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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Golden Ellipses: The Palin (Lie of the Year)

And the winner is...Death Panels!

The nominees for our final Golden Ellipse, The Palin (Lie of the Year), are:
  • Tax and Spend (Post) - President Obama lowered taxes for 95% of Americans. President Bush and Republicans turned a surplus into a $12 trillion deficit without one word from Mallard or anything to show for it. But President Obama raised taxes and was the first President ever to spend money.
  • Nationalization (Post) - Propping up Financial Institutions and Auto Manufacturers, and getting shares in return for our investment, is Nationalization of the entire economy.
  • Millions (Post) - What if we someone staged a rally and a couple million (imaginary) protesters showed up?
  • Apologies (Post) - Attempting to improve our standing with allies is "apologizing". And America has nothing to apologize for...ever. To borrow from President Nixon: "I'm saying that when America does it, it's not illegal."
  • Death Panels (Post) - Mallard's version of the original Lie of the Year.


Kip W said...

I'll vote for Death Panels, because it's a lie... AND it's a threat... AND it's a threatening lie about a lying threat! With this Threefer, Tin hits the Lie-fecta. Also it's not funny, but that's like saying, "Also it has some letters in it" or "Also it has a panel border" or "Also it has an asterisk leading to Tin's ass."

deepbeep said...
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deepbeep said...

Like the rest of you, I always put on my tuxedo before entering a Golden Ellipses Awards thread. But this is the first time the sheer audacity of the lies made the front of my shirt roll up comically like a window shade.

Tax and Spend angered me the most, and Death Panels most offended my sensibilities, but I'm voting for Millions because of all the lies, it's the most bald faced. It's a simple matter of fact that he was wrong. People have a right to their own opinions, but not their own facts. Anyone with 5 spare minutes and access to Google can debunk it and reach the conclusion that Tinsley is a lying, good for nothing, behind-the-barn dick tree*.

* another fact, not opinion

wavydavy said...

@deepbeep --

You forgot the asterisk pointing to your source. You know, something very specific, like "Fox News" or "the Internet" -- or the one I like to use, "pulled out of Tinkley's ass".

WV: spewee. The person on the receiving end of Mallard's nonsense and/or Tinkley's drunken puking.

exanonymous said...

I went for millions as well. Numbers aren't a matter of opinion, and it's ironic that the conservatives are rather liberal in their crowd estimates.

It's the boldest and biggest lie. The others are political zealotry with Nostradamus abilities or selective memories, but the millions is wanting something to be true so badly that certain people just give in and state it. Add to that how pathetic it is: it's trying to become a millionaire by telling people you have a million dollars, because the thousands just isn't good enough.

Kaitlyn said...

Death Panels because everything surrounding that school of thought is why I hate this country and want to move to the UK or Canada.

CW in LA said...

I went with nationalization on the principle that if you use a word while having no notion what the word means, it amounts to a lie.

Paul Smecker said...

I might be wantin to suck a dick.

Paul Smecker said...

I might be wantin to suck a dick fer some coffee.

Tog said...

The worst troll is a boring troll.