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Monday, March 22, 2010

That damned Relevance

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats, Republicans.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does I will admit that Mallard actually got something right.

Ironic, however, that it comes a day after the Democrats finally pass some form of Health Reform. It will now be interesting to see if Democrats are capable on running on their accomplishment, or whether they will cower, cringe, and apologize in the face of Republican attacks, as always.

That said, I, for one, welcome our new Socialist overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted New Media personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground Socialism caves.


Tog said...

This just in: Bruce/Mallard believes that the sole purpose of the Republican Party is to destroy the Democratic Party.

Not to defend America and the Constitution; not to serve the American people. To destroy the other party.

It's probably the most honesty one's ever going to see out of Brucie.

exanonymous said...

Is this before or after the republican party tosses out members for being too liberal, declares a smaller tent bigger, and foresees no negative consequences to embracing the "non-homophobic" or "non-racist" elements who just happen to like using the n and f word?

dlauthor said...

Yeah, because the Republicans aren't having ANY problems with the Teabagger fringe or anything, Bruce. Now go join your buddy Rush and his butt cyst in glorious, not-socialized-at-all Costa Rica.

Paul Smecker said...

I just might be wantin' some health care to go with my coffee.

Kip W said...

Yeah, on any other day this might be fairly accurate. Today, though, is a Democratic Party day. Time enough later for our side to turn this to defeat. (As I said elsewhere, if the GOP suddenly crumbled to dust, the Dems would be carefully sifting the little conical piles of powder, trying to find asses to kiss. If that failed, they'd make a new GOP out of cardboard and surrender to it.) But not today.

Health care passed! Probably due to the extra incentive offered by a Mr. Limbaugh of Clear Channel, USA. How is Rush going to get out of this one? (And by "this one" I mean "this country" -- will he take a boat? fly? drive across one of our borders? My guess: "That was satire, dumbheads! That means I don't have to keep my word. Duh!")

What a day. Anonymous is even making more sense than usual.

John Ball said...

Oh, Rush already said he isn't leaving the country--he'll just be going to get health care iin Costa Rica.

The nation with the most sizable government health care program in Latin America. Logic is not Rush's strongpoint.

wavydavy said...

Oh, Rush already said he isn't leaving the country -- he'll just be going to get health care in Costa Rica.

Hmmm... When did "health care" become a euphemism for "sex trips to a foreign country with unpresribed drugs in someone else's name to pay for sex with 12-year-old boys"?

Would I find that in Urban Dictionary?

exanonymous said...

Bragging about being able to fly on a whim out of the country to receive last-minute medical treatment is also probably not the best way to touch base with middle class Americas who usually plan years in advance such journeys and call them "family vacations" and take lots of pictures.

It also doesn't help that Costa Rica rejected keeping a standing military primarily to channel taxes into social programs, like education and health.

GeoX said...

You could certainly add it to Urban Dictionary!

Steve-O said...

Hey Brucie,

Get back to me when the Democrats have a fringe group hanging out on the lawn of the capitol calling Congressmen "n****r" and "f****t".

Steve-O said...

Hey Brucie,

Get back to me when the Democrats have a fringe group hanging out on the Capitol lawn calling Congressment "ni***r" and "f***ot".

Kip W said...

Rush subscribes to the "Jim & Tammy" school of thought, that the little people who pay for his lavish lifestyle want and need to see him living large on their dimes. Apparently, he's their Pimp Daddy.

Rootbeer said...

I would think that if I were having a medical emergency, my first call would be 911, not my travel coordinator, and that I would want to take a ride in an ambulance to the nearest hospital, not a ride in a chartered jet to a Central American country.

But I'm not super-genius like Rush Limbaugh.