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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

That damned Wait

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Media.

Never let it be said Mallard Fillmore won't tackle the most pressing issues of the day!

Sure, for years he was silent on the War in Iraq, violations of the Constitution, War Crimes, and a $4 trillion increase in the national debt under President Bush.

But now that President Obama mispronounced corpsman...Mallard is all over it!


Taquelli said...

HO! The president innocently mispronounced an uncommon word! He is obviously the stupidest man on the planet, and everything he's ever said is wrong! That's...that's how it works, right?

Tog said...

A wee correction, Mallard: the mainstream media--by which you mean the press--did not "incessantly cover Junior Bush's malapropisms;" Junior Bush incessantly served up malapropisms that were mocked by pundits and latched onto by comedians.

(Small wonder: Junior Bush, with degrees from America's "finest" schools, all bought for him by Daddy, couldn't stumble through three sentences without reminding us that intelligence is something that cannot be bought.)

These malapropisms included the "accidental" use of the word "crusade" in a speech about US involvement in the Middle East--which only served to make the situation more dangerous for our troops there--and the infamous video of Junior Bush searching the Oval Office for WMDs and giggling hysterically at his own oh-so-witty sense of humor. (Go ahead, tell us again how you respect our armed forces, Tinsley.)

Your attempt to make a stew out of this (especially after your last two "admit" strips) could be your most miserable failure ever. So go get pegged.

And learn to draw a TV, schmuck. God. HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

exanonymous said...

Tog is correct is who actually milked the material. It should also be pointed out that this really only gained attention 4 or 5 years into the Bush administration after a few thousand mistakes, mispronunciations, and Freudian slips.

3 weeks and one word mispronounced twice just doesn't sell except to a crowd so bitter that they lap up the idea that Obama is a nazi-social-communist to justify their paranoia and hatred of the democratic elected president.

dlauthor said...

"Waiting for three weeks," in Tinshley-speak, means "heard Obama say something I thought was funny, drank a fifth of vodka, passed out, regained consciousness, wrote a strip phrased to make it seem like I'm being current about non-issues by including my lead time in the text, forgot to make a joke again, drank another two fifths of vodka, barfed, then drove down to the bar to get my serious drink on."

I eagerly await the next several days of harping on this bit of ephemera. Prediction: one strip will say something about how Obama's TelePrompTer should include a pronunciation guide.

Actually, no. That's moderately clever, within the bounds of right-wing stupidity, and also qualifies as a joke, so he won't think of it at all.

(Also, Bruce? Mispronouncing "corpsman" is fairly minor, and not really all that interesting, relative to "misunderestimated," "putting food on your family," "where wings take dream," and on and on.)

Oh, and one thing we can be reasonably sure of: Bruce won't be hopping on the "moderation of alcohol intake" bandwagon. Even he has that much self-knowledge.

Kip W said...

C'mon, media! It's not like with Bush, where you had to choose which of the day's parade of malaprops and fallacies to choose from. This one's right out there, almost naked, served up like he said it on purpose, just so you'd have something new to talk about.

Hm. On purpose. Maybe he's tired of hearing the boring canard about "57 states" that came from a slip of the tongue during a series of campaign stops.

Rootbeer said...

Actually Bruce, it was four weeks ago by now.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Toots McGee said...

C'mon, give the mainstream media a break. They can't do their jobs breaking big stories like this while they're all trapped in an Etch-A-Sketch!

I might just be wantin' some feigned outrage with my coffee.

Anonymous said...

While you correctly note that Tinsley was "silent on the War in Iraq, violations of the Constitution, War Crimes, and a $4 trillion increase in the national debt under President Bush," all of these have continued and escalated under Obama. And he is still quiet on all these issues. Cf. Patriot Act extended yet again, with bipartisan support.

wavydavy said...

And this is worse than "newk-you-lar" exactly how?

How about "misunderstimate"? "Presidenting"? "Edumicate"?


WV: messe. What Tinkley used to make after his binges in the old days when he went to the liquor shoppe.

GeoX said...

Tinsley's favorite congressman.

WV: unprep: Perpetual condition of Tinsley; temporarily and imperfectly blunted with alcohol.

Steve-O said...

In Tinsley's world:

One mispronounced word uttered by a democrat: OMG!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! THE STATE-RUN MEDIA HAS THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND11!!!1!!11!!

Years of idiocy and thousands of "Bushisms" (so common there's even a word for it) uttered by a republican: "crickets"

exanonymous said...

Everyone knows this is an impeachable offense! That's why the left wanted to impeach Bush, right?

Frank Stone said...

Mispronouncing a word twice in one speech constitutes a "story"? One which is worthy of serious coverage by the "mainstream media"?


See, Brucie? You CAN be funny when you really, really try!

rewinn said...

Dear Drinkly:

When this is all you got, you got nuthin'

rewinn said...

Dear Drinkly:

When this is all you got, you got nuthin'

Anonymous said...

Mallard actually has a point. The media should have only reported the instances when Bush didn't "mispronunciate" a word. But then, they would have had nothing to report.

Tog said...

Is our cartoonists learning?