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Saturday, April 24, 2010

That damned Policy

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Talk Radio.

Beck, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly...the same guys who feed you the nonsense that President Obama's policy is "weak" and whom you believe with unthinking obeisance?


deepbeep said...

Good god this is stupid.

Taquelli said...

Yes, Obama is more than willing to drop nuclear bombs on single American citizens who disagree with him. I totally got that vibe.

Nevermind that no single leader since Truman has ever had the balls to drop a nuclear bomb on an enemy force, and the policy set down basically says, "America will continue to not consider it an option unless absolutely necessary." The bitching from the GOP continues to be antagonism for its own sake.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

and there he goes

the brewster
the outdated complaint

He's just repeating the same "Obama's censoring conservative media" bullshit.

GeoX said...

The only people with "strong" nuclear policies are psychotic madmen who threaten to explode the world just for shits and giggles.

exanonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh has said that if I'm unattractive I should be denied access to society, Ann Coulter told me I shouldn't vote, Bill O'Rielly has called me a stoned slacker, and Glenn Beck has labeled me evil and satanic, and Sarah Palin wants everyone who agrees with her to reload.

But it's Obama threatening free speech and Americans. With nuclear bombs.

Tog said...

A quick glance through the Wikiquote page of Batshit Brucie's idol Ann Coulter will reveal tons of violent, eliminationist rhetoric; anytime someone calls Bill O'Reilly on his bullshit, he publicly fantasizes about shooting them in the back. And then there's Michael Weiner (AKA Michael Savage, AKA Michael the Savage Weiner), the KSFO Koo-Koos (KKK), and it goes on and on and on.

...but in Batshit Brucie's world, Obama's the violent one.


Hey, you guys see what's weird about this particular strip? Dig it: Mallard Fillmore himself is not on Strawbama's enemies list.

WOW. Did someone finally convince Batshit that he is, in fact, not the center of the universe (nor even a significant speck in it)?

dlauthor said...

Silly. Everyone knows Rush Limbaugh moved to Costa Rica after HCR was signed into law, just like he promised! He's their problem now, right?

Kip W said...

Tin's a faithful soldier, diligently catapulting the propaganda about Obama being a non-bloodthirsty madman -- this week -- and about how he really, really cares what the Three Bores say and do. Bruce tries so hard to please them. How come they never return his calls?

Frank Stone said...

More not-so-subtle projection from our resident alcoholic hate-monger. What he's really trying to tell us is: "If I had access to nuclear weapons, I'd drop them on people I hate -- starting with this uppity darkie here."

WV: Wailed: What Brucie did when the bartender threatened to cut him off.

Ducky is Right said...

NO one in the world has dropped a nuke in hate in 65 years. Post reduction, the US still has enough nukes to turn any country we like into a sheet of glass.
This is 'weak'. I guess. No one is really sure how, but trust me, it is.

I actually find this strip interesting, as it encompasses the basic mind set of your modern Strangelove Conservatives. Three Stooges foreign policy, who remain scared of being deemed "weak' unless they have enough weapons to destroy the world four times over, not just three or, horrors, only twice.
In a world where Obama is both a massive pussy, who cow-tows to our enemies and cries himself to sleep. And simultaneously THE GREATEST THREAT TO AMERICAN CIVILIZATION SINCE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR!!! BLOODTHIRSTY AND RUTHLESS, HE WILL NOT REST UNTIL THE STREETS RUN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF TRUE AMERICANS!!!!
Don't ask HOW! Yours is not to question, but to obey Fox News!

Bill the Splut said...

I'm sure that Bar-boy was just as outraged when Nixon signed the ABM treaty. And when Ford signed the first SALT nuclear weapons reduction treaty. Or Bush the First signed START. Or his beloved Dubya signed SORT. Those were all treaties designed to prevent nuklar war, and what type of drunken lunatic wouldn't want that? (Oh, right...)

Wanna bet his car, dented from many a drunken fender-bender, still has on its battered bumper a "NUKE THEIR ASS AND TAKE THEIR GAS" sticker? Now that's a nuclear policy right wing idiots can get behind!

WV: prave; Fox News, AKA Pravda for the Home of the Brave

rewinn said...

Today's "comics" is #417 in the series "Why Kids Don't Wanna Be Conservatives".

More to come....Every Day In Mallard Fillmore!