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Friday, April 09, 2010

That damned Letter

What's Mallard raving about today?


As we've discussed previously, the suggestion that Americans did not want Health Care Reform is either willfully ignorant or monumentally stupid.

Either is possible in Mallard's case, I understand. Just pointing it out.


Tog said...

Again, "the will of the people" becomes "the tyranny of the majority" to Tinsley because his side isn't getting its way WAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Want to discuss childish behavior, Bruce? Let's talk about The Party of NO! I'm surprised Boehner hasn't threatened to hold his breath until he turns blue. (I know, I know--we'd be estatic if teabaggers' threats were more like THAT.)

CasualBrowser said...

If Boehner did turn blue, at least he'd finally be a natural color for humans....

exanonymous said...

Dear Mallard,

We've already been paying for free health care in a single payer system.

In Iraq.
You know, that place where the rest of the surplus went.
Where we spent 0.7 billion each day.

someone who is for the reform

It's about time our tax money was spent on something with tangible benefits for Americans.

Steve-O said...

Yeah, maybe this bill would have been just a teensy-bit more popular if morons like Sarah Palin hadn't been running around for the last 12 months screaming DEATH PANELS11!!!!1! SOCIALISM!!111!! OMG!!!11!1 KILL GRANDMA!!11!!

(Let's ignore for a second the fact that a significant number of people were opposed to HCR because it DIDN'T GO FAR ENOUGH!)

Kip W said...

They're like 280 spoiled teenagers because they didn't get their way, so now they're having tantrums and issuing threats, and... no, that's not right...

They're like 255 spoiled teenagers because they didn't get their way. Okay, now it all works.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley's upset because he wants all his tax money to go toward making brown people go kasplode in sandy countries far away. The thought of using it to help people -- some of whom might be brown! -- makes him want to vomit. Or maybe it's just that sixth bottle of cooking sherry that does that.

The one sad thing about HCR being passed is that it robs us of the inevitable Schadenfreude of Brucie being denied insurance because of pre-existing cirrhosis, and dying in penury as a result.

Steve-O said...

Step 1: Travel the country screaming loudly and forcibly at every speaking event that Healthcare reform is SOCIALISM, WILL KILL GRANDMA, PAY FOR ABORTIONS, AND PAY WELFARE QUEENS TO HAVE MORE BABIES11!!!11!!

Step 2: Bitch and moan because the Democrats passsed healthcare reform even though it's "not popular".

Step 3: Profit????

rewinn said...

When you consider that most Americans got a tax cut this year, you have to ask: who sent that email to Ducky?

Anonymous said...

The country did not want Obamacare.
But, that did not matter to Obama & Company.

There will be some changes this November. You will than hear WAAAAAAAAAAAH!

dlauthor said...

Anonyrast used to hear WAAAAAAAAAAH a lot, until the multiple convictions. Maybe chemical castration will put an end to that.

CW in LA said...

I suspect the WAAAAAAAAHHHH you'll be hearing will be from Rethugs surprised that their hysterical obstructionism didn't carry them nearly as far as they thought it would.

Say, Anonymelonfucker, did you see that USA Today poll showing a substantial plurality of the public is happy the new health care LAW passed?

Steve-O said...

Hey Anonydumbass,

The country OVERWHELMINGLY elected President Obama who CAMPAIGNED partly on healthcare reform. Once again you dumbasses are ignoring that part of the opposition that were opposed from the left because the bill DIDN'T GO FAR ENOUGH. And, as pointed out above, a majority of Americans are GLAD the bill passed. Go back to fapping over your Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann and/or Malkin pictures.

waaaaahbaggers said...

More Americans favor HCR than oppose it, no matter how many of Sarah Glenn Becklin's goose-stepping fools caper about, shouting n*gg*r while demanding to be taken seriously.

Obama's popularity has gone up since it passed.

The enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans has dropped to within the margin of error.

A lot can still happen in seven months, of course, but for now the teabaggers' momentum has been kneecapped. It's bothering Anonyrast so much, he barely has the heart to fondle the seven-year-old he keeps tied up in his root cellar.

Toots McGee said...

Dear Mallard,

I don't get it! Why does your desk chair look like a sofa cushion suspended from a strip of sheet metal? Why do you sit staring at a hardened grey throw pillow? Are you in a "pretend office" you fashioned out of items in your granny's parlor?


dlauthor said...

