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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That damned CO2

What's Mallard raving about today?

Earth Day.

Seriously? Stop breathing? That's what you have for Earth Day?

Oh, and your scientific knowledge is as impressive as ever.


Tog said...

Ah, one of Batshit Brucie's random "no-such-thing" strips about climate change, utterly divorced from reality* as usual. Best of all, it's the first in a series, meaning Batshit's really desperate for (what passes in Tinsleytown for) "ideas."

That's not good, for someone who in his own mind is a brilliant topical satirist.

But it's excellent work for a troll--especially as Tinsley, in addition to his willful-idiocy display, is also playing his contempt-for-women card in an attempt to enrage us, his last few faithful readers. Problem is, he's done his HAW HAW BULIMIA HAW HAW bit to death already.

*Tip: CO2 and ozone-layer depletion are unrelated, and no serious person has ever attempted to connect them. Fluorocarbons, dimwit. DO SOME (ACTUAL) RESEARCH.

What IS funny is how someone who will go to any length to play the climate-change-denial game will turn around and splatter his Pampers over mercury in CFLs.

MToje said...

Carbon dioxide emissions wouldn't be a problem if we didn't (and continue to) clear-cut so many forests and grasslands. Tinsley, if you are worried about the level of CO2 in the air (but I know that you are not), then plant something. And not just your lazy, narcissistic butt in front of the idiot box.

Mr. Fourdotelipse said...

Climate change deniers love to cite the ozone layer. They believe it's destruction was a ruse that never happened. Fortunately for us, it was real but the ban on chlorofluorocarbons was effective and we dodged that bullet. A good argument for doing something about CO2, one would think, but Mallard doesn't (think, that is).

Rootbeer said...

"Forge Daley" is an even worse fake name than "Purge Daley".

And don't try to tell me that Tinsley actually did write the latter, but with such poor lettering that it looks like the former. No way a professional cartoonist with two decades of experience would be that sloppy.

dlauthor said...

All it would take to turn Tinshley into a strident environmentalist would be a drought or blight that severely limited the production of barley malt.

Or he'd just switch to mineral turpentine.

Kip W said...

Is there any more ennui-inspiring sight than the words "to be continued" in Tinsley's scrawl?

Davey, this isn't so much scientific ignorance as it is him trying to put ignorant words in the mouths of the hated 73% of society that didn't stay the course all the way down the drain with the Gops. It's political ignorance.

Here's a thought: let's write fan letters to Tin so that he'll feature Purge Daley more often. He can't get very many. Maybe we can sway him into featuring this particular straw person enough to get some actual cancellations from newspapers that might actually hold wingnut welfare strips to some standards of taste.

(Oh, I see my mistake now. "Standards." Ho ho.)

rewinn said...

"... let's write fan letters to Tin so that he'll feature Purge Daley more often. He can't get very many...."


"Mallard Fillmore" fan letters would fall under Poe's Law (which states that "it is hard to tell parodies of fundamentalism (or, more generally, any crackpot theory) from the real thing, since they both seem equally insane".)

not that anonymous said...

Today's drivel just makes me want to reach out and slap a climate change denier. For Earth Day.
I don't even believe that they really believe their denials - I think they are just doing it out of spite.

GeoX said...

Oh boy! "Purge Daley" is back! It's funny because we all know how hilariously stupid women with eating disorders are!

Underdog said...

I know that Mallard's entire diet consists of petroleum based snack foods eaten in front of the 'tube so he's breathing ancient carbon into the atmosphere. The rest of us, however, are just returning CO2 that has only been out of circulation for a few months.

It's a shame we can't eat ignorance, Tinsley could feed the world forever.

deepbeep said...

I'm hoping Mallard Fillmore actually takes her advice in "continued..."

What do you mean dumping my used motor oil into the storm drain is bad for the environment?! That's as ridiculous as banning doorknobs; touching them releases sebum oil into the environment!

Wow that last image is haunting. She's like Ann Coulter, only I don't hate myself for finding her strangely sexually attractive.

deepbeep said...

I'd like to clarify that I don't find Purge Daley attractive. Just Ann Coulter.

wv: sabuckse: Japanese pronunciation of the coffee shop I happen to be at.

Ducky is Right said...


Bill the Splut said...

Bruce releases far more foul gasses every time he opens his mouth.

deepbeep said...

What can I say? I have a history of attraction to no-good women. Which would also explain that Sarah Palin thing...

wv: comshoot. Way to mock my shame,

Tog said...

Right now, Batshit Brucie must be furiously trying to come up with a way to have Mallard or one of his other smirking-bigot characters defend scumbag Tom Tancredo without ruining Batshit's whole "Racism is dead...unless I can accuse YOU of it!" act.

Oh, I am SO hate-filled! I must be a Hostess Hate Pie!

exanonymous said...

Veteran's day?
Valentine's Day?
Month-long lead in.
MLK day?
Earth Day?
Multiple day feature.

And it's the LEFT driven by hate?

Marion Delgado said...

I am going to spot him this one. Because if Tinsley voluntarily stopped breathing, the planet would, indeed, be somewhat better off.

I also believe he purges daily.

so, a high water mark for Mallard Fillmore accuracy.

WV: tot Hedne - the death of everyone in the unfortunate Indian village of Hedne (German).