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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Those damned Others

What's Mallard raving about today?

Race, The Census

How will the Republic ever survive the Census?

Look what happened the last time when they asked the same exact question.


Tog said...

Dear Batshit: ...Still?

Yes, Batshit, the "others" have it swell. It's only semi-employed white males (like yourself, oddly enough) who have any real problems. You're not racist at all.

P.S. Look! Look how Doonesbury's running rings around your useless ass! Ha ha ha!

Kip W said...

The duck is thinking? I call B.S.!

exanonymous said...

You are a Mallard Duck. Just put it on the dang form and get over it.

I know you think racism is dead. Or wish it were. Because it means those racist thoughts were the truth, and not racism which is a Bad Thing and no conservative could be bad. But anyways, they probably wouldn't have to ask it if racism was totally dead. But it isn't. And the question is neither perpetuating nor aggravating it.

Here's a question:
Why aren't you up in arms about one asking for the sex of individuals? Wouldn't that hold the same level of irrelevancy in our equal conservative paradise if not more so? After all, genitals don't come from a specific geographic location, and both are equally capable of living in poverty.

dlauthor said...

Amount of time taken by average person to check off the "Race" question on the census: 2 seconds.

Amount of time taken by Bruce Tinshley: I'm guessing it'll be about five days. And that's prime drinking time -- no wonder he's so upset!

Rootbeer said...

Since Tax Day was just about two weeks ago, that means we have about a month to go until the strip where Tinsley recites three pages from the 1040A form instruction booklet, then interjects "taxes are bad!" in the margin.

deepbeep said...

Identity politics? On the Census? What the hell?

wavydavy said...

To quote the young Alvy Singer from Annie Hall: Geez, what an asshole!

The most painful thing here (to me, anyway): Hispanic/non-Hispanic is not asked in the "Race" question (#9, for those scoring at home), it's in a separate question for "Ethnicity" (#8).

But why let facts stand in the way of a pointless rant?

WV: amacin. Anacin for mallards.

dlauthor said...

It's also interesting how, by removing the checkboxes, Brucie makes the form seem like the form's glutted with redundancies, and "white" is almost lost amid the Sea of People With Too Much Melanin. I mean, look! You can be black, Negro, or African-American! Those crazy darkies can't figure out what to call themselves! And then they get upset when Tinshley and the other guys at the bar call them names!

I'm just not sure whether the omission of the checkboxes is perniciously intentional, or just a result of Tinshley's DTs leaving him unable to draw straight lines any more (hence the weirdly bulbous TVs and such in Mallardvania).

rewinn said...

Weeks after the Census became a non-issue for most Americas, we get this further evidence that King Features is not even trying to edit Brewskis' work into some semblance of relevance or humor. Or maybe they tried when he first started out but they discovered it doesn't matter; so long as they have a cartoon Dennis Miller-like ranter, they'll satisfy their reichwing audience, which lacks the brains to understand that today's joke is on them.

Hey Tinshley, how does it feel to be an affirmative action comic?

Meanwhile, Tog makes a good point; the mainstream comix are actually in a period of doing great stuff (Doonesbury is "liberal" only because America is - compare the VERY heavy and helpful coverage he's given our troops to the shallow and meaningless gestures of Mallard and Prickley.)

rewinn said...

It's kinda funny that Mallard thinks its funny that there's a difference between American Indian and Asian Indian. And all those others with names you can just hear him chuckle over, as if "Guamanian" is instrinsically funnier than "You'reAPeein'".

Factinista said...

Tinsley thinks that because the fictional character he created is a minority, he magically has the right to speak for all minorities.

Ricardo said...

stupid duck, go back to your pond!

Frank Stone said...

There's stupidity, then there's willful stupidity, and then there's Mallard Fillmore.

Bill the Splut said...

For a guy who hates people who are obsessed with race, Bruce is awfully obsessed with race.

(Normally I wouldn't repeat myself, but it's not like Bruce doesn't all the time).

Kaitlyn said...

The long list of "others" made a friend of mine happy. She's Hmong, and it was on the census this time.

I don't get what he's saying at all at the end... can someone translate that to non-gibberish, please?

And what Geox said yesterday - we need identity politics to address inequities. If we get rid of race in the legal field or whatever, there'll be no more discrimination because no one will care! Except I don't have that much faith in people, and without quotas/affirmative action/class action lawsuits, some places will remain whites only boys clubs.

So shut it, Tinz.