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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Those damned Fools

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi, Teabaggers.

How dare anyone impugn the Teabaggers intelligence!

This fellow, a fool? More like a genius-level Teabbagger.
Dipers? touché, sir.

And this Linguistic Scholar puts us all to shame.

But King Teabbagger sums it all up. Shut up, Morans.


Tog said...

So: laugh or cry?

And just think, California just shot off pink slips to almost 22,000 teachers, which you just know is going to make things better all the way around.

Cry it is, then.

Beef Wellington said...

If the reichwing hype machine is anything to go by(it isn't)then in those photos there are no less then 50,000,000 teabaggers,Per image.

Fun Fact: I've urinated in every coffee Paul has drank.

Kip W said...

Tin draws like a tea party protester spells. It's as if somebody described a government building to him once, and all he remembers is the dome. So he starts at the top, then... well... some more dome... then some more dome... and... well, just put some clouds around it. All dome -- I mean, all done! Who wants a drink? Don't mind if I do!

ps: There's no height our brave teabagger patriots won't descend to.

Kip W said...

ps: Dam those politians anyway!

Steve-O said...

Which party is trying to pass healthcare reform to insure 30 million people?

Which party is digging their heals in trying to keep this from passing and placating their masters in the insurance industry?

Which party had control of the entire government for the first six years of this decade and didn't do a damn thing to help anyone except the wealthy?

So spare me this "ivory tower" bullshit Mallard.

Rootbeer said...

The "get a brain" signsmith actually predates the Tea Party movement by a few years, but if Bruce Ginsley is unfettered by factual veracity, why should we be different?

It would be interesting to poll the protesters to find out how much they actually pay in federal taxes, and therefore what percentage of the salaries of those fat cats up in the Castle In A Cloud they are actually paying. If I may generalize, they appear to be less educated, more rural, more blue-collar, and older than the average taxpayer, plus they have enough free time to hang out downtown with a crudely-lettered sign in the middle of the day...

Toots McGee said...

Not so fast there, Steve-O. Don't you remember when three Senators wrote and somehow passed legislation and the President Bush flew back from vacation to sign into law the bill to save Terri Schiavo. Those six years weren't all just grandstanding and demagoguery with respect to the health and welfare of our citizens.
This action was cynical, sanctimonious and highly unconstitutional, yes, but there was a real concern there that really resonates with the electorate. We know who really cares about us.

Sorry, off the charts sarcasm over.

I anxiously await the Tinz's stab at the MANDATED FEDERAL ABORTIONS meme. I'm sure that will be even handed and free of distortion. Oops, found some more sarcasm.

exanonymous said...

This sounds about right for an Indiana resident. They think the government doesn't know that government salaries are paid with tax money. They also think the government should get a job.

Next up: declare secession and still use the public roads, library, municipal water system, enjoy FDA-checked food without worrying about dying, and not pay your taxes.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

I hate chuck asay said...

Tinsley is less literate than any of those fucking retards: Remember famous lines like, "bigotted," "...there's not any way..." "35+99.6=53," etc.

This is the state of American politics, but the real Republicans are, somehow, more evil:

deepbeep said...

If anyone's wondering, it appears that Paul Smecker is a sentient being, and not a bot. There are some identical posts on the Lamebook blog. People were puzzled about it and he passed the Turing Test responding to them. The agenda doesn't seem to be annoying liberals, or anyone really. I'm guessing it's an attempt to troll for quizzical responses, and/or a person with some degree of autism.

Regarding today's cartoon: judging by the art here, these weren't the only people with blurry vision at the time this was drawn.

rewinn said...

Too little, too late.

This series of "comics" might have had some relevance a few months ago, but "tea party protests" have pretty much died away as the crowds could not achieve critical mass, especially after the $500-a-ticket affair. Oh, you can always get a few thousand people in a nation of 300 million and the backing of Rupert Murdoch, but a genuine mass movement needs some real foundation.

OTOH the Coffee Party is off to a good start, a year later than the teabaggers and without the relentless support of the media.

I hate chauck asay said...

Speaking of literary concepts, note that my last post had things not found in any Mallard Fillmore: A joke, and a punchline. Set up: Tinsley is more subliterate than other subliterates, joke: Evidence of Tinsley's retardation, punchline: Tinsley is, also, terrible at math. This is how he is supposed to write a comic, the term implying the existence of humor, not Jeff Dunham! Whoops, I remembered to tell another joke!

Word Verification: Psolisio, Tinsley believes that Blacks use vaccines to spread the polio virus, and call it psolisio.

Kaitlyn said...

I always found it ironic that my dad is very conservative politically - listens to Rush, threatened (as a joke, ha ha dad) to throw me out of the car on a tiny road surrounded by trees (on my birthday) because I said I had an Al Franken book - yet he has always been on paid by the "taxpayer". He was in the military, and now he's a cop.

He may make more if he moves over to private companies, but he hasn't. So the government pays his salary and he gets health insurance through the government.

If you have a job DEPENDENT on taxes, wouldn't you be just a tad less fiscally conservative? You're shooting yourself in the foot!

Of course, as Tog pointed out, it's not the cops who get their budgets slashed, but the teachers.

(My mom - more liberal - has also been paid by taxpayers most of her working life - military and now public school. The only time she wasn't leeching off ya'll was when she was a high school student working at the local gas station.)