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Friday, March 05, 2010

Golden Ellipses: Ray Bolger Award for Invention in Straw Men

And the winner is...Racism!

The Nominees for the Ray Bolger Award for Invention in Straw Men are:
  • Racism (Post) - The fact that no serious mainstream person ever made this case did not prevent Mallard from making it one of his central Straw Liberal arguments of 2010. Not to mention that opposition to President Obama (as opposed to his policies) has a demonstrably strong racial element within the Tea Party.
  • Independence Day (Post) - I gotta say, I am with Mallard on this one. "Certain people" who say that thing Mallard says they are going to say are JERKS!
  • Double Straw Man (Post) - A two-fer! President Obama employs a Straw Man argument, so Mallard can make his own Straw Man argument about President Obama. Game. Set. Match.
  • Estrada (Post) - Allow me to inaccurately characterize the opposition to Miguel Estrada for you. Then I will make two additional Straw Man arguments in rapid succession.
  • Chavez-Loving (Post) - Because President Obama did not punch Hugo Chavez in the face, I will make two different Straw Men in a single day.


exanonymous said...

Obama and Chavez were TOTALLY making out in the hotel. Why? Because Chavez isn't dead, so there must be a reason why Obama hasn't manned up and assassinated the leader of another country that we hate based on trigger words. And this isn't strawman gossip, it's true because I saw it on FOX.

Marion Delgado said...

I have to go with Independence Day, because "linear" is not what we call him, ever. I can't think of the last rude and unpleasant raving drunk I characterized that way, but I bet it wasn't Tinsley.

The rest of it is simple observation, not based on him saying happy independence day, either.

wv: manimun - what Tinsley mumbles over the phone to his Washington Times publisher - Cn I jus' do manimun this week, not feel'n too good.

Iron Dragon said...

Argh, this is difficult, so many fabrications...which to choose?

Kip W said...

It's tough. The man is a genuine artist in straw. I wonder if he built his house out of it.

I guess I'll go with Independence Day, because there are so many adjectives. It's like a cadenza, a peroration, a stretto of straw.

Note on the first one, though: He got George "Then" Will's tie wrong. It's a bow tie, and it was even during the election.

WV: bunlike (adj) describing either side of Tin's face

Kaitlyn said...

All of the above!

That would win every time.

I went with independence day because it reminded me of "I can't take my bible to school" and "MERRY CHRISTMAS, GODDAMMIT!!!"

CW in LA said...

Agreed - A "Happy Fourth of July" FU is no more patriotic than a "Merry Christmas" FU is devout.

rewinn said...

Because my patriotism comes from actual love of country, and not from fear, hatred of dark-skinned people or a bott le ... I picked "Independence Day".

Let us never forget that it was reichwingers who lost the American Revolution, who lost the Civil War, who wanted us to stay out of the war against Hitler, and who sent us into Iraq based on lies that a child could see through (...and indeed, the rest of the world DID see through.)

Love of country? Mallard doesn't even know what that means!

Marion Delgado said...

I just want to say that the correct answer did not win because of RACISM.