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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That damned dialect

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, Teabaggers.

I've tried, for two days, to avoid the "substance" (for lack of a better word) of this series.

But the notion that anyone who supported the Oligarchy under President Bush now wants to criticize anyone for Elitism or living in an Ivory Tower is simply beyond the pale.

Not to mention the fact that the Teabaggers are mostly a group of conspiracy-theorists, fringe radicals, and outright racists. Being superior to them is hard to avoid.


Tog said...

"Tea partiers." Oh my, that's adorable, Bruce. You're so cute when you play word games!

I've been enjoying a recurrent LTTE writer in my local free fishwrap (one certainly gets one's money's worth!) bawling that he resents being called a "dittohead." Sorry, Dit, you boobs chose it and, Quayle-style, proclaimed it a "badge of honor." You can't drop it now. Same with "Teabaggers." Tough luck, nutsack dippers.

As for the rest of the strip: feh. Tinsley can't even keep on track; he's diluting his point with another onset of "ME RACIST? NO U!!" It holds up just as well as anything else in the strip: not at all.

exanonymous said...

Yes, because the tea party numbers are so overwhelmingly large that they're much scarier than the people who follow you around asking for a dime or steal your tires in DC.

Even if the number was the 3,000 tea party estimate, in a city with a population of 5.3 million that is not impressive.

Steve-O said...

Well I guess we can't ignore the fact that Tinsley is indeed a racist. How else to explain this "dialect" "joke"? The right-wing just loves, loves, loves, to declare that racism is over (except, of course, reverse racism) while constantly being covertly racist (or overtly, like this "comic").

Kip W said...

So Tin just invented Teabonics? Next thing you know, we'll have Barbara Billingsley step up: "Excuse me, stewardess, but I speak Nut."

If I wanted to give him more credit for subtlety, I'd wonder if he's laying on this "ivory tower" stuff as another bit of coded dogwhistle racism. 'Obama... Ivory... get it? GET IT? Hey, folks, I'm gesticulating as hard as I can here!'

Rootbeer said...

Does Bruce Tinsley believe that Obama is, himself, a Tea Partier? His callback to Reid's "Negro dialect" comment doesn't make any sense otherwise.

Well, I guess the President's mispronunciation of "corpsmen" is a bit similar to the humorous, yet depressing, spelling errors that characterize signs at Teabagger gatherings. "Teabonics," indeed.

deepbeep said...

To be fair to Tinsley, the "dialect" thing is referencing Harry Reid's "negro dialect" remark (which was racist because only Democrats are racist).

I can't believe a person would get paid to draw cartoons like this -- it's bad in every conceivable sense. Meanwhile, inspired cartoons like This is Historic Times aren't in newspapers?

wv: boxican - e.g., Erik Morales.

deepbeep said...

I recently listened to an interview with columnist Bill Simmons, and he said he doesn't read other columnists because he wants his ideas to remain original. Can you imagine instead being like Tinsley, where every opinion is fed to him directly from the Republican boilerplate? How can you respect yourself when you renounce your creativity to become a water carrier? Watch, later this week we'll see the "shoving down our throats/horse pill" meme. It's no wonder Tinsley drinks.

Frank Stone said...

Dialect...? Oh, right -- THAT long-dead non-scandal.

Isn't there a law against digging up corpses and using them as puppets?

Frank Stone said...

WV: Serthqqw: What Brucie says when he wakes up with a pounding headache from last night's "research" and thinks there's an earthquake.

I hate chuck asay said...

We saw, yesterday, that teabaggers use a completely dialect than anyone who speaks, correct, English.

Tinsley loves to wear blackface and speak what he thinks is a "Negro dialect:"

"O, massah, ah's was so much happ'r wid' slav'y than afa dis Communist Hitler took over de count'y! Ah's gonna he'p dest'oy ev'yt'ing so's we hafta be 'slaved!

Word Verification: Inifirse, where Tinsley wants to put anyone who is not a White Objectivist American Millenial Dispensationalist..

Not THAT Anonymous said...

Since Tinsley's always so concerned about the dumbing down of educational standards, I'm sure we'll see his outrage at the ongoing attempts by Texas rednecks to rewrite history. Won't we?

rewinn said...

Agh, trying to stay awake through this one was too much trouble.

How can one man be this incompetent, dishonest AND boring?