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Monday, March 29, 2010

That damned Input

What's Mallard raving about today?


More accurately:
  1. Johnny can't read. Conservatives refuse to fund education and see no connection between the two.
  2. Johnny can't count. Conservatives refuse to fund education and see no connection between the two.
  3. Conservatives fear the dumbing down of the population is not occurring rapidly enough. Quick! Write Thomas Jefferson out of the history books!


Tog said...

Wow, Tinsley. Wouldn't "neoconservatives want to teach wholly-fictionalized propaganda as history" be more accurate? ...Oh, right, how silly of me. That's what YOU do!

Also, when the whole "Johnny Can't" phenomenon started, teachers sought solutions. Not politicians, and certainly not maggots like you; you're too obsessed with clinging to every dime of your personal chump change to give a two shits about the future of the nation.

Ducky is Right said...

I'd be more inclined to even entertain the thought if conservatives solutions weren't 1: fire teachers, 2: VOUCHERS!!

More topically, I don't see how conservative input in textbook contents will change students desire to learn math. Or be able to read said textbooks.

Incidentally, regarding vouchers: as I understand it, conservative thought is that allowing more children to attend private schools not state-run will result a superior product. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't many colleges privately run, for-profit enterprises (maybe receives subsidies and the like, but for the most part, I mean)? The same college Ducks complains about for poor standards and shoddy results?

exanonymous said...

Uh, it was a crisis. Not being able to count or read is a much smaller portion of the population than those that stand at risk when politics enters history lessons.

The Texas debacle was unreal. The logic included things like "standing up to experts is good because they make me feel inferior ergo they are bullies and not experts" and "I never learned about this person so I think this person is not important and therefore children should not learn about him because he is not important."

Normally I'm not paranoid enough to scream "It's 1984!" but the debate was completely partisan and beyond stupid. It should only have been held by impartial experts and not people who feel their level of ignorance is the epitome of knowledge. And the ignorance then gets blamed on progressives: according to Glenn Beck progressives purposely didn't teach the genocides and mass murders caused by other governments, particularly Stalin in his totalitarian communist Russia.

dlauthor said...

Brucie can't draw.
Brucie can't write a decent joke.
Brucie's special cupboard is out of Mad Dog.


Kip W said...

Next thing you know, them liberals will try and tell us the North won The War.

Tog said...

The Onion does it again!

Factinista said...

The argument here is the same as the one for Fox News: that conservatives should be allowed to tell their "side" of the facts. Only problem is that one person's side of the facts is nothing more than opinion, plain and simple.

Frank Stone said...

No, no, Brucie, you're confused again. Conservatives don't want "input" into the content of textbooks; they want to DICTATE the content of textbooks -- and not to improve reading and math scores, either, but to rewrite history so it conforms to their own narrow, far-right worldview. Kinda like what you do every day.

WV: Yogrit: What you find at the bottom of your cup of yogurt when it hasn't been properly inspected.

Iron Dragon said...

So tell me, how would producing propaganda textbooks be a good thing? If New York was the basis for texts as opposed to Texas would you still think it was fine for them to rewrite history?

When efforts are made to downplay the civil rights movement, the labor movement in this country, and to make it so that the founders of this country are shown as conservative Christians as opposed to the mixture of deists, agnostics, men of faith, and atheists that they truly were. And more importantly when the textbooks seem to do more and more to deify the founders as well as glossing over our acts of genocide against the native people.

Tog said...

"Family Values 4Evar!" RNC Blows $2K At Topless Bar, Then Demands Money Back; Also, Michael Steele's Wild Spending Habits

I welcome a response from Tinsley and/or our pet morans.

"...Well at least they show they're heterosexual!!!1"

rewinn said...

Didn't the Soviet Union let the politicians write the textbooks?

How did that work out, BTW?

GeoX said...

One of the things the Texas school board did was remove mention of Oscar Romero, Salvadoran archbishop murdered by US-trained death squads. These are NOT good people we're talking about, here. And yet, they somehow fancy themselves "Christian." As does Tinsley! Funny, that. Well, more nauseating than funny, really.

deepbeep said...

Wow, this cartoon actually angered me. You win this time, Tinsley!

Marion Delgado said...

I can't really call Tinsh the worst cartoonist, or MF the worst cartoon, as long as Joe Martin's Boffo and Willy and Ethel exist.

So failing that, I just hope Joe Martin develops a set of political opinions.