Hey, that's totally what furniture looks like after you've had eleven or twelve cans of skunky Schlitz.

Anonymous said...

It takes just a sentence or two from anyone posting Anon & it's like throwing meat to a pack of ravenous animals.

One thing you can never say about the liberals is how civil they are. They also never debate a subject, but lower themselves ever more with foul thought and language.

Here you go DaveyK...more hits to today's blog.

Tog said...

Tinsley: "The country doesn't want Obamacare!"

D&C: "Bullshit. Here are the facts and figures, dumbass drunk."

Anon: "The country doesn't want Obamacare! We will bury you!"

D&C: "Bullshit. Here are the facts and figures, dumbass molester."

Anon: "Ha ha! Liberals are uncivil! Stupid animals! Now I declare myself winner and retreat to Freeptardia to sniff my own farts! Ha ha ha!"

Well trolled, I suppose. Still doesn't alter reality in your favor, saphead.

Anonymous said...

Tog...thank you for proving Anon's point. Not that there was any doubt.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you naughty liberals. You wound my delicate sensibilities! I must retire now to my fainting couch.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'll just go fingerbang my nephew.

Anonymous said...

You liberals unfairly call us racist just because we march around with signs that say "NIGGAR".

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the other Anonymous person who sounds just like me.

Anonymous said...

By being a prat, I have generated extra hits for a blog I disagree with. Therefore I win!!!!1!

Factinista said...

So where did the number 280 come from, exactly? It's not the number of members of Congress, Democratic members, or members who voted for Health Care. Did he just make up the number or what?

CW in LA said...

My guess is, he got it from the seven empty 40-oz. cans lined up in front of him.

exanonymous said...

Of course liberals are uncivilized heathens who name call in lieu of legitimate debate.

Not that every liberal has done that. Or that an actual debate has been started on this blog.

Hey, remember when there was debate and some republicans instead chose topics like "it's too long for me to read" and "it kills granny and babies and is communism and the end of the world?" And remember a few strips ago when Mallard Fillmore explicitly ranted against liberals for judging a group by a few individuals?

Ducky is Right said...

Wonder how many Americans were opposed to de-segregation when the Federal government said, 'too bad.'

Hey Ducks, we're currently building at least one new aircraft carrier that I believe is completely useless and cumbersome, but you don't here ME crying into my pillow every night over the billions wasted. You all lost. Grow the fuck up, kid.

Anonymous said...

Would be my guess that dlauthor has been busy today.

This has to be from her sick mind.
"Oh, who am I kidding? I'll just go fingerbang my nephew."

CW in LA said...

I dunno Anonymelonfucker: The name matches yous; looks like YOU came up with it - it would be in character (such as it is) for you.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey y'all!

This is ontopic, because he will whine about HCR until something else comes up.

I have a tangible benefit to the reform in my life, well it will be next August when I turn 23.

Right now the thought of it is amazing, it is a huge weight off my shoulders.

I have insurance through my dad and the military until I turn 23 as long as I remain a full-time student. Well, effing Tricare is exempt from all the changes, including the one I care about NOW, the extension from 23 to 26.

My mom's insurance is not. In fact, she called them today to make sure I could be transferred to them when I turn 23. I'll be without insurance for only 30 days, but they won't deny me and my many pre-existing conditions.

Why is it so important that I have insurance beyond 23? Well, my health is getting worse (the pain), and I had to cut my hours this semester, meaning I'll have to take an extra hour either this fall or next spring if I want to graduate next spring. I don't know if I can do that.

My scholarships don't cover summer school (more time playing with the dogs and watching Bollywood for me!) but they can be extended an extra semester.

But I guess my relief doesn't mean anything because I don't really want it, I want to be without insurance and pay full price for the meds that keep me alive. So my relief must be fake. Mallard wouldn't lie.

Anyway - an example of the reform helping someone already. The help comes later, but the release from stress is right now.

Kip W said...

November? I'm hearing WAAAAAAAAAAAAH right now.

rewinn said...

@Kaitlyn - sorry about the pain, but happy to hear your story.

We need more true stories of how this helps actual people. Be proud!

Kip W said...

(I just realized my comment could be taken as a reply to Kaitlyn. It is, of course, directed to Anon at 10:12 am on some unspecified day in some year.)