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Monday, March 01, 2010

Golden Ellipses: Achievement in Oversimplification or Willful Ignorance

And the winner is...Worst Ever!

The nominees for Achievement in Oversimplification or Willful Ignorance are:
  • Great Country (Post) - Discussing race, even in a ham-handed manner, does not constitute racism and does not compare to the racism on display in the Republican Party.
  • Jobs (Post) - This article doesn't really support my conclusion, but I stopped reading after I saw something that I could twist to support my biases.
  • Institutional Racism (Post) - I'm sorry? The lack of "Liberal outrage" over what proves what now?
  • Cool Summer (Post) - When Republicans and their idiot water carriers stop saying that cold weather means Climate Change science is a hoax, we can discuss this idiot Straw Man.
  • Worst Ever (Post) - Please ignore the fact that polls don't say anything of the kind, as reality has a well-known Liberal bias.


CW in LA said...

The "Great Country" strip included the outrageously out-of-context Sotomayor quote, which combined with the arrest of H. L. Gates in his own home for yelling at a police officer who'd demanded he account for his presence there, led to the wingnut talking point found everywhere in mid '09 that latinas and blacks are racist but not the usual suspects.

GeoX said...

I have to vote for the one about Asian basketball players. I'm pretty sure Tinsley wants someone to respond with "that's because Asians tend to be shorter" so that he can triumphantly respond with "HA HA HA! SO YOU ADMIT THAT DIFFERENT RACES ARE DIFFERENT THEREFORE NEGROS ARE STOOPID I WIN FOREVER LIBRULS ARE THE REAL RACISTS!!!!111ELEVENTYBILLIONELEVEN"

exanonymous said...

Cool summer. Because apparently we are the only country who thinks science is determined by political debate.

When we're ignorant enough to not know that "trick" is a scientific term for "numerical coded method of achieving physically real result" or something similar, I suppose that's the result. That and thinking that a petition of thousands of unverified signatures or 4 scientists with questionable ethics is enough to override the thousands of other scientists actually working and studying the problem. Plus, it was a cool summer!

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Neo Tuxedo said...

WV: subton, how much my brain sinks just thinking about these strips, let alone trying to decide which one's the worst. I may have become measurably dumber just by re-reading them.

tl;dr Five-word version: Why does God hate me? Three-word version: O embleer Frith.

rewinn said...

Most of these were just stupid, but the one about Jimmy Carter was simply a lie. I suppose that can be called "willful ignorance".

Kip W said...

It's a tough call between a jobs lie and the ten millionth Carter lie, but I went with the footnote that leads to an article that doesn't say what he thinks it says -- or that he doesn't care what it says because his public willingly takes his word and just having an asterisk in the panel makes them beam with pride over his scholartude, whether it leads to anything (*cough*foxnews*cough) or not.

I hate chuck asay said...

Great Country: Biden's statement was stupid, but I doubt a severe racist would partner with a Black man. Any racism on Biden's part is, surely, far less than any Republican, especially, Tinsley. Sotomayer said that a White man would be less qualified than a latino when dealing with racial issues. This is true, as Latino guys have suffered centuries of oppression from Republicans, such as the Conquistadores, rough riders and rich assholes who use them as slaves. Tinsley, happily, ignores his racism, the epitome of racism, because he is a Narcissistic sociopath.

Jobs: Allow me to paraphrase this comic (imagine Eric Cartman reading it:)

Ha ha ha ha ha, you idiot Communists are out of work, and the, only, organization stupid enough to hire you is the government! I wish Government jobs did not exist, so you would starve to death!

Institutional Racism: This does not seem as bad as the previous two, until one remembers that Tinsley believes racism is dead--I mean, never existed! Tinsley is, essentially, saying, "you stupid Liberal Nazis think racism is alive and well, but I know that it is dead! I am smarter than you bigotted morons, 36+99.6=53, drunk driving is the safest way travel, you liberal's are jealous!

Cool Summer: I cannot quite comprehend the meaning of this comic. This is more like a Day-by-Day than an average Mallard Fillmore.

Worst Ever: Reagan, the Bushes, Nixon, Buchanan, Hoover--those guys were great! I hate this minor president!

Institutional Racism continues a very offensive theme, but it does not, explicitly, lie to the same extent as the previous comics, so I cannot deem to be the worst. Great Country includes something that Biden, did, in fact, say, so it is not as broadly misleading as Jobs. Jobs, therefore, is the worst.

Word Verification: Approv, something that no one has done for Tinsley or Mallard Fillmore.