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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Those damned Jobs

What's Mallard raving about today?


Someone who just illustrated to the entire world that they don't understand even the most basic mathematical concepts is not to be taken seriously about Education Standards.

Whatever school that moron attended had absolutely no standards for graduation, and apparently they still found a job.

On the other hand, Doctor Education-Professional is rocking that salmon cap and gown.


Tog said...

"Hi, it's me, Doctor Education-Professional..."

Ugh. Tinsley, would you at least TRY?

Look at this crap. Three images so similar they might as well be copypasta; wall of text. The character doesn't even change his expression, not even slightly. Way to sell your message, Tinsley.

Oh, wait: Tinsley's message pays lip-service in favor of a more intelligent, better informed voter base. The GOP certainly can't have that! No wonder Tinsley's buried it in a dungheap of pure mediocrity. Good dog!

Ducky is Right said...

Clearly, the answer is to cut funding for education. Take THAT, China!

Far be it from me to take away from the frivolity of making fun of the Ed Wood of political cartoons, but I have this thought: is there anything in the world that conservatives don't like, that they don't immediately assign as the fault of liberals? More then that, how often is it a conscious, malicious intent of liberals to destroy all that is good in the world, the Ring Wraiths of the modern world? Seriously.

Marion Delgado said...

What? Since when are Texas dentists education professionals?

Marion Delgado said...

Also, does the Boondock Saints quote-spammer hit any other blog or just this one?

Beef Wellington said...

@Marion You're feeding the troll, never do that, have you never seen gremlins? It only makes them stronger.

Anthony said...

So the question is whether or not Ducky believes the recent actions of the Texas State Board of Ed will help enhance our competitive edge or diminish it? It isn't the left that's trying to systematically promote ignorance...

Bill the Splut said...

Texas conservatives screw history:

"In a 10-5 party line vote last week, the BoE rammed through a vast number of changes to the Texas state history standards, all of which conform to the über-far-right’s twisted view of reality. In these new standards, Hispanics are ignored, Black Panthers are added to provide balance to the kids learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and get this, Thomas Jefferson was removed.

It’s insanity, pure and simple. The absolute and utter denial of reality generally is."

John Ball said...

Tinsley's pretty much the right wing norm--he's worried about declining education standards, but doesn't like that whole "thinking" thing, and can't be bothered to learn things himself.

The fact there are a few... contradictions in that stance has somewhat escaped him.

rewinn said...

* You cure sick patients by bleeding them of blood.

* You cure sick educational systems by bleeding them of money.

Any questions?

Bill the Splut said...

To Brewskie, if you aren't educated, it's Big Gummint's fault and you're a worthless moron. If you are educated, you're a liberal elite and a clueless moron. Note that he has both extremes depicted in this one strip.

I wonder what he considers the Golden Mean of education to be. Just literate enough to read the squiggly word-things in Mallard, but not educated enough to understand how stupid they are?

WV: kaecow; understanding the concept of the right wing's "cash cow" for this sort of drivel, but only kinda knowing how to spell it.

Paul Smecker said...

I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee.

Kip W said...

Rewinn, I drew one once, of Bush or somebody reaching into a jar labeled "TAX CUTS" and saying, "Good old leeches! Is there anything they won't cure?"

Oh, and Tin? Dave Barry wants his "Mister Language Person" joke back, and clean your crap off of it first.

GeoX said...

The Smeck is back! Question: is it intentional that his name makes an insulting spoonerism? Because if not, it would be pretty funny, but if there's a scene in the movie where some dude goes "Paul Smecker? HA! More like SMALL PECKER!" it would be kind of lame. Or maybe the entire movie is a sensitive character study of a man trying to rise above his insulting nickname. Or maybe it's about Saint Paul, and posits that this is what people called him, and that's why he was such a misogynistic jerk. I really could not say.

Iron Dragon said...

Define dumbing down, no seriously define it so that we understand what you mean.

Do you mean that you want more tests? If so how do you ensure that the tests focus on anything beyond rote memorization? Perhaps you mean that you want unified set of educational standards, that's fine so long as you make sure that those with learning disabilities, or who are new to this country and might have trouble with english are provided with the help they need and are also recognized is statistical studies.

Kaitlyn said...

Did he just admit that America is not the best?

Fetch me my smelling salts.

Of course, once Barack HUSSEIN Obama stole the election along with Acorn and college liberals (students and profs), America stopped being number 1.

I think Costa Rica is now number one, according to Rush.

And if you can't trust Rush, who can you trust?

I hate bagels and I hate coffee. I tried one of those drinks they keep in the fridge and it was too milky. And starbucks doesn't even do hot chocolate right. (my way)

Anonymous said...

No one that I know of said Obama stole the election. The college liberals and the 20's and early 30's crowd will not show up in November as they did to vote for Obama.

Rush did not say Costa Rica was the best. He said that if the healthcare bill passes he may go to Costa Rica for medical treatment, not move there. He has the money to do this.

Who cares if you don't like coffee or bagels? No one is telling you what to eat or drink.

Paul Smecker said..."I might just be wantin' a bagel with my coffee." He has been saying this for a while, no harm with that. But, apparently 'The GeoX' thought he and his group of 'regulars' scared Mr. Smecker away. Well they did not.

He even offered me an onion bagel with cream cheese a few days ago. Apparently a civil person, but he thinks he may have to go into rehab for his coffee and bagel addiction.

I think by posting his innocent comment he is starting to get to some of the D&C crowd. It does not take much as you can see from reading of 'The GeoX' comment today. I find it amusing as I am sure Paul Smecker does.

GeoX said...

Man, the Smecker thing was sort of amusingly surreal, but Anonydimwit just haaaad to ruin it by admitting that he was behind the whole thing and that it was never anything more than a convoluted attempt to annoy teh librulz. Well, so much for that. This blog has the lamest trolls EVER.

Factinista said...

This troll seems more like a poorly-done parody of their line of thought than anything else. Kinda funny how it's so thin-skinned that it even treats an offhanded comment about coffee as some colossal offense.

Tog said...

Troll: "No one that I know of said Obama stole the election."

Whoa, that's some memory hole you've got there, sport. Is that the bagel you've been going on about?

Here, I'll go ahead and post a response for you to copy and paste:
"Well, I don't personally know any of those people, so what I wrote earlier is technically true."

Because I know you need all the help you can get.

Rootbeer said...

Is this a different character than "Mister Progressive-Education Guy" from the other week?

Irony is the total, wanton abuse of ellipses in a strip lamenting lax educational standards.

wavydavy said...

What? Since when are Texas dentists education professionals?

I dunno -- is Orly Taitz from Texas?

exanonymous said...

Anon, mentioning Rush, Costa Rica, and health care is about the dumbest point you can make.

Costa Rica abolished their military decades ago. Since then, they have spent that money on social services and provide clinics and health care to all. Their model is largely successful, spending much less than the US with much better rates of success and apparently even doing what before made the US #1 in the eyes of Rush: they attract rich customers for private care.