's an all-out war on prosperity and it shows no signs of letting up with Obama at the helm.

There will hopefully be some change after the November elections.

Tog said...

Kris, you're a fool and this is your day. Enjoy.

Dismissed, troll.

kris said...

Patriot Act

Kaitlyn said...

Tog - obviously the president is not you, he's me.

I'm quite disappointed. I stood in a long line for a long time WITHOUT A BOOK or ipod to vote for him and other democrats (that all lost - it's tennessee) and yet, I have not received a weekly $1000 check nor has a magical unicorn arrived to heal me. I mean, what gives?

He is making progress. He didn't come up to a blank slate, after all. The leftovers of healthcare reform do give me some hope. ("Stop treating your customers like jerks!") Mainly because my insurance (through dad) may be extended 3 years which means I can BREATHE and relax and not push myself to finish college by 23, no matter how bad my health is.

Anonymous said...

This is no joke, a fool no matter what month it may be.

The liberals actually believe they deserve a free ride in life. This guy has it all figured out.

Perhaps a follower of the D&C blog? Would fit right in.

CW in LA said...

There will hopefully be some change after the November elections.

This is another April Fool's post, right? "Obama hasn't fixed the gigantic clustershitfuck left him yet; here's hoping the people who created said gigantic clustershitfuck can be restored to greater power in November". And right-wingers wonder why everyone else thinks they're stupid and crazy.

As for Anonymelonfucker, don't bother posting any further links. The fact that you haven't suffered a horrible, horrible death yet argues against the existence of any sort of just god.

Lagomorph Man said...

Also, just to add, I don't, and I'm sure most people don't, ever follow links through

And again, many of us ARE upset with many of Obama's policies. Many of us may even support some of our more conservative brethren if they actually attacked Obama on said issues.

But they don't. They use strawmen, witch hunts, and good old fashioned flat out lies instead. We object to that.

And anonymous coward, nice logic there. "Some liberals are batshit crazy, ergo, all liberals are batshit crazy."

I can tell you aced your logic classes.

wavydavy said...

Anonycoward --

I did follow the tinyurl link and read the column. I then posted this as a response:

Lovely chart.

Now show us one that includes ALL forms of income (investments, dividends, capital gains, etc.) and show us those percentages. Just exactly how many of those in the top 1% do you suppose get all their earnings solely from income? My guess would be somewhere between 0 and "too small to measure".

You can prove anything you want if you get to cherry-pick the numbers.

And assuming you're the same "Anonymous" throughout, in response to your question "what's different", let's take the first item on your list: when was the last time (or any time, for that matter) that you heard Obama say Hussein was responsible for 9/11? I don't think Obama is perfect; in fact, I think he's WAY too much in the pockets of the banks, but there is no way I would say he's "the same".


You wrote The economy is getting better? obviously indicating your answer would be "no". So what do you make of this: (sorry, just had to do that as a tinyurl )

Most jobs added in 3 years during March (as in, most since Darth/Chimpy was president), unemployment is NOT double digits (though I'm guessing you may think 9.7% is "double digits" because it has two numbers in it).

Damn those facts and their liberal bias!