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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Those damned stereotypes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Stereotypes, Journalism, Teabaggers.

If you're serious, you probably shouldn't give speaking slots at your convention to nutjob conspiracy theorists and overt racists.

Just saying.


Tog said...

Switch out "teabaggers"--oh, I'm sorry, "tea partiers" WOOOOOOO PARTY--with "liberals" and lick my ass, Tinsley.

You can't base this long-term charade you call your career on name-calling (and lying), then suddenly get sensitive about it.

Bill the Splut said...

"Everyone in the media is a lying, biased liberal wimp" is, of course, "reporting."

Bill the Splut said...
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Rootbeer said...

Had any of Tinsley's editors attended a reputable J-school, he would have found his submission returned unpublished, with a big red line through the utterly superfluous "Meanwhile" starting the caption. And the "near you", too, for that matter.

Oh, and Bruce would have been confronted about his systemic abuse of the ellipsis at some point in the past sixteen years.

word veri: oundo. A mixed drink where the ingredients are ouzo and Brawndo (it's got electrolytes!).

Kip W said...

"...except when the teabaggers do it, and then it's called 'patriotism.'"

dlauthor said...

... because there haven't been multiple polls recently showing that the racist, lunatic fringe is rapidly gobbling up the Republican mindspace. No siree. Now let's all put on our tricorner hats and take back "Amercia!"

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, our wonderful "liberal" president does this:
"Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen." See today's Salon.

Toots McGee said...

Anonymous, so now you're ready to open your eyes to what's happening in this perpetual state of war?

rewinn said...

When Anonymous tells us the Obama is doing something George W Cheney used to do, I can't tell whether he's boasting or complaining.

Anonymous said...

See today's editorial by professional ODS-sufferer Glenn Greenwald.


GeoX said...

What the heck does anonyloser's post have to do with MF's shittiness? Is it supposed to somehow ameliorate it?

Ducky is Right said...

Marvel in amazement as Ducko the Astounding generates his own feedback loop of cognitive dissonance!!
Wonder in awe at the sheer magnitude of how much he says what he does not do!

Steve-O said...

Teabaggers: Please, Please, media cover us! We're relevant! We're a HUGE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT.

Media: Today at the Teabagger rally there were numerous signs depicting President Obama as Hitler and several with racist overtones. Also several members of Congress were verbally berated with racial and homophobic slurs.

Teabaggers: WHAAAAAA!!!! The Media is LIBERAL and UNFAIR.

Bill the Splut said...

Today's Failmore is clearly the talking point du jour, as Chuck Asshat says basically the same thing.

"Racists, Homophobes, Nazis..." Because using the N word on a black man and the F word on a gay man, that's not racism or homophobia! That's "REPORTING!" As for Nazis--that's not what sane people call the Teabaggers, that's what the Teabaggers call Obama. Well, the cartoon's inaccurate anyway, as the Teabaggers' signs have no typos.

If you are masochistic enough to see today's UpChuck, he's apparently saying that child rape should always be covered up. No, I am not kidding. Even Tinsley pales in the supernova of the mad master of the wrong wing.

Frank Stone said...

"The bad behavior of a few of its members". Right.

Denial of responsibility is currently the most obvious manifestation of the utter childishness of the far-right mentality.

"I don't have nuthin' to do with those guys!"

"It ain't MY fault!"

"I never told nobody to do nothin' violent!"

"Why you lookin' at ME? I dunno where they got those ideas!"

"When I said 'Lock and load', I didn't mean it LITERALLY! How could anyone take that literally?"

"Well, anyways, they wuz askin' for it."

Tog said...

Please note that the "don't blame the whole group for the actions of a few bad apples" crowd is the same batch of bigoted scum who insist that "Islam is a religion of hate" and demand that all Muslims should "do more" (unspecified) to stop their own bad apples if they want to avoid collective judgment by a bunch of ignorant rednecks.

As for anony-nony, he's plainly desperate to distract. "Oh yeah? Well, uh...uh...Obama did a thing!! Why isn't there a huge uproar here about that?!?"

Because this ain't Freeptardia, dingleberry. (Oh! I am so uncivil!)

Iron Dragon said...

This would be fair if the Tea Parties leaders and bigwigs weren't saying things like 'lock and load' and crowds of them weren't carrying racist signs or screaming bigotry at minority members of congress.

And to Anonymous, I just read the article. I'm surprised and to be honest I am outraged. But then my outrage is based on actions not party affiliation.

deepbeep said...

Anonymous, are people supposed to become so disappointed in Obama's Republican-like behavior that they'll start voting Republican?

"Your boyfriend just yelled at you? Psh. You should go back to Jerry, that guy used to beat the shit out of you."

deepbeep said...

Regarding today's cartoon, it's humorous that Tinsley's oft-used "liberal professor with ponytail" is used in a cartoon against stereotyping.

Nick said...

Dick Morris: Republicans to take both the
House and the Senate. God! I hope this guy is right.

Nick said...

A few good cartoons. This guy is one of the best. Number #1 A strip you folks always enjoy. Number #2 On most days this is amusing. Number #3

Very good cartoon strip. Number #4 This artist draws very well. I enjoyed this because I am a Yankees' fan. Number #5

Another of my favorite cartoon strips. This one is a winner. Number #6

CW in LA said...

You know, Nick the Dick, Dick the Dick Morris has NEVER been right (the '08 election between Hillary and Condasleezebag being a biggy).

And I've no interest clicking on your shitty little propaganda cartoons, either.

In conclusion, fuck the hell off.

dlauthor said...

I love that Nick thinks that Non Sequitur and Get Fuzzy (Get Fuzzy!) are somehow strips that would annoy anyone here. I imagine he also thinks that Colbert's on his side too. Nobody tell him!

Tog said...

Oh, Nick!! I know you're hiding under your pee-stinking sheets, giggling hysterically at how you PWND everyone here with your troll, and you're unlikely to spoil your great triumph by coming back to this thread, but know this inescapable truth:

You are FAIL.

Kaitlyn said...

Nick - as a yankees fan, I know now why you make no sense.

booooooooo yankees.

I love that NS, put it on blog and sent it to the few weird yankee fans I know.

exanonymous said...

When your "mainstream" protests attract the fringe, you really should be asking yourself what exactly you are protesting that appeals to them. And why they feel welcome enough to keep coming back after the first protest.

Sounds like conservatives are whining because protests are WORK and it's next to impossible to lead the outsider viewers to the conclusion the protester wants them to come to. Waaah.