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Monday, March 08, 2010

That damned Advice

What's Mallard raving about today?

A.C.O.R.N., President Obama, John Edwards.

I think Mallard is confusing A.C.O.R.N. with William Ayers.

I know that A.C.O.R.N. is the bête noire of the Right Wing, what with their efforts to help poor people and all, but I don't recall President Obama denying ties to them.

More to the point...nice timing for this shocking revelation, given this week they were absolved of all wrongdoing while recently-arrested James O'Keefe, Andrew Breitbart, and the pimp video have been revealed to be massive frauds.


deepbeep said...

*Source: FOXNews

Iron Dragon said...

Meh, not much to add to this except that it would be interesting to see Mallard go after the guys who lie and cause trouble in the name of conservatism. Since you'd think he'd be all for that as every talking head that lies and cheats weakens the movement.

Randy said...

Hey, anyone want a bagel with their coffee today?

Tog said...

Hilarious link in the OP. If you think D&C has fun trolls...wooooo!

In Tinsleytown, mishandling old e-mail can completely disqualify scientific consensus. But he considers deliberate, systemic deception to be good journalism.

Stupid or dishonest, Tinsley. You don't have a third choice, except perhaps "all of the above."

Kip W said...

It's true! FOX has a video of Obama gloating and twirling his mustache and confessing (in an echoing voiceover that means he's thinking it) to Glenn Beck, young Raymond Burr, Thomas Alva Edison, and Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

The video was made by that kid who went undercover wearing a party suit, so you know it's true.

exanonymous said...

And ACORN is synonymous with evil among the Pavlovian crowd. Way to accept a trigger word with no thought process.

They've only been a blip on the radar in the past, apparently only able to influence elections when a democrat wins but allegedly throwing them all right before the actual election. And nothing will happen to them because that fear and doubt serves the GOP much better than any trials and convictions would. Status quo and rule of law don't motivate the conservative base quite like battles against the evil threatening to ruin their way of life. That's why O'Keefe was a dream come true: sensationalism without worrying about the damping effects of facts from a trial.

SchrodingersDuck said...

To be fair, it's not Barack Obama talking in this comic. We can plainly see it's his evil, deceitful tie (in evil Democratic blue) monologuing about how evil he is, while riding on an ancient Roman elevated train.

Seriously, it'd be nice to think Tinsley actually spent more than 5 minutes (4 of which were used to draw the penis-chin) on this thing, but I guess we all know he had more important things to do. Like making the writing in this strip halfway coherent and logical and oh wait.

Raynfala said...

You could say this about any Mallard comic, but this one just went off the charts, so here we go...

Fractal wrongness...

dlauthor said...

I wonder how long it'll be before right-wingers start chopping down oak trees in protest of the evils of ACORN. And how many of them will think it's more than a braindead symbolic move.

WV: liters. Or, as right-wingers know them, "communist gallons." Or, as Tinshley knows them, "lunch."

GeoX said...

It doesn't matter that the anti-ACORN sting was revealed to be bullshit. No force on earth will get wingnuts to admit that they were wrong. Remember, emotional truth trumps truth truth every time. Stephen Colbert was absolutely bang on target.

Rootbeer said...

A.C.O.R.N. = Another Comic Of Republican Nonsense

Ken said...

Shouldn't the video itself be his source?

Or did Tinhead accidentally reveal that he hasn't seen the video, and just heard it exists?

I hate chuck asay said...

Mallard Fillmore, always, features quantum wrongness: Things wrongs at such incredible levels that they defy our simple physical definitions of what is wrong.

Speaking of incredibly wrong, I posted this yeaterday, but it was the end of the day, so many readers, probably, did not see it:

Anyone who wonders why I hate "Chuck" Asay should see this cartoon: It is one of his nicest comics, yet, still, horribly wrong in 10,000 ways.

"DeepBeep," "Chuck" is a nickname for someone named Charles, right?

Factinista said...

At first this seemed like yet another of Tinsley's knee-jerk reactions to something he doesn't understand. But then I noticed that he's not talking about ACORN, but about "ACORN," which is clearly intended to mean the strawman version of the organization which is accused of fixing elections and harboring prostitutes.

Going on from this, it's obvious that this is nothing more than a satire of conservatives' obsession with ACORN, especially since his source is "Fox News," which as we all know has done nothing but further the lies about the organization put forth by O'Keefe and company.

For having the spine to criticize his own party's stupidity, as well as showing just how shallow their arguments really are, I have to applaud today's comic.

(sarcasm ends here)

deepbeep said...

i.h.c.a.: his name is Chuck, but I was wondering why you put quotes around it. ala Role Models:

Gayle Sweeny: I know why you're here, so don't BS a BSer. Okay? Your "presence" here, court-ordered.

Danny: Why did you put "presence" in quotes? Are you implying that we're not here?

rewinn said...

