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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That damned Government

What's Mallard raving about today?

Race, The Government.

Mallard knows he is talking to the Government because no one else will talk to him anymore, since he is a raving lunatic. "The Census may have failed to destroy America the first 23 times, but this time you've gone too far! I'm serious. Why are you laughing at me?"


Tog said...

Dear Mallard: It's not about you. It's about other people. That's why you can't figure it out.

Hey kids! Can't win the argument? Just retool your strawman's words until they become an utter fiction that you can win against!

Again, Doonesbury does the heavy lifting while Mallard and Batshit sit on their asses. And half the fun of Doonesbury is reading the comments, where infuriated teabaggers present spin as fact and protest fact as spin--business as usual for the fantasy-based, and unknowingly proving Trudeau's point.

GeoX said...

So...Mallard knows he's talking to the government because they give him accurate information? I don't get it.

exanonymous said...

Mallard is still unconcerned that that they need to know his gender. Seriously, outrage for one question on physical appearance that has no bearing on one's ability to vote should translate to outrage for all questions that do not have a bearing on one's ability to vote.

So why the obsession with just the race question? I'm thinking that next time they put an option for "concerned citizen who feels that racism is dead and is offended by this question". When looking at demographics, they can put them in with Caucasian without worrying about error.

Iron Dragon said...

The information is practical. It also means that demographics can be studied to help see ways that problems can be dealt with. Or would Tinsley prefer we go purely off of anecdotes and conjecture? It also helps us study questions of poverty, population density, and maybe figure out more efficient ways of fighting poverty and other social ills.

crooto said...


Kip W said...

Not so fast, duck! It could be anybody who knows more about the subject than you, which would be somewhere around 90% of the country, assuming you're somewhere around the level of a Teabagger.

Bill the Splut said...

Oh, lordy, this is going to go on all week, isn't it?

For a guy who hates people who are obsessed with race, Bruce is awfully obsessed with race.

Looka me! I'm just as creative as Juiced Bruce!

deepbeep said...

Mallard, we get it! The Census is racist because they ask your race, and sexist because they ask your sex. For the love of god, please move on.

dlauthor said...

Thank God we have people like Tinshley who actively campaign in service of the noble concept of Not Knowing Things.

I think Mallard's just upset about the concept of revealing his identity in any way ever since that judge told him he has to tell all his neighbors, whenever he moves, who he is and what he did with Li'l Rush on that dusty floor.

wavydavy said...

Kip W --

I think you are being too kind on Ducky. Even in the world of teabaggers, I'm sure he's in the bottom 10%, judging by the intellect behind his "comic" strip.

deepbeep --

And don't forget ageist, because they ask your age. Plus, they ask for date of birth without anyone having to produce a birth certificate. The horror, the horror!

Ducky is Right said...

Demographics require you to know something. And, if nothing else, Republicans are staunchly opposed to knowledge.