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Thursday, April 29, 2010

That damned Lobby

What's Mallard raving about today?

The census.

Mallard doesn't understand what a "Lobby" is.

Not entirely surprising, given he's part of an Astroturf group that doesn't realize they are being manipulated by Right Wing Lobbies.


Tog said...

This makes absolutely NO sense.

First: I thought liberals pandered to the "others." Isn't that the real reason you hate our guts, Batshit?

Second: The "others" don't seem to be protesting anything, so I don't know what Dual-Personality Capital Building Of Dr. Caligari is concerned about. I know pride rallies terrify you, Batshit, but that's just you.

Third: The DPCBDC is floating in the air. You really can't do ANYTHING right, can you, Batshit. (NOTE: That was not a question.)

Off-topic: I overheard a Meg Whitman radio ad declaring California to be "a welfare state" and promising that Nutmeg will force able-bodied people to give up the succulent luxury of welfare dependence and go back to work, doing, I dunno, stuff.

Never mind the dubiousness of Nutmeg's ability to conjure up jobs out of thin air; when Michele Obama said her husband "would put people back to work," that wonderful, talented soul Chris Muir had one of his strawwomen repeat the quote while dressed in Nazi gear and giving the "Seig Heil" salute.

I do hope he'll take this opportunity to depict Nutmeg under the same circumstances, since her stance is far more genuinely fascist in nature.

Tog said...

...Oh, wait, I get it now. You terribly disenfranchised and put-upon teabaggers are marking "other" on census forms.

Because that's about all one of you yo-yo yahoos can do, without ending up crying in a courtroom while your own attorney questions your competency. TRUTH TO POWAR!

That's so cute. You should really be on "Daily Squee." Now, don't forget to whine about how your elected officials don't represent you, later!

Frank Stone said...

Yes, Brucie, we get it already: You're a paranoid brain-damage case. Can we move on now?

Kip W said...

This is a giant step forward for Tin and his nationwide brace of followers. Up to now, their motto has been "Fear the Others."

dlauthor said...

OK, at this point I have to posit that Brucie's last three functioning neurons have drowned in Everclear, and anything resembling "thought" that might have happened there has been replaced with off-key, echoing calliope music.

At long last.

WV: insest n. what Nickyrast would have filled in under "hobbies," if such a question appeared on the census.

deepbeep said...

Humanity is on a slow path towards racelessness. Mixed race people like Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, and Derek Jeter are the future. I think that's a good thing. But it doesn't mean that until we reach that point, we should be ignorant of U.S. demographics.

Regardless, are we supposed to believe that Harry Reid has devised some racist plot? Not only has the Census Bureau been working on the Census for 10 years, but race has been on the Census since 1790.

Bruce Tinsley is an idiot.

Sarah said...

This comic strip astounds me in its ability to keep out-nonsensing itself after I am utterly convinced that would be impossible.

rewinn said...

Tinshley murders the comic setup by pouring ideology over it.

"I'm Other And I'm Proud!" is a perfectly decent (although not very original) comic concept; had that sign stood alone or maybe with the duck looking on quizzically, we might have an honest chuckle. But when ideology comes first, humor goes home in disgust. Somehow the "Other" joke gets tied up in Nancy & Harry and then ... to make it even messier and stupider ... lobbyists. I guess we're supposed to think that lobbyists for the "Guamanians" (to use his joke earlier this week) are forcing Harry & Nancy to do bad stuff ... which might make some sort of sense if the census had a race called "Making money from unregulated financial derivatives or the sale of contractors' services to our military"

P.S. to King Features - The Census became a non-issue three weeks ago. Maybe you could have an editor explain this to Brewsky?

Bill the Splut said...

OMG, that's hilarious!
PURGE DALY! Because she pukes! HAHAHA!

Sorry. Like Bruce, I'm running 3 weeks behind schedule.

WV: harkityp; what Purge Daly does with her lunch. She HARKS IT UP, GEDDIT? Freakin' comedy gold here, people!

Bill the Splut said...

Guess Who turns up in today's New Adventures of Queen Victoria?

Ducky is Right. said...

Ow. My brain. I need a lay down.

DharmaPete said...

I thought the Others were on some island in the Pacific that is most likely not part of the USA. Since they are not citizens, why would they protest? Maybe one of these days, Tinshley will get it right....and smoke monsters will really exist and islands will travel through time.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

I agree with deepbeep.

And that's not just because I'm the son of a Jamaican immigrant and an Italian-Assyrian American.

I need to get in touch with (read know) my Assyrian heritage.


Brewster apparently forgot the "print race" part of the others option…

seriously just google "census race question"

Tog said...

No, no--judging by the Friday strip, my original post was correct. Guess I gave Batshit too much credit there, trying to make sense out of his crap.

exanonymous said...

At least we've come that far where even at the subconscious level it is recognized that there is still an advantage obtained simply by having white colored skin in this country. And some people hate it, they want to believe that advantage comes from something they actively chose to be. They want racism to be dead while they're ahead.

Kip W said...

exanonymous, you've hit it on the head. "I hereby declare that racism is dead, and anybody who complains is just trying to separate me from my hard-earned drinking fountain!"