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Saturday, March 06, 2010

That damned adjective

What's Mallard raving about today?

Avatar, Musicals.

You know, there are a lot of adjectives, positive and negative, that I think could justifiably be applied to Avatar.

Silly is not among them.

Although it does give insight into the shallowness of Mallard's appreciation of virtually everything.


Tog said...

A neoconservative duck is sitting in a restaurant with his human date, continuing Bruce Tinsley's tirade about a movie that offends him because it threatens his self-image AND made an assload of money in the global free market.

"Silly" doesn't even begin to describe this.

It does bring back memories, though. Debra Saunders threw a fit over "Titanic" because of its "socialist" values--the rich snob is an asshole, the old lady hucks the jewelry into the sea--and threw said fit several months after Titanicmania had well subsided. I don't bother with her crap anymore, but I'm sure next week she'll expel some rightwing rant-and-rave about that damn "Twilight" movie.

The first one.

Randy said...

Heck, Mallard's probably been complaining to his date about the movie because it depicts interspecies romance, before the "silliness" question came up.

Iron Dragon said...

I am actually vaguely curious as to what he found silly about it. But meh, he didn't like it and that's fine. I'll be honest, this is preferable to outright fabrications and some of the other stuff he's done.

Marion Delgado said...

I have a great idea for a fantastic metacomic.

A drunken couch potato who listens to nothing but right-wing talk radio imagines himself as an animated hero - some sort of duck mascot in Winchell drag. He fantasizes about the liberal girlfriends he'd have as a superhero, all admitting he was right about everything.

He tries out some of his lines at the office party, but is almost fired and goes most of the way home drunk and furious before crashing. Arriving at the jail to look for sources, a reporter for the Washington Times rescues the protagonist, and sees something he likes in the hateful cartoons the couch potato was scratching on the walls, showing the deputies having sex with each other and the canine unit.

The rest is history.

I don't know what you mean by Mallard Fillmore though ... never heard of it.

NLC said...

Y'know, it occurred to me that perhaps we've been missing a much deeper point.

A standard wingnut talking point with regards to the "imposition of the gay agenda" and --in particular-- the legalization of same-sex marriage is that it would form a kind of "gateway legislation" inevitably leading to the legalization of other things such as pederasty, incest, and --most notably-- sex with animals.

But here (in line with a recurring theme throughout the strip) we have a duck dating a (human) woman.

Maybe we've been missing their point. Maybe Tinsley and his ilk really view all these putative results as good things.

Michael said...

Have to agree with him here, it was a silly movie. I literally laughed at the scene where the marine guy in the alien body gets it on with the big blue woman... the notion of a human guy feeling a physical connection with some ten foot tall football eyed creature is about as ridiculous as it gets.

It was a pretty movie, but not particularly original or engaging. Doesn't mean Mallard isn't still a hack, of course.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Kip W said...

Mallard's ticked because even in his fictional universe, he can't really have his mind put into a humanoid body with a working penis. So he takes it out on the escort provided for him by the syndicate.

I hate chuck asay said...

Avatar would have been perfect if, instead of making the natives African, and Indian stereotypes, who live without technology, they were the most advanced race, but peaceful, and social balanced--not in a stereotypical "me no like fighting, it offend great spirit, oogah boogah," way, just, peaceful. Humans, despite limited technology, would be far superior in war, having killed each other since before civilization. This movie would be a perfect allegory: Technology, and social advancements are the, only, good, and peaceful things in the world, and the, only, things preventing man from destroying himself. Someone should make that movie: It would be perfect, and make Tinsley so angry that he would have an aneurysm.

Word Verification: Aplabi, an anagram of Baal pi. Tinsley is so evil that he is like the evil God Baal X pi.

Hibryd said...

Avatar was a little silly.

But what can't "get any sillier" is a right-wing cartoon character making unfunny* futile jabs at the year's biggest blockbuster.

*Tinsley: "ThunderSmurfs" is funny, backward-positioned jokes about "rhetorical questions" are not.

Steve-O said...

"Avatar" may have been a little silly for some people, but not for the way that it's silly to tinsley. In tinsley's world it's silly because it depicts a large corporation raping the natural environment (natives be-damned) for valuable resources, because that could never happen, right?

CW in LA said...

Steve-O -

Probably what the Tinsh thinks is silly is that its depiction of a large corporation raping the natural environment (natives be-damned) for valuable resources is portrayed as a BAD thing. As that's just CommieNaziMarxo-IslamoFascist-Reverse Racism.

Ducky is Right said...

God, I can only imagine how insufferable it must be to spend any time with this prick in any situation at any time for any occasion. At least Grandpa Simpson likes dancing.stiese

exanonymous said...

The people were BLUE. It was in all the advertisements. So if you aren't into relatively predictable Cameron CGI overloads with blue people in a science fiction setting, you probably should not have seen the movie.

You know what I find silly? Teletubbies. So I don't watch them. And oddly enough, it's not that hard to do!

NotannonNotcow said...

exanonymous: You've obviously haven't parented a three-year old recently. Can't avoid Teletubbies when you have one.

rewinn said...

The only way in which the Na'vi were not more "advanced" than humanity was in interstellar fight and killing machines.

Other than that ... their information technology was way way beyond the humans. It seems pretty clear that the species had been intelligently engineered.

As for today's "comic" ... who cares?

exanonymous said...


And thanks to my liberal education, I know where 3 year olds come from, and I can avoid teletubbies.

And as a teenager, I simply refused to babysit with the television because it was not what the parents were paying me to do. So again, teletubbie-avoidance was easy.

If at a later point I decide to have a child, then teletubbies will be pushed so far back behind the lack of sleep, the mess, the diapers, the food, and the laundry that their annoyance level wouldn't really register.

deepbeep said...

Yay, he got in another criticism while Avatar is still in theaters!