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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That damned Highlight

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, North Carolina.

Greatest. Mallard. Fillmore. Ever.


Tog said...

I am thinking about what Bruce Tinsley watching the news for the past two days. I am picturing him on the phone, furiously, desperately begging his editor to "stop" this strip.

And I am laughing.

In other news: Meg Whitman has pissed away forty million dollars in an attempt to convince California voters that she knows how to spend money wisely. ...Move over, Sarah.

exanonymous said...

Keep telling yourself that.

Health care isn't the only thing he's done. With DADT under heavier discussion than it has ever been in the past decade, and immigration reform protests drumming up a couple hundred thousand (or 10 million by tea party math), there looks to be other additional major changes.

This site is not recommended for those who enjoy FOX-filtered politics as it involves more analysis than waterloos, baby killers, and approval ratings tanking at 45%:

Kip W said...

For the first time since "yawn" was added to our choices, I actually voted "pity" on today's strip.

I feel pity!
Oh, such pity.
It's tough titty, so shitty, for Tin.
Life is gritty,
When reality comes crashing in...

Iggy said...

Holy CRAP, does Bruce Tinsley look like a moron.

I mean, he looks like a moron daily, but today is something special.

NLC said...

OK, I have to admit that I don't understand why folks think Tinsley --and more importantly his readers-- will see any contradiction between this strip and the (historic) events of this week.

Isn't this simply standard Wingnut "repeat it often enough and it becomes true" echo-chamber fare.

- "Obama's presidency has been a disaster." (A simple, self-obvious lie, but repeat it often enough....)

- "Most Americans don't want or support the health care bill." (A simple, self-obvious lie, but repeat it often enough....)

- "The only thing wrong with current Health Care are 'outrageous legal settlements' which are the main reasons costs are so high." (A simple, self-obvious lie, but repeat it often enough....)

- "The democrats are involved in a totalitarian/socialist takeover of the government." (A simple, self-obvious lie, but repeat it often enough....)


If you expect reality, why are you reading "Mallard Fillmore"?

dlauthor said...

You know, three weeks from now we're in for some absolutely primo batshittery from Drinky McWrongalot. I can't wait.

John Ball said...

Wow. This one and a new candidate for "Most Racist Day by Day Ever"--on the same day?

Truly, my cup runneth over.

Rootbeer said...

Obama appears to be balancing Saturn on one finger.


Steve-O said...

This "comic" is great on so many levels. But the level that makes me chuckle the most is the subtle racism of the president being able to spin that basketball on his finger. Can you imagine a similar "comic" with a white president spinning a basketball on his finger? Neither can I.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought this was incredibly stupid, but I didn't catch the racism. Have to put on my "white guilt" glasses!

Factinista said...

If only he could be this funny intentionally.

deepbeep said...


rewinn said...

Personally, I like being reminded that Obama won North Carolina in 2008.

And I doubly-like the continuing reminder that Drinkley does not know WTF.


Terror Alert: FBI is investigating the attack on the house of the brother of a Democratic representation, shortly after a teabagger published that address in the mistaken belief that it was the Representative's house.

Terrorism has come to America, and it's wearing a teabag.

Frank Stone said...

Bruce Timely strikes again!

So how pathetically desperate is it that Brucie wants to declare, after only one year, that Obama's presidency is all out of "highlights"?

And does anyone want to lay odds that, three weeks from now, there will be a strip featuring Obama pondering who will be the first to be sent to his "death panel"?

Neo Tuxedo said...

@Anon: if you're looking for racism in the Mallard Fillmore strip, that's not what John Ball was talking about. He was describing the Day by Day as racist, which I have to say, I'm not sure there's active racism. There's false equivalence, sure, between charges of racism, but false equivalence is inherent in neocons, not inherently racist.

(It'd really be grating if Muir himself had been pushing the claim about Obama that his black mouthpiece now claims to reject, but I'd have to go throw Muir's archives to find out if that's the case, and, well, life is short and brain cells are a non-renewable resource. S'why I try not to read David Limbaugh's columns in my local paper.)

WV: undantio -- the brain implant that allows Muir to teleoperate Dante and spew gooper talking points through his mouth.

deepbeep said...

An interesting fact about Saturn: it is less dense than water, so if there were a large enough ocean, it would float!

NLC said...

True enough, but wouldn't it leave a terrible ring?

Tog said...

Anon: True, Tinsley doesn't draw himself in the strip wearing a white hood, burning a cross, and holding a sign reading "I, BRUCE TINSLEY, AM A RACIST," but his history speaks for itself: he was delighted to rant about Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, but when a sports scandal involves a white player, Tinsley can't seem to name names. Likewise, he will go on at length about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but never about the numerous and vocal white bigots who have hidden behind the pulpit.

He feigns support for Michael Steele on and off, but that support is hyper-conditional (Tinsley doesn't mention him much since Steele got all uppity about a woman's right to choose) and it's as phony and self-serving as everything else about Tinsley.

John Ball said...

@Neo Tuxedo: See--I think insisting that a black person saying "whitey" is just as bad as a white person saying you-know-what is pretty racist--albeit in a sort of passive-aggressive way. And that's what Muir's doing in that strip, albeit with a level "And we both no NEITHER event really happened! Or do we?". In fact, it's the sort of stunt he pulls all the time using his Imaginary Black Friend as a mouthpiece.

And I have gone through the entirity of the archives. No brain damage, but it did make me want to punch something. On numerous occasions. But I'm fine now. Really.

exanonymous said...

The worst thing about Day-By-Day is that I get the impression that I'm supposed to care about those characters as they go about their flat little lives setting up straw men to knock down or making sex jokes worthy of a horny teenager on the better days. I've never even heard the most die-hard conservative squeeze as many right-wing conspiracies into a full hour of conversation as you get in a single thought balloons, it's like he's afraid his readers will forget their talking points if they aren't repeated every other day.

John Ball said...

@exanonymous--God, yes. Like I said--I've been through the whole archive for my blog, and Muir's sad attempt to be the "conservative" Doonesbury is pretty damn obvious. The problem is he can't write characters--only sad little puppets who spout talking points and lame jokes--and he can't really do plots. At all. There was one moment when Muir almost managed something clever--and it wasn't that good because it was impossible to care about what happens to these people. They aren't really characters, and what little signs of personality they show are all unpleasant.