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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That damned Care

What's Mallard raving about today?

Earth Day.

Even the lamest of comic strips, and let's go ahead an use Spider-Man for purposes of example, manages to advance a plot (however incrementally) after saying something lame like "continued" in an exposition box.

Mallard Fillmore, however, simply repeats the same joke.

It's like Waiting for Godot as written by Glenn Beck.


Tog said...

Well, no, Batshit does wedge in one additional smidgen of a jab at YU STOOPID LIBRLZ in what is otherwise indeed a virtual duplicate of yesterday's asswipe: the suggestion that the only reason anyone acts like they give a damn about the environment is because it makes them look holier-than-thou. See? It's all FAKE!

Of course, Tinsley himself's never feigned concern about anything, right? Let alone the environment (hint: CFLs), right?

'Cause that would be the worst sort of hypocrisy.

exanonymous said...


My new plan to save the earth is for everyone to stop breathing. I heartily endorse anorexic models with self-esteem issues to promote this.

Because I am a liberal.

Mallard Fillmore is the guy who deliberately throws something plastic in a huge box of paper to be recycled. Why? Because that sort of personal responsibility is progressive and being an ass is so much more childishly fun.

deepbeep said...

Still not as bad as celebrating 9/11 by stopping 100,000 Iraqis and 5,000 Americans from breathing.

Bill the Splut said...

90% recycled content!

@ exanonymous:
I worked at a store that had a trash dumpster and a cardboard one, and my (Republican) boss would go out of his way to throw his food garbage in the recycling one, fully knowing someone else would have to pick it out. I guess he thought he was proving something other than "Look at me, I'm a jerk!"

It's like when that "Turn your electricity off for an hour" day comes annually, and multiple right wingers brag about how they turned ALL their lights on! Wow, you proved you can raise your own electric bill! You sure showed those ecofags! That you're an idiot.

Rootbeer said...

Yep, definitely says "Forge Daley".

dlauthor said...

I'm enjoying the rapidly growing wall-o'-text that's saying the same damn thing every day. By Friday the strip should look like the back page of a cell phone bill, only less legible.

Also: HAW! She's still bulimic! HAW!

rewinn said...

D'ya ever get the feeling Tinshley is really mad at people who have normal emotions, like love?

There's this duck showing his crotch to the girl on TV. She's rejecting him because she's all high-and-mighty.

He mulls over and over the terms of his humiliation. The first word balloon of today's "comic" repeats the set-up from yesterday, not because he could have forgotten it, but because he just can't forget *her*.

Like Batman and Joe Chill, he relives the moment his future was shot down, over and over ...

... every woman in this comic rejects Mallard; even Token Chantel disrespects him. No wonder he's such a joyless loser; no wonder he thinks people who care about preserving our world for our children are just faking it. Mallard NEVER cites actual science about the environment because science is not the issue; it's the girls in science class who wouldn't help him with his test tube.

not that anonymous said...

Many cartoonists do something for Earth Day. Usually it's humorous or uplifting... then one reads the spite and malice of this awful *uck and you realize why the extreme right is gradually fading away. No-one wants to be you, live or think like you, Tinshley, and your existing audience is shrinking naturally due to old age.

Erich said...

Tinsley: "Envirionmentalism is wrong and stupid! Even the people who say they support it are only saying so for approval!"

Me: "So, if it's so wrong and stupid and nobody REALLY believes in it...then who's giving the approval?"

wavydavy said...

@not that anonymous --

Well, it would be nice to believe that once the current set of wingnuts and teabaggers shuffle off this mortal coil that there will no longer be really stupid people saying really stupid things that they repeat from really stupid politicians.

OTOH, remember P.T. Barnum: There's a sucker born every minute.

To paraphrase an old cliché, God must really love stupid people because he made so many of them.

Kip W said...

"Hey, Thag -- wall of text closer today?"

Bill the Splut: They've gone from their "You think we should all pull together to get the car out of the ditch? Sure, you do it by yourself and we'll watch!" position to "You do it by yourself and we'll keep pushing it back in the ditch for laffs!" Who knew they were actually misrepresenting themselves to look better the first time?

wavydavy: Trivia of the day! P.T. Barnum didn't actually say that, but a rival showman said it, presumably with reference to Barnum, and it stuck to the better-known individual.

"This way to the egress!"

Ducky is Right said...

Thank god Conservatives have no need for fawning over laughably phony celebrities.
HOLY SHIT, Sarah Palin is signing books in my city next week?! I gotta go stand in line to be first!!!!

wavydavy said...

@Kip W --

Thanks for the historical tidbit. I'll be sure to use it the next time someone repeats that quote to me. ;-)

OTOH, the sentiment still applies perfectly.

WV: untic. The Party of No version of "antic".

Kip W said...

wavydavy, the sentiment applies perfectly, as long as it's understood that one sucker per minute is a bit of an understatement.