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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Those damned Butts

What's Mallard raving about today?

Health Care Reform, USPS.

Considering the only Post Office jokes I've encountered come from Mallard Fillmore and make noé?


Factinista said...

If you mention health care reform and the butt of every joke in the same conversation and you're not talking about the teabaggers, you need to get a better grip on reality.

Tog said...

(In my most civil tone of voice possible and G-rated language)

Well, certainly the rear end of every "joke" told by Bruce Tinsley, anyway.

The Canadians and Europeans who happen to follow this trainwreck that is Tinsley's thought process must be shaking their heads and wondering what he's tripping testicles on.

Just like they were shocked to learn that their health care systems had turned them all into socialist dictatorships that subsequently executed all their senior citizens. "Good lord! When did this happen?"

(There. Now Anonymous can't dodge the point because he's pretending his gossamer sensibilities are so mortified by naughty language.)

exanonymous said...

The whole "Obamacare" is going to backfire.

Didn't Mallard get the memo that there really isn't a whole lot in the HCR that the GOP can repeal without appearing like monsters? Is it really smart to continually link a piece of legislation that guarantees that no insurance company can drop a customer after they have paid premiums to a president of the other party?

Hell, Ohio's suing as a purely political stunt because they know that even if they win, the laws the state passed earlier in the year resemble the HCR enough that none of the constituents are going to be prey to the excesses of the insurance companies that started the whole need for reform. So they can't look bad for denying a law that protects the average consumer because they protected their consumers already.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...


That came out of left field.

Not the making fun of everything the Obama administration do. That's standard for Mallard.

Tinsley must be losing his brain more than we expected if he thinks a top ten list starts with number seven.

Also, is it just me or are Mallard's feathers more sloppily coloured in today?

muddyriverlover said...

If Mallard wants to talk about incompetent government, he needs to find a better example than the Post Office. I consistently find USPS to be more reliable and customer-friendly than UPS and other private shipping firms. And I think it's fairly remarkable in this day and age that you can drop a letter in a mailbox on the east coast and it will arrive in several days on the west coast, for less than fifty cents.

Kip W said...

Tin's started in on number seven because he has a hard time sometimes remembering whether he actually put something on paper or whether he was just muttering it to himself a lot.

It also makes him look (to himself) like he does a lot more than he really does. "Continuing gag #3552 in a series..." and so on. It's like how teabaggers inflate their numbers to feel better about themselves.

Whoops. I forgot to tell a joke.

CW in LA said...

I can only add that in my experience the Postal Service has always done vastly more conscientious, and timely, work than the Tinsh and his snotty little duck.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley going on about being the butt of every joke. Finally, he obeys the "write what you know" principle.

(Anyway, the "butt-of-every-joke" mantle is absolutely spoken for, for as long as Glenn Beck is still wheezing.)

rewinn said...

It's a funny thing about the post office. They don't charge for counter service for your $0.43 letter, and still people complain when there are lines.

They could go across the street to the UPS store where there aren't lines, just something like a $10 minimum.

It's kind of a metaphor for medical care, I guess.

Taquelli said...

Oh man, I must have missed the part where the single payer option went through, thus there would actually be a government-run health insurance company that would an appropriate target for Tinsley's joke. Rather than a loose collections of policies for which there will be no real central bureau handling the new law. But hey, why check your facts when you got such a good joke lined up?