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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Golden Ellipses: The Beck Award (Strangest Assertion)

And the winner, in a landslide, is...Delusions!

The Nominees for The Beck Award (for the strangest assertion) are:
  • Hicks (Post) - Fox News would have supported the Liberal Agitators who overthrew Monarchic Rule?
  • No Pork (Post) - John McCain campaigned on a no pork platform...and lost.
  • We Republicans (Post) - Republicans crossing Rush Limbaugh...without the instant retraction?
  • Pirate Rights (Post) - Someone was sticking up for Pirates?
  • Delusions (Post) - President Obama is aware of Mallard Fillmore?


CW in LA said...

Had to go with Delusions (of Grandeur). For the author of a crappy little comic strip that wouldn't even be publishable if not for the endless right-wing shitting of blood over "Doonesbury", The Tinsh sure is pleased with himself.

Kip W said...

Yeah, it's gotta be delusions. It's a twofer: one, that Obama has an enemies list; two, that there's enough storage capacity on any computer made to have a list long enough that Tin's pissing and moaning would even make the Appendix. The rest of the assertions are standard wingnut whizzing, but when he kicks the empties aside and stands on top of his beanbag to assert that "THEY are out to get me, because I bring you the TRUTH -- and they'll go after YOU next, for putting it up on your fridge and emailing it to your grandchildren!" -- well, then, we have something Special.

Kip W said...

Incidentally, I may have figured out how he gets his distinctive look with caricatures of Obama. He has a box of head outlines, and he has a box of faces. Without looking, he takes one from each box, then uses scissors and rubber cement to put them together.

It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

rewinn said...

It's like the Olympics of Strange Assertions out there: all world-class competitors!

But the Gold has to go to Delusions for the sheer delusionality; it's totally a stranger to any form of truth.

Being short on self-knowledge must be helpful to Tinshley and, indeed, to reichwingers in general.

GeoX said...

I suppose if your life's work is as all-consumingly pitiful as Tinsley's, you need massive doses of self-delusion and ethanol to get you through the night. Understanding something isn't the same as justifying it, though. "Delusions" is beneath contempt, and it heartily deserves the landslide victory it's going to get.