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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Those damned subtitles

What's Mallard raving about today?

Progressives, Congress.

So the actual report is dead silence? Or just the standard dog whistle politics of the Right Wing?

In any event, presumably all of the Republicans who took us from a $200M surplus when they came into power to a $12 trillion deficit on the day President Obama entered office will be first in line.


Tog said...


It's another "where to begin?" Mallard strip. On the plus side, Tinsley actually broke up this stool with a picture of what I assume to be The Congress of Dr. Caligari. On the down side, Tinsley once again proves he ain't Trudeau, not by a long shot.

Tinsley also does not understand how subtitles work.

And Tinsley should certainly know better than to set us up so well by even mentioning "rehab." (...Which is apparently a continuation of his WE WILL BURY YOU!!1 nonsense from yesterday. Figure it out, dipstick; your crowd got their asses handed to them for destroying the economy and getting us into TWO quagmire occupations. You really think they're getting back in anytime this decade?

And finally, Tinsley suggests anyone who's not a neocon simply can't hear Mallard at all (because anything Mallard says is "common sense," right? HAW HAW).

It's not that they can't hear insanity, Bruce. They just don't listen to it.

exanonymous said...

The conservatives will save us from spending? Really?

This rates as one of the funniest Mallard Fillmores by far!

I don't believe in the tooth fairy and I don't believe that paying little to no taxes will save me in the end, unless I'm the one with the tollbooth in front of your house demanding money for you to drive to work on my privatized road.

GeoX said...

Okay, this is the most baffling MF I've ever seen. "Subtitles?" Blank speech balloons? "Urp?" "Rehab?" Does anyone else have a clue what the hell this is meant to be about?

Steve-O said...

So Tinsley is implying that progressives are stupid? Uhm...Brucie you do realize that polls show that an overwhelming majority of educated people are progressives, right? You did know that didn't you? You mean you didn't "research" it? Why am I not surprised?

Kip W said...

The empty balloons are Mallard acknowledging that "Filegate" was, and always has been, a bag of nothing. The 'translation' below is an effort to return the discourse to the accepted talking point du jour.

Rootbeer said...

If wish there were a way to click "WTF?" more than once. I'm utterly baffled.

This installment of the strip is less coherent than a typical Zippy the Pinhead.

Toots McGee said...

Hey, I'm gonna go get some coffee. Anybody want me to pick them up something? A danish, maybe? A muffin? Anything?

I can't add anything but thanks again Tinsley, for another dumbfounding, lazy pooplet of a strip.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley is talking about addictions and rehab. Knows a lot about the one, squat about the other. Being put in the tank overnight and having your license suspended is not rehab, Bruce.

Also the fact that everyone reading that strip will see only the subtitles definitely confirms my suspicion that the Tinz thinks that the whole world is too left-wing.

Anyone want any cream cheese? Lox?

rewinn said...

Just as only the pure of heart can tell the Emperor that he has no clothes on, only the honest can tell the word balloons are empty.

deepbeep said...

Good god, is that supposed to be the Capitol? I can think of someone else who needs rehab.

Paul Smecker said...

I need to be in rehab for my coffee and bagel addiction.

Factinista said...

So, what was the point of that? The subtitles don't add to the joke (a term which I use very loosely), and they really aren't any different from what Mallard usually says anyway.

Iron Dragon said...

You know, even though what he's saying is pretty far off there could still be a way this could have been salvageable. He would need to make it multi-panel and have it where mallard is talking and then the liberal stand in has the whole 'I keep seeing your lips move but I'm not hearing anything' idea where either liberals don't listen to conservatives (given how many of them are republican lite would still be wrong but at least a workable joke)

Or go with the idea that when Mallard says one thing and the liberal interprets it as something wildly different, again could work. But both would require more effort and energy than Tinsley seems willing to provide.

Kaitlyn said...

I thought the "joke" was that "progressives" watch subtitled movies, which are artsy fartsy and boring and unAmerican, seeing as how they weren't made in America.

But then I saw the comic.

I'm getting over a cold people, I don't need this kind of nonsense, I need to know that what I saw is what I really saw.

Blank. Word balloons. A burping capitol building.


David said...

Tinsley must have missed a memo to maintain the "juss wait 'til November" meme.
So being dumbfounded, but under pressure to produce *whallah*! we have what have you.

WV: tediumb A word combo describing today's Mallard Fillmore, with empty balloons.

I hate chuck asay said...

I can explain this very easily:

Tinsley believes that idiots read, smart guys watch television, and use no other technology, and progressives are retards--and, yes, despite what he claims, he does, constantly, use the word retard. Tinsley put subtitles into the comic because he figured that progressive were retarded to, even, understand a drawing of somone talking.

Tinsley hates spending, because, in theory, it leads to charity, and taxes for the rich. He declares that Congress, planning to spend money on health care, and social services, must be evil. He ignored the State of The Union Address where Obama declared that he would minimize spending--except for the part where Obama mentioned spending money on social security, which he considers a great evil, despite being very old. Tinsley knows that if the Republicans win, they will take the poor man's money, give it to the rich, and spend the rest on wars. Tinsley loves war, and is happy to encourage it, thus he wants to send the Democrats into retirement--a sort of "rehab"--and let the Republicans do whatever they want.

I hate the term "TL;DR," but if one must have it: Tinsley an incredibly sociopathically evil hypocritical son of a bitch who supports spending money on the most evil things, and nothing else.

Word Verification: Compl, if, even, one of Tinsley's ideas becomes law, we will be forced to compl with Objectivist Christian death squads for fear of being the next targets of the world-wide genocide

Kip W said...

Blah blah blah liberals blah blah blah tax cuts blah blah blah Ginger.