While this "comic" could be criticized on so many levels ( the stupid use of 'A.C.O.R.N.' instead of "ACORN" ... good lord, but Tinshley is padding his material ...)

...the cosmically delightful appropriateness of O'Keefe's fraud being proven during the 3-week time lag points out the utter worthlessness of this "comic" even as propaganda. "Mallard Fillmore" is affirmative action for conservatives, that's all.

Steve-O said...

Yes, because working with a group that tries to get poor people to vote is BAD! It's a lot like the healthcare debate. When polled about the general term "Obamacare" people are against it. When told the specifics of the bill people are for it. When conservatards hear the word "ACORN", they're against it. When most sane people hear what ACORN does they are for it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews tries to cover up what Dan Rather had to say about Obama and watermelons.

Again...imagine if Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative had said this. Lefty racism is very much alive though they deny that it exists within their ranks. Just as they continue to deny that ACORN has ever done anything wrong. They are truly an above board organization. ACORN is squeaky clean, and we should believe this because the liberals say it is so. If you disagree with a liberal, you are flat ass wrong, end of story.

What Dan Rather actually said if you have not heard the entire clip:

Part of the undertow in the coming election is going to be President Obama's leadership. And the Republicans will make a case and a lot of independents will buy this argument. "Listen he just hasn't been, look at the health care bill. It was his number one priority. It took him forever to get it through and he had to compromise it to death." And a version of, "Listen he's a nice person, he's very articulate" this is what's been used against him, "but he couldn't sell watermelons if you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic."

Steve-O said...

Sorry Anonydumbass, that isn't a racist statement. If he had said "Obama sure likes to eat him some watermelon", now that would be racist. Dan Rather is talking about his inability to sell something that people want to buy (in his analogy he used watermelons as an example of something that should be easy to sell). Are you being willfully ignorant or are you really that stupid? Maybe intellectually dishonest? If you truly think that was a racist statement then your just a plain old idiot.

There's a big difference between what Rather said and someone like Rush Limbaugh playing "Barack the Magic Negro".

Oh, and one more thing, no one is saying that ACORN never did anything wrong. But when will you fools learn that an organization as big as ACORN probably has some employess/volunteers/associates that have done bad things. The ridiculous charges levelled at ACORN by the far-right morons like breitbart (and have all been proven false) say a lot more about the buffoons on the right than they do about ACORN.

dlauthor said...

Anonyrast loves people of all colors, as long as they don't tell Daddy about the secret touching.

CW in LA said...

Fuck yourself raw, Anonyrast.

Anonyrast clearly has a watermelon fixation. Check out the comments for March 2, if you don't know what I'm referencing. And then contemplate Anonybigot's Tinsleyesque bald-faced shamelessness in making such accusations against Dan Rather.

GeoX said...

Just as they continue to deny that ACORN has ever done anything wrong. They are truly an above board organization.

See? Did I call it, or what? Facts are irrelevant to anonyfuckface.

Anonymous said...

Steve-O...Are you that brain washed with liberal think or simply ignorant? I believe it is both. You are telling us you are so out of the political loop (aside from the D&C blog) that you did not know that an L.A. Times writer was the first to used this term.

On the March 19 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, host Rush Limbaugh highlighted a March 19 Los Angeles Times op-ed that described Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) as "running for an equally important unelected office, in the province of the popular imagination -- the 'Magic Negro'" -- a term used by critics of pop culture to describe certain benevolent African-American characters. Limbaugh stated: "The term 'Magic Negro' has been thrown into the political presidential race in the mix for 2008. And the term 'Magic Negro,' as applied to Barack Obama has been done by an L.A. Times columnist, David Ehrenstein."

Limbaugh later asserted: "I'm going to keep referring to him as that because I want to make a bet that by the end of this week I will own that term," adding, "If I refer to Obama the rest of the day as the 'Magic Negro,' there will be a number of people in the drive-by media and on left-wing blogs who will credit me for coming up with it and ignore the L.A. Times did it, simply because they can't be critical of the L.A. Times, but they can, obviously, be critical of talk radio." Limbaugh continued to refer to Obama as the "Magic Negro" throughout the broadcast -- 27 times, to be exact -- and at one point sang "Barack, the Magic Negro" to the tune of "Puff, the Magic Dragon." Limbaugh defended his use of the song, stating, "Well, that's what we always do here. We do parodies and satires on the idiocy and phoniness of the left."

wavydavy said...

Oh, TinkleyAnon, you're so cute when you're stupid.

So, let's say that Limpballs called Obama the n-word (which is, fundamentally, what he did). You would accept as an explanation/defense that Limpballs didn't coin the term; ergo, his use of it is not racist.

Really? Is this what passes for logic in Bizarro World, where you obviously live?

Oh, and since he said it 27 times, he no doubt meant it as "satire", as defined by the leading dim bulb of the wingnut set, Caribou Barbie. You know, like when he used "retarded" 42 times without being offensive to retarded people and their families.

What a maroon!