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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golden Ellipses: The WATB for Manufactured Outrage or Persecution Complex

And the winner is...Bowing!

The Nominees for the WATB for Manufactured Outrage or Persecution Complex are:
  • Right-Wing Extremists (Post) - President Bush orders and examination of Right Wing Extremism, to go with their similar examination of Left Wing Extremism. Mallard freaks out about President Obama.
  • Liberal Weenies (Post) - Comedians come under attack for not doing the proper amount of material about President Obama, according to Mallard's scorecard.
  • Wise Latina (Post) - A fairly evident statement about how background affects thinking, similar to what Justice Scalia previously said, leads to a month-long freak-out by Mallard.
  • Czars (Post) - Mallard rages against Czars under President Obama after saying nothing about the 36 Czars appointed by President Bush.
  • Bowing (Post) - President Obama didn't punch a couple of World Leaders in the face, choosing instead to follow local customs when greeting them. Days later, America collapsed.


CW in LA said...

Did The Tinsh ever complain about Obama's predecessor tapping our phones? Not that I remember. Anyway, that's why I went with "Right-Wing Extremists".

Kip W said...

I like Right-Wing Extremists too, because it's another example of Tin looking out to his readership with that "See how they oppress US? They're out to get US, because I bring you the Truth!"

Though the bowing thing is kind of sweet when you look at those pictures of Bush holding hands with, and actually kissing, male members of the Saudi royal family. Presumably while the soundtrack plays "Theme from A Summer Place."

deepbeep said...

Czars, because I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that there are informed people dishonest enough to make the criticism, and people ignorant enough to buy into it. And since it takes only a minute of research to debunk, it borders on willful ignorance.

It's hard to say where Mallard falls into that paradigm; he's usually quite ignorant, but immediately lies once acquiring knowledge. He's like Schrödinger's cat: until directly observed, he's simultaneously both ignorant and lying in a state of drunken entanglement.

rewinn said...

Right-Wing Extremists is a worthy contender, since it's based on a deliberate misinterpretation of a very obvious point, but I had to go with Wise Latina because, you know, when are old white men like me going to get our share of representation on the Supreme Court?