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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

That damned Party

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats, Healthcare.

Spiking the ball before you are in the end zone.

Baaaaad Karma.


Iron Dragon said...

A reminder, the Gingrinch Revolution was partially a result of a lot of people staying home. Hopefully fewer people will stay at home, especially given the victory that we have.

exanonymous said...

Yeah, it totally SUCKS that my insurance company can't drop me if I get cancer.

It also sucks that some of my friends who have been unable to find jobs with steady health insurance can now be an added amount in their parent's insurance instead of being forced into overpriced private plans.

And the worst part? Women who have been abused can no longer be refused on the basis that they'll have the crap beat out of them by the next man. Instead of costing money later when they show up broke and broken in the emergency room, they can buy insurance to help pay for the mental health care if that's what they need to help overcome the emotional abuse that makes them vulnerable to being a repeat statistic.

I don't want to live in that sort of country! I must gather pitchforks and torches to go rescue private insurance companies from the government regulations!

Kip W said...

Tin's trying to get ahead by changing his lead time from three weeks to six months,so he can be somewhere else in November.

Toots McGee said...

Tinsley may have accidentally said something that wasn't total b.s. Yes, in fact, if the voters are displeased with the direction of the administration they can vote to change the makeup of the congress. One factor that will effect the accuracy of his prediction is how well the public (or was it the taxpayers, that newspaper keeps changing) is represented by the voters...the total b.s. comes in the form of totally buying the Fox News/opinion page blowhards trope that we are witnessing a populist (sic) uprising in reaction to the Obama administration and Democratically controlled (sic) congress.

I don't even care to speculate how much frothing at the mouth there will be about any gain made by the Republicans in November. The Kennedy senate seat and other interim election results have already shown us that there will be hyperbolic "partying" no matter what happens.

If there were any true populist uprising, I would think it would be aimed at exploding the stasis in congress which would go well beyond tipping back and forth from one 60-40 split to another. Third party? Honest redistricting? Real campaign finance reform*? Martians landing and blowing up the capitol dome?

deepbeep said...

If modest health insurance regulations are "Obamacare", then did the recent credit card regulations create an "ObamaCard", accepted at all major retail stores?

Frank Stone said...

Pity poor Brucie. Pathetic little fantasies like this one are probably the only things that get him through the day anymore (other than his usual bottle of "research", that is).

Ducky is Right said...

Hey guys, remember all those HILARIOUS strips Ducky did in 2007 about how the Republicans were about to get CREAMED in the elections?

rewinn said...

After "Citizens United" opened the door for a bidding war between AETNA and CIGNA, I'm wondering if the poopaganda like today's "comic" is just to provide a fig leaf for the purchase of the next election?

We already see CNN deciding to "go Fox" with Erik "Shotgun a Feddie" Ericson. No doubt they're positioning themselves to rake in some of that sweet, sweet corporate money.

Kaitlyn said...

Ex - it does suck!

I have pre-existing conditions, it's just not fair that my parents' insurance will cover me for 3 more years! Oh the huge manatee.

Most opponents have good insurance and have never been close to the edge. I have been. Even with insurance and low copays, illnesses are EXPENSIVE. (missed days - that affects the rest of the country, you know)

I think some people can't see past the horror of taxes going up. I'd rather pay $500 extra a month in taxes instead of towards a health insurance company that may drop my child for being too fat, or me for developing gestational diabetes. And some companies are actively looking for loopholes so they don't have to cover kids with P-ECs. They can deny them for any other reason - too short, too ugly, whatever. I hate insurance companies, but I need them until we get true healthcare reform...

Anyways, MOST people have never seen the current system fail them, most people opposed to it have never been chronically ill or had a chronically ill child. (which means missed work days, and for one family friend, regular trips to Nashville/Vanderbilt)

But no. My aunt signed a FB pledge against "socialized medicine" (ha!) before it passed. Her husband lost his brother last September to cancer. That was my mom's little bro. My uncle lost his job while the cancer wasn't too bad (the company just folded) and was SOL. His widow has major bills. ("Sorry to hear about your husband, ma'am, but we need a million dollars from you.") I asked her how she could be so callous. She asked me how much of her paycheck I wanted. (She lives in Alaska, just sayin' *WINK*)

Another one, involving someone I've met and dog/house/kid watched for, hurt when I saw it, but I didn't confront her. After it passed, she joined an anti-HCR group on FB. Her daughter is in middle school and has had chronic health problems most of her life. She is young enough to benefit from most of the changes, and her mom doesn't think that's good? WTF?

Tog said...

@Kaitlyn: I'm afraid there are just a lot of people who, outside of church and political arguments, simply don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. They may occasionally feign concern for, say, immediate family members--but it's only because it's expected, and what will the neighbors think? Of ME ME ME ME?

And many other people are just sheep. They know they're brilliant because Rush tells them they are, and they will gladly be terrified of whatever FOXNews tells them to fear.

Kip W said...

Kaitlyn, Tog, it's just a matter of principle. There are deathless, universal principles which must be upheld, regardless of whose kid dies.

And it's just a darn amazing coincidence that these principles usually result in less tax money going to the poor and middle class, and always result in more money going to the corporations that bankroll the GOP.