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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Golden Ellipses: Limbaugh Award for Best Regurgitation of Talking Points

And the winner is...Enemies List!

The nominees for the Limbaugh Award for Best Regurgitation of Talking Points are...
  • World Tour (Post) - President Obama's fence-mending tour is greeted by howls of nit-picking outrage, most of it not rooted in objective reality, from the entire Right Wing Noise Machine.
  • Nationalization (Post) - Efforts to stabilize the economy, which meant getting ownership in exchange for investing money into companies that were on the brink of failure, were quickly labeled "Nationalization" when Republicans realized Bush was no longer President.
  • Enemies List (Post) - Mallard outstripped anyone in propagating the "Enemies List" nonsense, when the Obama Administration had the temerity to point out that Fox's coverage was biased.
  • Hillary Clinton (Post) - Campaigning together and nominating Hillary Clinton Secretary of State was not enough to silence the Right's concern trolling over their relationship.
  • People Who Don't Pay Taxes (Post) - Mallard and the Right Wing conflate not paying additional income tax in April with not paying taxes at all. And the world grew dumber every time they opened their mouths.


CW in LA said...

Does The Tinsh know what "nationalization" actually means?

exanonymous said...

Enemies list with world tour a close second. Something about implying the president has a sinister intent to shut down the opposition while getting paid to continue opposition publicly and prolifically with absolutely no adverse side effects (even bragging about ratings going up) on government owned airwaves just kind of makes me think of regurgitation: no processing was done because the brain would reject it if forced to examine it.

Randy said...

@CW: No.

This has been another edition of Simple Answers to Simple Questions.

rewinn said...

5. Hillary Clinton - no-one cares

4. Nationalization - simple lie

3. World Tour - pro-paranoia, pro-loutishness

2. Enemies List - simply a lie, dangerously pro-paranoia

1. People Who Don't Pay Taxes -
for being directly opposed to the interests of the majority of Americans, including "conservatives", who got an actual tax break from Obama's plan

rewinn said...

BTW the google ad on the top of the right column was for the NRSC so I helpfully clicked on it and signed up for the GOP's email newsletter. It's helpful to know what the bad buys are "thinking"

Kip W said...

Cute touch there with the enemies list. The footnote makes you believe that Fox News reported it. Actually, they pretty much are the list themselves.

I went with "world tour," because it's just so scandalous that Obama would apologize for Bush's bullshit. And it's so weak that he'd bow to a member of the Saudi royal family instead of doing kissyface taking long walks in the sand holding his hand, like W.

I hate chuck asay said...

World Tour: Tinsley hates everyone who is not a White American Millenial Dispensationalist Objectivist, etc, etc. I am getting tired of explaining why Tinsley is a horrible sociopathic monster--why can he not make one cartoon that sounds nicer than a speech at a Klan rally?

Nationalization: Tinsley hates Communists, not as bad as the above, which shows that he hates everyone besides blah, blah, blah.

Enemies List: Tinsley considers all of the above to be enemies, and if he was slightly literate and intelligent, he would list, and plot against them.

Hillary Clinton: Almost a joke--an awful offensive humorless joke, but a joke.

People Who Don't Pay Taxes: Tinsley hates the poor, thinks, only, guys who have huge piles of money should receive help, has no understanding of simple logic.

I will vote for elitism, rather than racism, because fuck it, none of it matters, the Republicans will continue to censor everything, and demand the murder of their enemies until their livers explode. I hope real Democrats, one unafraid to reverse Republican policies, take over before the extremists cause the apocalypse.

Word Verification: Glergem, something something Tinsley has an I.Q. of 3, fuck him.