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Monday, April 26, 2010

Those damned forms

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Census, Race.

Mallard, asking someone what race they are for purposes of understanding the demographic makeup of your data set has absolutely nothing to do with caring what race an individual in the survey sample is.

You'd know this if you had an ounce of intelligence. Or intellectual honesty.

That said, I look forward to Mallard squaring this sentiment with his oft-repeated stance that Profiling is good and his soon to emerge defense of Arizona's new Immigration law.


GeoX said...

Mallard's just mad because no one gives a fuck how many whiny right-wing ducks there are in the country.

Ducky is Right said...

But how else will we know how many Hispanics are trying to take over our pure white utopia? HOW ELSE, DUCK?!
Just think: next time you want to complain that Obama only won because the blacks voted for him, you will know how many blacks there are in the nation. Thanks to the Census. Bitch.

I wasn't aware that one question out of ten equals an 'obsession', but there you go.
The forms also ask for your age, which I don't see you complaining about. So perhaps... it is not the Gum'ment obsessed with race questions, perhaps?
Or maybe you're just mad cause demographics require math. And math... not your forte.

Tog said...

"See, it's LIBERALS who are racist! Not me! Just because I fetishize Asian-Americans and single out African-Americans from any particular situation I gripe about!"

Look on the bright side, Batshit. Without the census, neoconservatives won't be able to panic their base by pointing out that the "others" are "outbreeding" "real Americans." (Aw, dammit, I see Ducky's already nailed that aspect.)

Off-topic: the San Jose Mercury News challenged the candidates for Governor of California to release ten years of tax returns, as has become a traditional gesture of (semi-)transparency. Who responded? Only the Democrat. Meanwhile, the leading Republican candidate has pissed away almost thirty million dollars on attack ads. It's her own money, but it says a lot about her spending habits. Think she'd run the state on her own dime?

...Make a strip about THAT, Batshit Tax Hypocrite.

Marion Diabolito said...

I think the race question is stupid, and should be abolished. It's a carryover from when the Constitution was created - and society was becoming increasingly racist to justify slavery in a world where it was becoming harder to defend.

That being said, racial data is used just as much by right wingers as otherwise - they blame all the poor statistics the US has on non-whites, non-Christians, etc.

Of course, if we didn't have that hard data, they'd talk anecdotally, like "you know all the children those Mexicans have, and all the black kids born out of wedlock..." and that would make things even worse.

Wv: calcu


exanonymous said...

People "who don't care about anything but race?" I'm sure the OTHER census questions (and didn't they complain about the long form in 2000?) had to be forced onto the form at gunpoint.

I agree with Mike Huckabee. Without even getting into the issue of undocumented workers' civil rights, I agree with a prominent religious right conservative. Now I just wonder how many of these new libertarians will be against the law realizing that this is the exact antithesis of what they are supposed to stand for. And the constitutionalists should be standing up to defend the 4th amendment. It's going to be interesting to see where this goes.

Taquelli said...

I don't know Mallard. How about we just use the one we had 10 years ago? Or the one from the 40's! When they asked you where you worked, for how long, and how much you made, basically every detail of your life. Or the one from the 1860's, that's fun, in which you were asked if you were blind or insane. In fact, the only censuses in which we didn't ask about race is when we instead asked about how many slaves were in the home. Huh.

rewinn said...

The Aryanzona Legislature cares about race so much it's turning every police officer into a Census worker!

Neo Tuxedo said...

Shows you what I know, TOGGG! When I saw the words "pissed away almost thirty million dollars" in your comment, I was sure the linked story would be about Carly Fiorina.

rewinn said...

How can you dis the Demon Sheep Ad and its UFO-like followup?

Those ads will live forever, along with Rudy Gu911ani's "Florida First" strategy and McCain's suspending his campaign to deal with the economic crisis. CLASSICS!

Kip W said...

One question in ten = obsession!

One visible black person in a thousand at teabagger rallies = full integration! (They always let him stand in front, too, because they're totally beyond all that race stuff and want the press to know it.)

Randy said...

Today's Medium Large is very much worth a look today. It's even directly Duck-related today.

And FYI, comments are moderated, and I've already left one about what's really in Tinsley's cup, and I wouldn't be the least surprised to find that I'm not the first once he moderates.

Bill the Splut said...

For a guy who hates people who are obsessed with race, Bruce is awfully obsessed with race.

GeoX said...

I think the race question is stupid, and should be abolished.

Problem being, without that data there would be no way to track systemic racial inequalities, and they'd just become invisible. Not a good outcome.

Marion Delgado said...

I got to see Tinsley's census form - they let us ACORN people do that, you know - and it was very forthcoming. For race, he crossed out all the responses and wrote in "Sullen."

exanonymous said...

Off topic, but closer to home for me anyways:

The petition is in the article.

rewinn said...

Randy- thanks 4 the Medium Large link!

he text has no unneeded words AND a punchline – unlike “Mallard Fillmore”.

The art tells the story – unlike “Prickly City”.

There’s a reason there is almost no conservative humor.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Those ads will live forever

True dat. But unless the ad agency's goals actively failed to include creating an ad that would make people vote for Fiorina, that's a large sum of money down the podoug.